How to Make Your Butt Bigger & Rounder [Ultimate Guide]

Learn how to make your butt bigger and rounder with this complete and comprehensive glute building plan. This guide includes absolutely everything you need to know in order to successfully build bigger and rounder glutes.

You see, performing even the best butt exercises 2-3 times per week is only half the battle.

  • Make sure to watch the glute activation exercises in the video towards the end of this guide!

Yes, you heard right! Even the best butt exercises alone will not guarantee you a bigger bum. With that said, this article will provide you with everything you need to know to get your buttocks growing.

This comprehensive guide combined with our top 10 bigger butt exercises will guarantee that you build a big round butt you can be proud of.


  • Do you have what it takes to Build Bigger Glutes?
  • Making Your Butt Bigger & Rounder Will Take Some Effort
  • Exercise Alone is not Enough to Build Bigger Rounder Glutes
  • How to Make Your Butt Bigger with Resistance Training
  • Three Glute Muscles You Should Know About
  • 10 Best Exercises for a Bigger Butt
  • 4 Key Steps to Follow for Building Bigger Glutes
  • Bigger Butt Exercises: 12-Week Workout Plan
  • 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid when Building Bigger Glutes
  • Without Glute Activation Your Butt Will Not Grow
  • Bigger Butt Exercises: Printable Logs for Women
  • Building a Big Round Butt Requires Protein

Do you have what it takes to Build Bigger Glutes?

This next part may scare off some of my readers, but those of you who stay will reap the rewards. Besides, this is a great way to weed out those who are serious about building bigger glutes through hard work, perseverance, and dedication, from those who are looking for a quick fix.

If you found this page by doing a Google search for bigger butt exercises, you probably saw many of the other search result titles containing catchphrases such as “5 minutes workout”, bigger butt in 30 days”, “bigger butt in 2-4 weeks”, or “how to get a bigger butt fast”.

Avoid these articles like the plague. This is what I call deceptive advertising, or at the very least uneducated individuals who have never in their lives stepped foot in a gym.

Making Your Butt Bigger & Rounder Will Take Some Effort

The truth is there’s nothing easy or fast about this. If it were easy and fast, and I’m sure you’d agree, we’d all have beautiful big round butts. If you want to build a bigger butt, you must exercise hard and intense. And you will not see any significant results in size after 2-4 weeks. It takes time. On average, 3-4 months is more like it. Those are the hard facts.

So for those of you still with us, and my apologies for being so long-winded, we are now ready to move forward and start the fun part…combining some great workouts with all the other secrets you will need to be successful at building bigger glutes

Victorem Booty Bands

Victorem Booty Bands

Exercise Alone is not Enough to Build Bigger Rounder Glutes

If you want a big round butt, you must do more than just work out to get your booty to grow. This article explains how to get a rounder, and firmer behind with our proven exercises that isolate your glutes for maximum results, while also showing you how to avoid common mistakes that will jeopardize your progress.

Whether you are a guy wanting to impress the ladies in your denim jeans or a woman trying to firm up and add some size to your booty, I am here to show you how. Anyone can have a bigger butt. It just takes some time, hard work, and know-how. So let’s get started.

How to Make Your Butt Bigger with Resistance Training

I’m sure we all know where the gluteus muscles are located. But in case you forgot, you are sitting on them. Neglecting these muscles will cause them to shrink, become flat, sag or even become unshapely due to added body fat and muscle atrophy. Weight-loss diets and extra jogging or running is also a no-no. Our goal is to add size and not reduce it.

To get a bigger butt, you need to perform exercises that include resistance training and weight training. Below are some great butt exercises proving to do just that. I say proven because I have used them and continue to use them in my routines on a weekly basis.

You will positively know that these exercises work when you feel the soreness in your muscles a day or two after your workout.

Before we start with our list of exercises, let’s take a closer look at our glute muscles.

