Top Treadmill Butt Workout for Bigger Glutes and Lean Thighs

Treadmill Butt Workout - treadmill bigger glutes

Treadmill Butt Workout: A New Way to Work Your Glutes

There are many reasons to give the treadmill butt workout a try. If you’re looking to break up the monotony or just looking for something new to shape your glutes and thighs, you might be interested in trying the treadmill butt workout for building bigger glutes.

Treadmills are typically used for cardio and basically do nothing to contribute to toning or shaping of the butt or thighs. Most people will use the treadmill to walk, power walk, and others will even run or attempt an all-out sprint. But have you ever seen anyone use the treadmill to perform lunges? It’s a great way to work those glutes, especially if you enjoy walking lunges but don’t have the room at your gym, or especially at home. Using the treadmill will literally give you endless walking distance without having to stop and turn around so you can work those glutes hard and make them burn with intensity. So let’s see how we can turn this cardio machine into a butt building glute machine.

Bigger Butt Treadmill Workout: Nonstop Lunges

For tightening up your glutes and thighs, walking lunges are by far my favorite among all lunge variations. However, walking lunges require space to walk, and many times space can be limited; especially in your home. This is where the treadmill comes in. If set to the correct speed, not to fast, and with the correct form and with a little practice you can perfect this exercise on the treadmill to create a routine that will make your thighs and glutes scream with agony.

Hop & Squats Treadmill Butt Workout

Another exercise perfect for the treadmill and great for activating your thighs and glutes is the “squat and hop” routine. Great for toning your thighs and rounding off your butt muscles, this exercise will target outer sweeps of your butt and absolutely torch your legs.

Treadmill Butt Workout with a Twist: Perfect for Butt Shaping & Leg Toning

The below videos will demonstrate how to execute various treadmill butt exercises correctly. Some will even give you additional routines on the treadmill to activate your thighs and butt muscles. Always start off slow, and make sure you are in control of your balance to avoid accidents.

In our first video “Killer Treadmill Lunges, Leg and Bubble Butt Workout” you will see 8 variations of lunges you can perform on the treadmill to build bigger glutes and lean thighs.

Unfortunately, the background music for this video is a bit overpowering, making it hard to understand the instructions. Therefore, I will provide a basic synopsis of what is covered in this treadmill butt workout routine. There are eight treadmill exercises performed in this video.

8 Treadmill Butt Exercises you can’t do without:

  1. Walking Lunges
  2. Military Lunges
  3. Kickback Lunges
  4. Duck Walks
  5. Squat and Hop Lunges (both sides)
  6. Skizzer Kicks
  7. Reverse Lunges
  8. Reverse Duck Walks

Set the speed on your treadmill to between 1 and 1.5. I would recommend performing each routine between 1 to 2 minutes before continuing to the next exercise. As your endurance level increases so should your workout duration. After a few weeks try performing each exercise for 2 to 3 minutes.

In our next video fitness model, Elain Alden demonstrates how she uses the treadmill to work her glutes and thighs. She shares some great pointers on posture and how she intersperses 3 minutes of walking lunges with 10 minutes of running.

We hope you enjoyed our article on treadmill butt workouts to build bigger glutes and lean thighs. Make sure to check out our other articles on building and shaping bigger glutes.


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