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Striptease Workout Videos to Lose Weight [Online Exercise Lessons]

striptease workout videos exercise lessons

Striptease Workout Videos to get Fit and Sexy at Home [Free Exercise Routines]

Our striptease workout videos will have you looking good and feeling good all over. Striptease workout aerobics is a great way to lose weight and get toned by increasing your strength and flexibility, while also having fun and looking sexy at the same time.

8 Best Glute Machines to Exercise at Home 2019 Review [Free Tips]

glute machines

8 Best Glute Machines for Working Out at Home 2019 Review

In this article, you will find our 8 best glute machines to exercise at home for bigger glutes. These made for home glute machines were made to build bigger, tighter glutes, and firmer, sexier looking legs. So if you are tired of being limited in your glute workout exercises at home, you have come to the right place.

Smith Squat vs Barbell Squat [Which is Better?]

Smith Squat vs Barbell Squat

When Should I use the Smith Squat vs Barbell Squat

Is the smith squat really better than the free standing barbell squat? The number one exercise performed by bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts around the world for building bigger quads and rounder glutes is unquestionably the ubiquitous squat. There are numerous squat variations ranging from foot position to barbell position to target the quads and glutes in different ways. But what are the differences between performing a free standing barbell squat and the smith machine squat? Is one more beneficial or safer than the other? Opinions seem to vary.

Top Treadmill Butt Workout for Bigger Glutes and Lean Thighs

Treadmill Butt Workout - treadmill bigger glutes

Treadmill Butt Workout: A New Way to Work Your Glutes

There are many reasons to give the treadmill butt workout a try. If you’re looking to break up the monotony or just looking for something new to shape your glutes and thighs, you might be interested in trying the treadmill butt workout for building bigger glutes.

Dance to Lose Weight at Home [Fitness Workout Videos]

Dance to Lose Weight at Home Videos – Find Your Favorite Dance Moves Here!

Dance to lose weight and make working out fun again! Are you tired of the same old cardio exercises day after day? Have you ever tried dancing to lose some extra weight? If not, check our many different dance genres you can follow along with at home. Some of our favorite dance moves to lose weight include belly dancing, Latin dance, country dance, pole dancing, striptease dance, Zumba, and Hip-Hop.

Booty Building Workout Plans [Free 12 Week Glute Program]

glute workout plan - free workout plans

Booty Building Workout Plan – 12 Week Glute Program

Are you looking for free booty building workout plans to build a bigger, tighter, and rounder butt? Then look no more! Get ready to download your very own printable 12 Week Glute Workout Plan here.

We know that having a workout plan with all the best booty building exercises for you to follow and log your progress in each week is very important when it comes to making the progress necessary to achieve your fitness goals. 

Protein Intake for Women who Exercise

protein intake for women

Protein Intake for Women to Build Muscle and Lose Weight

In this article, we will discuss why protein intake for women who exercise is so important. If you are working out in order to lose weight and tone your body, you must also build muscle. Muscles not only strengthen your body but also speed up your metabolism. This, in turn, burns more calories.

4 Booty Dance Workouts for Weight Loss

Booty Dance moves to lose weight

4 Booty Dance Workouts for Weight Loss

Are our ready to get your booty poppin’ and your body rockin’ with our four booty dance workouts for weight loss? We all love to dance! So what better way to lose weight while toning your butt than dancing.

I’m probably not wrong by saying the most favorite part of the body women like to workout are their glutes. It’s no different than men and working out arms. While men go straight for the triceps extensions and barbell curls, women will run for the squat machine or grab dumbbells and do a multitude of lunges.