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Three Glute Muscles You Should Know About

Our glutes are made up of three muscle groups:

  1. Gluteus Maximus: Located above the gluteus medius, the Gluteus Maximus is the largest of the three muscles.
  2. The Gluteus Medius: Located on the high end and above your Maximus.
  3. Gluteus Minimus: Located on the lower end, connecting your Maximus with your hamstrings

The Maximus is the main muscle we will concentrate on for adding size, though the others are also very important for developing the shape you want.

Randomly selecting three or four different exercises for a bigger butt workout will not ensure you are hitting all three glute muscles and will leave you with minimal results.

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Our task is to not only hit our butt with intensity but also hit all three muscles for maximum stimulation and growth. Now let’s move on to our top exercise list.

How to Make Your Buttocks Bigger with these Top 10 Glutes Exercises

#1 Plie Squats

plie squat

If you would like to tone up your inner thighs while you shape your butt, this bigger butt exercise is for you. There are two positions you can use to perform this exercise.

1. One is to hold two dumbbells, one in each hand, up at the sides of each shoulder.

2. The other is to hold the two dumbbells, or even one heavier dumbbell in front of you positioned hanging between your legs.

Keep your back straight, legs slightly more than shoulder-width apart with toes pointing outward. Bend your knees until your legs are parallel to the floor.

Again, try to feel that stretch at the bottom of this exercise and concentrate on using your butt muscles.

#2 Bulgarian Split Squat

bulgarian squat glute exercise

Building a bigger butt is pretty much guaranteed with this awesome exercise. If you want to feel a great burn and serious pump in your glutes, then this exercise is a must.

What makes this butt exercise so powerful is the tremendous stretch it provides by simply positioning your opposing leg on a raised platform or bench. You can go much deeper than an ordinary lounge exercise, creating more of a stretch in the glute muscles. This results in more blood flow to the glutes and resulting in a bigger pump. Thus stimulating more growth.

Basically, this exercise is the same as a forward lunge except that you keep your foot in one place on the floor while positioning the opposing foot on a raised platform. Preferably a workout bench or chair. While holding weights on both sides, slowly drop your hips until you feel a noticeable stretch in your glutes. Once you’ve reached the bottom of this position, push back up and repeat.

The trick here is to place your foot far enough ahead of you to promote a greater stretch. It is best to try different foot positions to find what gives you the best stretch and the maximum pump resulting instantly in a tight round butt.

Finally, last on our list of bigger butt exercises is the hip thrust.

#3 Hip Thrust

The hip thrust, also known as the glute bridge, is much different than most prior butt exercises in that it is much easier to squeeze your glutes while performing the exercise.

This exercise can be performed with a barbell or weight plates resting on your pelvic area. Or if working out at home, resistance bands are also quite effective.

The basic move to this exercise is to push up with your hips while supporting your back on a bench with your feet placed firmly on the floor. It can sometimes be difficult to place a weighted barbell on your hips. I would suggest using a smith machine if you do not have anyone to assist you. Again, resistance bands are also a great alternative.

Always make sure to warm up and use a strict form when performing these exercises. Concentrate on your muscles as you perform each movement.

#4 Stair Climbing or Step-Ups

There are various ways to practice climbing stairs and performing step-up exercises. The trick is to target your butt muscles more than your leg muscles. This is accomplished by getting that stretch we mentioned earlier.

The best way to do this is by skipping a step or two when climbing stairs. Step-ups on a chair, a bench, plyo box, or any other sturdy surface at least 1.5 to 2 feet off the ground are also excellent ways to target your glutes.

If possible, use added weight, such as dumbbells or kettlebells, for greater resistance to activate more muscle fibers and thus cause more muscle growth. Climbing bleachers at your local stadium is also an awesome exercise.

#5 Forward Lunges

forward lunges booty builder

Lunges are my second favorite after squats and will probably give you more soreness in your gluteus muscles than any other exercise. Here’s how to do it:

1)Hold a pair of dumbbells with your feet straight and about shoulder-width apart.

