How to do Lunges Properly for Bigger Glutes and Best Results

In this article, we’re going to show you how to do lunges properly to guarantee glute activation and maximize growth. There is no better way to target and activate your glutes than isolation exercises with moderate to heavy weights. Resistance training is a must for building bigger glutes. kettlebells and you are well on your way.

The great thing about performing lunges is that they come in so many variations. Lunges can be done at the gym but are also convenient to perform in your own home. It only takes a pair of dumbbells or kettlebells and you are well on your way.

Lunges Build Bigger Glutes

Lunges, by far, is one of the best butt building exercises you could perform to build bigger rounder glutes quickly and effectively. Most would argue that squats are the one and all for building huge glutes. But I would beg to differ.
Let me ask you this. Would you do pull-ups to build bigger biceps? Some would answer yes to this question. However, the primary muscles used are the back muscles, and the secondary muscles used are the biceps. So the answer would be no.

Would you do bench presses to build bigger tricep muscles? No. The primary muscles used for this exercise are the chest muscles or pectoral muscles. The chest is the primary muscles group used for this exercise, and the triceps are the secondary.
The same holds true with squats. The primary muscle group being engaged in squats are your quads. Therefore your secondary muscle group would be your gluteus muscles. Nevertheless, with proper form and activation techniques, it is possible to engage the glutes more than normal, but for most this is not an easy task. With lunges, on the other hand, it is much easier to target your glute muscles and thus get better results.

Why Are Lunges Better for Building Bigger Glutes?

As we said earlier, the primary muscle group used to perform squats are the quadriceps or front leg muscles, and the secondary muscles would be the glutes. So why would you perform an exercise to build glute muscles when it is not the primary muscle group being utilized for that exercise? This does not mean you should stop doing squats to build your glutes. But if you are doing squats to specifically build glutes, you may want to change your routine or at least perform the squats properly to reap the full benefits.

do lunges properly for best results

If you do not go at least parallel or lower when performing squats, you will be mostly targeting your quads and not your glutes. And many people never even activate their glutes at all when doing squats. Do you perform heavy squat routines but only get sore legs and feel barely anything in your glutes the next day? Then maybe you are one of those people who are unable to activate your glutes properly when doing squats.

So why might you decide on choosing lunges over squats? Because the primary muscles targeted are your butt muscles. There are other exercises that use the glutes as the primary muscle, but walking lunges are my favorite. When performed correctly, they will give you soreness deep inside your glutes every time. And because heavy weights can be used with this exercise, it is great for building bigger glute muscles fast. There are many varieties of lunges, but my top pick will always be the walking lunges.

How to do Lunges Properly

Anyway is a good way to do lunges as long as you are using weights and the intensity of the workout is high. There are two routines I feel are most effective and will fire up your glutes and give you a great pump.

My first routine is to go heavy with 5 sets times 10 reps. Then continue with a lighter weight for 5 sets times 20 reps of walking lunges. I guarantee you will feel sore the next few days. I only do these once a week, but would not suggest more than twice per week if you are hitting them extra hard. If you are leaning more towards toning and tightening your glutes, then, by all means, hit them as much as 3 to 4 times per week.

How to Do Lunges Properly: Best 3 Techniques to Follow

1-Go deep when doing walking lunges, or any lunges for that matter. Make sure each step is wide and that your opposite knee touches the floor when you come down. This will give you a better stretch and target your glute muscles more.

2-Don’t ever let your knee extend over your toes. By avoiding this, you will be avoiding knee problems in the future. A wider stride will help prevent this.

3-Try to lean slightly forward, rather than keeping your back completely straight. This will put more emphasis on your glutes when doing walking lunges.

I prefer to use 25-pound weights in each hand when performing the 10×20 higher rep workout, and 35-pound weights when doing the 10×10 lower rep workout routine. Try to figure out your max, and don’t be afraid to go heavy. Your glutes may be stronger than you think.

Thanks for reading How to do Lunges Properly for building bigger glutes. Add some lunges to your routine today. You’ll be glad you did.