Pole Dancing Weight Loss Videos [Free Home Workout Routines]

pole dancing weight loss
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Pole Dancing Weight Loss Videos to Shed Weight and have Fun

Welcome to our Pole Dancing Weight Loss edition of dancing to lose weight series. Watch these FREE online weight loss dance routines anywhere and anytime. No need to leave the house and run to the gym. Just push play and dance away.

There are many different dance genres and categories of dance workouts to choose from. Pole Dancing is definitely a fun way to lose weight and burn off that extra fat while staying at home. Make sure to check out our many other categories of dance routines below.

Table of Contents

  • Can I Lose Weight Pole Dancing?
  • Do I need a Dance Pole?
  • Is Pole Exercise Safe?
  • What should I wear?
  • Pole Dancing Inspirational Video
  • Free Pole Dancing Weight Loss Videos
  • Pole Dancing an Olympic Sport
  • Pole Workout Dance Classes
  • Finding the Best Pole Dancing Classes


Can I Lose Weight Pole Dancing?

pole dancing weight loss

By Elmo Love (Flickr: _MG_3195.CR2) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

A lot has changed in the pole dancing industry. It has moved from men’s entertainment venues to now being offered in classes at many gyms and dance studios across the country. Above all, with the invention of the internet and wifi, we can instantly bring pole dancing to your home on your computer, smartphone, and even big screen smart TVs.

Pole dancing is great for strength training and cardio exercise, and thus can definitely help you lose weight. And besides losing weight, it helps to tone your whole body and increase flexibility and coordination. A lot of upper and lower body strength is required when pulling your own body weight on a dance pole. Not to forget a lot of up and down squat movements that work legs and buttocks. A typical session of pole dancing can burn from 300 to 500 calories or more. It is all dependant on intensity and duration.

Where can I get a Dancing Pole?

In order to participate in our pole dancing weight loss videos, you will need a pole. Fortunately for us in this day and age, we have a huge selection of poles right at our fingertips. More exactly, with only a few clicks on our computer or taps on our smartphone, we can have a dance pole shipped directly to our front doorstep in only a few days without leaving our home. Dance poles can vary between $50 for lower end kits to over $100 or even $200 for a quality or portable kit.

Before shopping for a dance pole, I might suggest searching Amazon and read reviews on various poles. I usually tend to go with the products most sold and with the best reviews.

What Size Dance Pole do I need?

In order to follow our pole dancing weight loss videos, you will not only need a dancing pole but also the right size for your workout. Dancing poles come in three sizes: 40mm, 45mm, and 50mm. The industry standard is 45mm. This is the size you would find in most clubs and dance studios. If you have a smaller grip than most, then you may want to opt for a 40mm. My experience on Amazon is that most are sold as the 45mm pole.

Is Pole Dancing Safe?

Pole dancing as with any other sport or physical activity has its risks. But when performed correctly and when taking precautions can be quite safe. Some of the more advanced moves can certainly cause injury if performed improperly. We always suggest starting with beginner level exercises and work your way up.

With some of the more advanced movements such as the hanging and spinning elements, there can be risks of bruising and skin burns. This, however, is mostly attributed to poor technique and inexperience. Pole dancing on your own, at home, is at your own risk. To reduce the risk of injury when learning more advanced moves, I would suggest using a dance pole crash mat. This is especially for beginners learning to perform some of the more advanced upsidedown hanging and spinning techniques for the first time.

Therefore, may I suggest investing in a pole dancing foldable crash mat that is at least 2 to 4 inches thick and 5 feet in diameter. These mats are easily removed from under the dance pole when you are ready to perform your regular dance pole workout routines.

What should I wear when Pole Dancing for Weight Loss

Since your doing this at home you could wear, or now where, anything you want. But for most of us, I would suggest wearing something comfortable. Wearing something loose or something that stretches easily such as leggings, or even shorts and a t-shirt would be fine. And you can either go barefoot or wear running shoes or even just socks. Anything you feel comfortable in wearing. If you do decide to wear something sexier, like heels or some sexy pants, then you may want to check in our store for some exotic wear.

Pole Dancing Inspirational Video

Before you move on to the pole dancing weight loss videos, please watch this pole dancing video by Karo Swen. It is for your viewing pleasure only. She takes pole dancing to a whole new level and makes it a true form of art. Her pole dancing performance is truly inspirational. After watching this, you should be well inspired to follow along in some of the pole dancing videos included in this series. Have fun.