2)Keep your back straight and step forward with one leg. Always keep your ankle ahead of your knee to avoid extreme tension on your knee tendons.

3)Feel the stretch in your buttocks. Short strides will target your legs more, so try wider strides to hit your butt muscles.

Next, position yourself back into starting position by pushing off with your heel. Now repeat this with your other leg.

Perform this exercise for a total of three to four sets of eight to twelve repetitions. Beginners may have trouble balancing their body weight at first, but with practice, it will get easier.

#6 Cable or Machine Kickbacks

kickbacks will target your bum effectively

Cable kickbacks are excellent for building a big round butt. This bigger butt exercise isolates your butt using a cable or pulley machine.

1)First, wrap the end of the cable positioned at the bottom of the machine with an ankle wrap or cuff to one ankle.

2)Facing the machine, bracing yourself and keeping your non-working leg slightly bent and your working leg straight, raise your heel backward about one to two feet until you feel your glutes squeeze tightly.

3)Hold that position for one count and repeat.

We are now halfway through our bigger butt exercises. So let’s move on to our next exercise, the leg press.

#7 Leg Press

leg press

The name of this exercise can be deceiving, as it not only works your legs but also gives your glutes a big workout. Using a leg press, place your feet slightly higher on the platform.

If you position your feet too low, you put more stress on the front of your legs and less on the glutes. When performing this exercise, concentrate on pushing with your heels and getting a good stretch at the bottom of the exercise.

For women, positioning the feet close together will put more emphasis on the outer sweeps of your glutes for adding roundness to your butt and giving you that feminine round butt look. Positioning your feet wider apart will give you more range and provide for a deeper stretch at the bottom of the movement. Either way, both are excellent ways to round off your butt muscles and add thickness. Also, try using one leg at a time.

#8 Walking Lunges

The only difference between this butt exercise and the standing lunges is that you keep moving forward one step at a time, rather than pushing back off your heel in the same spot. Personally, I prefer this exercise over standing lunges.

If you have a long hallway and have some heavy dumbbells, try walking the length of your hallway and back again without stopping. Wow! Your butt and legs will be so tight they will feel like they are on fire!

I find that wider strides target the gluteus better than shorter strides due to the extra stretch you get in the gluteus area. If you are not feeling sore after doing this exercise, then definitely try it again with wider strides.

#9 Deadlifts

deadlift round butt

The deadlift is an excellent exercise that works the lower portion of your buttocks for making that smooth transition from your hamstring to your butt.

This exercise can be done with either a set of dumbbells or a barbell. Dumbbell deadlifts are just as effective and offer more benefits and exercise variations than barbells.

  • Stand straight with feet positioned approximately shoulder-width apart and weight suitable for doing no more than 10 to 15 reps per set.
  • Lower the weight to the ground and back up again.
  • While lowering and lifting back up you will keep your back straight and your legs almost straight. Do not lock your knees, and keep your head facing forward.

#10 Squat Exercises for Bigger Glutes

Last but not least, squats will not only tone your butt, but it is also one of the most proven exercises for building overall size when using heavy weights. Proper form and execution of this exercise are essential. Getting your glutes to fire up with squats is not always easy, as your quads tend to take over the movement in most cases. So for some, glute activation exercises prior to performing squats may be necessary. Squats will definitely kick your metabolism into high gear and they are also known to increase growth hormone levels in the body.

There are various foot positions that you can use. However, I prefer positioning my feet shoulder-width apart or slightly wider and angling them slightly outward. I also suggest using a Smith Machine for added safety as opposed to a freestanding barbell. At least for beginners.

How to  Perform the Squat to Better Target Your Glutes

  • Rest the barbell behind your neck and across your shoulders. Keeping your back straight, look forward. Always concentrate on keeping good form during this exercise.
  • Now slowly bend your knees until your thighs are parallel or below parallel to the floor. Feel the stretch in your butt muscles as you push it slightly outward before slowly pushing back up.
  • Make sure not to bounce the weight at the bottom position. Keep this movement steady and concentrate on stretching the gluteus muscles as you come back up.

