4 Booty Dance Workouts for Weight Loss

Are you ready to get your booty poppin’ and your body rockin’ with our four booty dance workouts for weight loss? We all love to dance! So what better way to lose weight while toning your butt than with dancing.

I’m probably not wrong by saying the most favorite part of the body women enjoy working out is their glutes. It’s no different than men and working out arms. While men go straight for the triceps extensions and barbell curls, women will run for the squat machine or grab dumbbells and do a multitude of lunges.

Work your Booty and Trim your Waistline

Funny to see how our goals are quite different. The guys are trying to bulk up and gain weight while the women are trying to lose weight yet at the same time work those glutes. A great way to do both at the same time would be to try our booty dance workouts. These dance workout routines will help you shed fat while also building bigger and tighter glutes.

The following booty dance workout routines inspired by various workout enthusiasts make it fun to lose weight while toning your butt muscles. In fact, you can follow these dance routines in the comfort of your own home. There are no more excuses for bad weather, or it’s too late, or the drive is too long.

There is no better time than now to get your booty poppin’ and your body rockin’!

So just push play and dance away!

Top 4 Booty Dance Workout Routines

Our first dance workout routine is performed by non-other than Keaira LaShae. Keaira sure knows how to make working out look fun. Her six-minute booty lift workout routine will have you doing over 300 squats. So if your ready to work that booty, slim your legs and trim your waist all at once, then give her booty dance workout a try.

Tiffany Rothe is very well known for her 10-minute workout routines and has been sharing her routines on Youtube since 2010. Join her in this fun booty shaking workout aimed to tighten your glutes, tone your thighs and trim your waistline.

JJ Dancer’s 10-Minute Bangin’ Booty Workout is unique in that it starts with a 3-minute booty dance routine followed by another 7 minutes of matt exercises strictly targeting your glutes. Definitely a great routine to activate your glutes and get them pumped for growth.

Yet another great workout by Keaira LaShae submitted on BiFiT. This high energy Brazilian Booty Burn Workout is a 10-minute high-intensity workout to shape your glutes and burn some calories. If you’re looking for more intensity, this routine should be right up your alley.

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