Pole Dancing Weight Loss Workout Videos

The following pole dancing workout videos are performed by certified professional trainers at the dance fitness studio “Vertigo Pole Fitness” in Prague. Foremost, we would like to thank “Vertigo” for sharing these exceptional pole dancing workout videos. They are not only a great inspiration but also offer us a great opportunity to watch and follow along at home.

Pole Dance Workout Video List:

  • Vertigo Pole Fitness Workouts Level 1-3
  • Learn Various Pole Dance Spins
  • 15 Pole Dancing Exercises for Strength


Vertigo Pole Fitness offers beginner’s level 1 to level 3. Here are a few of their routines you can follow at home.

Level 1 Pole Dancing Workout

Our first pole dancing workout video below is from Level 1 by “Vertigo Pole Fitness”. Don’t let the title fool you. This level one workout is a full body workout that will activate every muscle group in your body. It is strongly suggested that you warm up before executing this pole dancing workout routine.

Level 2 Pole Dancing Weight Loss Workout

Our next level 2 dance pole workout incorporates movements to strengthen your upper arms combined with some great glute toning exercises. You will then finish off this routine with some core strengthening exercises to target your abs and make them burn.

Level 3 Pole Workout

Follow along as Vertigo continues with yet more overall body strengthing moves to help you burn calories and get lean.

Pole Dance Spins for Beginners

If you think you might enjoy learning some spin moves then don’t miss Vertigo perform their best pole dancing spins for beginners. Demonstrated in the following video you will see the forward spin, step around – backward spin, chair spin, knee spin, front hook spin, step around – back hoop spin, and fireman spin variations.

In the last quarter of this video, you will be presented with some bonus spin combos you don’t want to miss. Enjoy!

Pole Dancing for Strength

The following pole dance exercise routine is aimed at building up muscle strength. This routine is much tougher when compared to the prior exercises. The intensity of this workout will not only help tone your physique but also guarantee weight loss.

In this routine performed by Ava Madison, you can expect to see the following 15 strength exercises for pole dancers (beginner and intermediate): continuous pole climbs, pole holds leg lifts, pole-ups, Superman push-ups, Caterpillar push-ups, tuck and lifts, continual caterpillar climbs, aerial squats, layback sit-ups, split grip rotators, continual leg hook climbs, shoulder mount tucks, continual aerial shoulder mounts, iguana press, inverted push-ups, and one-handed headstands.

I would consider many of these exercises to be more advanced movements. Thus, before attempting any of these exercises, I would suggest using a pole dancing crash mat for your safety.

Pole Dancing an Olympic Sport?

If you are still questioning whether or not pole dancing can be used as a form of exercise to get physically fit, then listen up. Pole dancing may actually be an Olympic event in the not too distant future.

In order for an event to be accepted and included in the World Olympics, it must first be classed as a professional sport by the Global Association of International Sports Federation (GAISF). Thanks to Katie Coates, who campaigned for over 11 years, pole dancing is now officially considered a professional sport.

For those who may not know, Katie Coates has been the president of the International Pole Sports Federation (IPSF) since 2009. The IPSF held their first world championships in 2012, which coincidentally was the same year of the World Olympics held in London.

We may still be a few years away from seeing pole dancing as an Olympic event, but we still can thank Katie for the International Pole Sports Federation which is held every year.

Olympic Sport & Pole Dancing Weight Loss benefits

Image courtesy of しのぴ via Wikimedia Commons license CC BY-SA 4.0

Pole Dancing Classes for Beginners

So you’ve decided pole dancing is right up your alley and you’d like to take a more aggressive path. What better way to get your sweat on than by pole dancing with real people at a dance studio. Due to its increasing popularity in recent years, the pole dancing sport has become very well accepted in the many dance studios across the country.

How to Find the Best Pole Dancing Classes

In my opinion, yelp.com is one of the best ways to find dance studios in your area offering pole dancing lessons. I personally did a search for “pole dancing classes” in my city and surrounding area and the results showed over ten studios with a 4 to 5-star rating offering classes.

Be aware, pole dancing classes will vary in cost depending on various conditions. I have noticed prices higher in large cities, but cheaper as you distance yourself from these larger cities. Private lessons are more expensive than group lessons. Private lessons can cost between $80 to $120 per hour. Group lessons are much lower and range from $30 to $60 per hour on average. The best deals are usually monthly membership deals, where 9 or so lessons for the month equate to about $15 to $20 per hour. And if your lucky, Groupon deals can knock some offers down by another 50%.

All I can say is that many of these dance studios can be very creative when it comes to making a deal. And deals can always be made.

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