I recommend starting this exercise with a lightweight for a set of 20 reps. Rest 2-3 minutes between sets and perform a total of 5–6 sets. While performing these exercises, try to concentrate on using your glute muscles with each repetition.

How To Build Bigger Glutes with Both Light & Heavy Weights

As you get more experienced, you can perform various routines with lighter weights and higher reps and sets, or heavier weights and lower reps and sets. When you are finished, your glutes should feel tight and pumped, and soreness should kick in one to two days later.

If you are feeling this exercise more in your legs, then try positioning your feet wider. Research has shown that a wider stance targets your butt muscles more than a narrow stance. I would recommend you try both and see which works best for you.

If you are not performing this at a local gym or do not have a Smith Machine, you can also perform this with a kettlebell held firmly in both hands in front of you. Or, you could use some dumbbells in each hand at shoulder position. Stair climbers are next on our list of bigger butt exercises.

4 Key Steps to Follow for Building Bigger Glutes

#1 An Effective Workout Routine
#2 Proper Exercise Form, Volume, & Intensity
#3 Plenty of Protein
#4 Sufficient Recovery Time

Bigger Butt Exercises: 12-Week Workout Plan

To make things easier for you to start exercising, I thought it would be helpful if I gave you a butt exercise program that you can follow for the next 12 weeks that is absolutely free to download. The number 1 objective for these workout routines is to create muscle confusion. I know this may sound a bit odd for some. But this is a great way to get your muscles to respond and grow.

Let me explain.

Keeping your muscles confused by routinely switching things up creates added muscle stress and thus helps keep them in a state of growth. This can be accomplished by varying the weights or changing the repetitions each week. But also by periodically changing the routine itself each month.

Another great way to guarantee you hit all muscle fibers, both high and low twitch, is by using lighter weights for higher repetitions and heavier weights for lower repetitions.

These workouts are performed twice per week and we try to leave three rest days between workouts. Always make sure to use a weight that you can use to complete the number of repetitions designated and not more. If you feel that you could do more reps, then you need to add more weight.

We are almost there.

Before moving on to the download page, I suggest you read the following five common mistakes you must avoid if you want to be successful.

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid when Building Bigger Glutes

1. Dieting

Now is not the time to go on a crash diet. Dieting will not only cause weight loss but also cause you to lose muscle. If you are working out hard and eating healthy and natural foods, you will automatically burn off extra body fat.

2. Overtraining Glutes

Working out the same muscle group too often is counter-productive. After breaking down the muscle fiber you must give the muscles enough time to recover and grow. If not, it will lead to muscle shrinkage rather than muscle growth. You must think like a bodybuilder. Glutes are a fairly large muscle group and need more time to recover than other upper body muscles. Therefore, when doing the bigger butt exercises, train them no more than twice per week so your butt muscles have time to grow.

3. Lack of Protein

Muscles will not grow without adequate amounts of protein. Try to get at least one gram of protein per pound of body weight per day. If necessary, supplement with protein drinks to achieve that number. Don’t waste all those hours of intense butt workouts by neglecting your protein intake.

4. Too Much Cardio

Too much cardio exercise can also break down muscle tissue. Drop your cardio workouts to 15 minutes per session, but increase the intensity.

5. Form and Intensity

It is very important that you use proper form. Concentrate on feeling your glutes do the work and not your legs. When doing lunges, never let your knee extend past your toes.

And always make sure you are giving it your all. Don’t just go through the motions. Feel the intensity and push yourself to the max. Maximum intensity will lead to maximum results.

Push yourself hard and you will see your booty grow bigger and stronger.

Also, check out my ultimate guide on how to correctly perform lunges for bigger glutes that guarantee results!

