Hip Hop Workouts to Lose Weight from Home [Fun Dance Moves]

Welcome to Hip Hop Workouts to Lose Weight from Home. In this edition of dancing to lose weight series, we will be sharing with you some great hip hop workout routines you can dance to in the comfort of your own home.

Our goal is to not only lose weight but to also have fun at the same time. And I think you will agree when I say everyone enjoys dancing. There is just something about music and dancing that lifts the spirit and makes us feel good.

Let’s get real. Walking on a treadmill for 30 minutes is probably at the top of the list of most boring things to do. I can barely stand ten minutes myself. This is why we have handpicked some of the better Hip Hop workout dance routines you can follow along with at your convenience. There is no need to get dressed and run to the gym for this workout. You can watch these free hip hop workout dance routines right here and right now!

Just push play and dance away!

Can I Lose Weight dancing to these Hip Hop Workouts?

hip hop workouts to lose weight from home

So you may be asking yourself if dancing will truly help me lose weight. The answer is yes. These hip hop workouts can be considered aerobic exercise. The dance moves in these dance workouts are very explosive and full of energy. The high-intensity moves will help you burn calories no doubt. How much weight you are willing to lose is totally up to you. Thus the more you dance the more calories you will burn.

A typical dance workout session would last about 30 minutes. However, you can tailor your workout to last as long as you desire. And since you are working out from home, you could do this more than once per day on your own schedule. Dancing is an excellent way to lose weight. Not only can you listen to good music while you exercise, but also have fun dancing. What would you rather do? Walk thirty minutes on a treadmill or have fun dancing to some great tunes?

Hip Hop Workout Songs

After following along with some of our hip-hop workouts below and becoming familiar with the dance moves you may want to workout to some of your own favorite songs. Be your own choreographer and create your very own dance workout routines. Have fun with it!

Here is a list of top 10 workout songs for 2017 according to Spotify news:

  1.  Eminem – “‘Till I Collapse”
  2.  Kanye West – “POWER”
  3.  Drake – “Jumpman”
  4.  The Chainsmokers – “Closer”
  5.  Calvin Harris –  “This is What You Came For”
  6.  Rihanna – “Work”
  7.  Sia – “Cheap Thrills”
  8.  The Weeknd – “Starboy”
  9.  Beyoncé – “7/11”
  10.  David Guetta – “Hey Mama”

Hip Hop Workout – Dance to Lose Weight

Let’s get started!

Follow Danielle Peazer in her Hip Hop Dance Workout for beginners. A simple yet effective routine that helps you feel that hip-hop vibe while burning off some calories. Some of her moves include the slow punch, a-town stomp, kick back scoop, slide snap, side groove, criss-cross, step tap, Shamrock, jump tap, swing groove, thunderclap, wide groove and many many more.

A great toning workout full of fun moves and lots of energy. You don’t want to miss this one!

Next up on our Hip Hop dancing to lose weight series is Gabriella Kaiser. Gabriella shows her talents in this 15-minute “Hip Hop Body Burn Workout” video. This high energy cardio dance routine is designed to incinerate calories and boost your metabolism with some fun yet intense dance moves.

Ericka Taylor and her crew demonstrate 4 movements to keep your heart pumping in this 5-minute Hip Hip dance cardio workout.

Another fantastic Hip Hop Dance Workout from Danielle Peazer for you to follow at home. This 7-minute workout is suitable for beginners but will nonetheless give you a good burn. Major muscle groups involved in this fat burning muscle toning workout are glutes, legs, and abdominals. Give it a try!

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