Without Proper Glute Activation Your Butt Will Not Grow

Creating a mind to muscle connection before or during an exercise is essential to effectively tone and build any muscle group. Many are unaware of this and spend countless hours working out without seeing any results.

Here is a perfect example.

You’ve been doing squats – well, what seems like forever. Yet, you can’t seem to ever feel the soreness in your glutes. And your progress appears to be minimal to none. Your legs seem to be having all the fun and your glutes are suffering.

Many do not understand that just because you are doing the exercise, it does not mean you are working the muscle. In our case the glute muscles. There is, however, a simple way you can fix this by using hip resistance bands. These can be used either before an exercise or even during the exercise.

4 Butt Exercises to Activate your Glutes using Hip Resistance Bands

Here are four band exercises you can do with hip resistance bands to get those glutes fired up! When you are performing these glute activation exercises make sure you place the band around the knee area. And to always push the knees apart and keep the tension going at all times.

  1. Glute Bridge – 30 reps
  2. Squats (bodyweight only) – 30 reps
  3. Lateral-walk (5 each way) – 30 reps
  4. Seated hip abduction – 30 reps

The following is also a short video with more demonstrations on how to make your buttocks bigger by performing these glute activation exercises.


At the end of this glute warm-up session, you should be more than ready to begin doing your squats. Or any other glute exercise for that matter. You may also want to try using the hip resistance bands while performing squats to make sure your glutes are activating during the exercise. These are also great to use when doing leg presses. So give it a try.

Bigger Butt Exercises: Printable Logs for Women

(Gym Workout Versions)

bigger glutes in 12 weeks

(Home Workout Versions)

bigger glutes in 12 weeks


Building a Big Round Butt Requires Protein

Last but not least, we do not want to forget the importance of consuming sufficient amounts of protein.

Without it, your glutes will now grow!

Protein is a key essential element for muscle growth and recovery. It is made up of eight essential amino acids and fourteen non-essential amino acids. These amino acids are what make our muscles grow.

Although most of us have protein in our diet, the question remains: are you getting enough protein in your daily diet to sustain muscle growth? You can do all these exercises and more and still not get a big round butt if you do not get adequate protein.

I recommend eating close to or more than your body weight in grams of protein. If, for example, you weigh 160 pounds, try to eat 160 grams of protein per day.

A protein shake between meals will make it easier to attain the protein amount you may require. Below are the three main types of protein and when you should take each for optimal muscle growth.

Three Types of Protein

1. Whey Protein

A derivative of milk, this is the most commonly used protein and is used pre and post-workout due to its fast absorption. This is also a great protein to take between meals and is probably the least expensive of all types. If you are lactose intolerant, whey protein isolate has had almost all of its lactose removed and may be a better option.

2. Casein Protein

This is a slow-release protein, meaning the protein content is slowly released into your body over several hours. This property makes it an excellent protein to take before bed and keeps you anabolic throughout the night. During this time, your body will absorb and utilize these proteins while you sleep

3. Blended Protein

There are blended protein powder mixes that combine both whey protein and casein protein for the benefit of having both slow and fast-release protein in your body.

4. Other Types of Protein

There are still other more specific types of protein products sold on the market today. These would include egg protein, soy protein, pea protein, rice protein, and hemp protein. Plus, many more plant-based protein mixes for vegetarians and vegans.

Do a search on the Internet and you will see a vast selection of different brands and flavors. The important thing to remember is that if you are not getting enough protein in your diet, supplementing with a protein powder mix at various times throughout the day will help you get the right amount of protein needed to build muscle.

Not all protein powder is pleasant to drink. So shop around for one that is right for your taste buds; after all, you will be drinking it every day.

We hope our guide on how to make your butt bigger and our top 10 bigger butt exercises with tips has been useful and will help you reach your goals quickly and effectively.

Just follow our guidelines, be consistent, and you will be well on your way to building bigger and rounder glutes you can be proud of.