ByKottos BFR Straps Review 2019

BFR straps bykottos review

ByKottos BFR Straps Review for 2019

ByKottos BFR straps are high quality, easy to use, and very effective training bands for occlusion training of both arms and legs. If you are looking for a BFR band that does the job right, then you may want to check out ByKottos. If you are up to speed on the newest in fitness training you might have heard of blood flow restriction (BFR) training. World-renowned athletes and fitness experts have been using occlusion training, as it is also known, to achieve their fitness goals while using lighter weights.

Train Light and Gain Big with BFR Straps

From beginner level fitness enthusiasts to professional bodybuilders, many people in the fitness industry consider BFR training as part of their training routine. This is because it is capable of creating muscle hypertrophy without having to use heavy weights. By restricting the normal venous blood from the limbs, you are creating a response that tricks the brain into believing heavy weights are being used when in fact the opposite is true.

With BFR straps, you can achieve the same or similar results by lifting lighter weights than what you normally would using heavy weights.

How Occlusion Training Works

Though this training method has been around for many years, it is still a new concept to most, and only a few people are fully aware of how this kind of training works. Occlusion training involves the use of BFR straps that are wrapped at the top of either arms or legs, depending on the part of the body the band was designed for. The pressure exerted by the band restricts the flow of blood from the veins while at the same time allowing blood to flow freely to the limbs through the arteries. This creates blood pooling in the targeted muscles and results in a systemic effect similar to lifting heavy weights.

The key component of occlusion training is BFR straps. With a good strap, you stand a higher chance for successful occlusion training. Therefore, let’s move on to our review where we will show you two very effective BFR straps designed for arms and legs from ByKottos.

ByKottos BFR Straps for Arms

bfr straps arms ByKotto picAs it is the case of a typical BFR strap, ByKottos BFR Straps are designed to restrict the flow of blood out of the limbs. Thus, in doing so, it helps you to create the occlusion effect necessary for build muscle. All you need is to wrap the straps around your arms at a mid-range pressure. It should not be too tight or too loose.

When using it, choose weights that are only between 10 to 30% of your 1RM. In other words, replace the heavy weights for the lighter ones. On a scale of 1 to 10, tighten these bands at a 5 to 6 level. Where 10 is total blood restriction. Always make sure not to tighten too much as to avoid stopping arterial blood flow to your limbs. Using the strap, you can achieve the desired results by doing 4 sets of 30, 20, 20 reps and then to failure. Take a 30-second break after each rep.

Features for the Arm BFR Straps

  • High-quality fabrics: ByKottos BFR training bands for arms are made of high-quality fabrics that help keep you comfortable throughout your workout sessions. The fabric is breathable and soft enough to prevent skin irritation. Thick and firm: These bands are 1-inch wide, yet firm enough to be effective for occlusion training.
  • Adjustable: The band can be adjusted to fit any size arm. You can also make quick adjustments depending on the levels of comfort that you would like to achieve and for proper restriction tightness.

Pros for Arm BFR Straps

  • Built to last: ByKottos BFR straps are made of premium quality materials that are easy on the skin and made to last. These straps are 1-inch wide and firm enough to adjust and hold the right amount of tension for effective occlusion training.
  • Comfortable to use: With its edge finishing and breathable fabric to prevent extra sweating, ByKottos BFR straps are optimized for comfort and ease of use.
  • Fits any size arm: These bands are designed to fit any arm size and have an easy to use quick locking buckle with finished edges to prevent it from scratching the skin.
  • Easy to use buckle: ByKottos BFR straps are easy to put on yourself. With just a simple click, the buckle locks the strap together around your arm, and can then be easily adjusted to the right amount of tension in a matter of seconds.
  • Convenient storage: These straps are lightweight and small enough to take anywhere. ByKottos has even included a zipper pouch to conveniently store your bands.

What Customers Say

A verified on Amazon is amazed at how quick the bands are in terms of delivering results. He says that they give a satisfactory amount of pressure on his arms, thereby increasing the volume of the muscles.

Milena, another verified buyer, is happy with how the bands are easy to use. She says that she didn’t need the manual to learn how to use them.

BFR Training Straps for Legs

bfr straps for legs byKottos picIf you are looking for a BFR strap to effectively train your legs with the occlusion training method to build bigger leg muscles, then ByKottos BFR Straps for legs is what you need.

The difference between the arm and the leg BFR straps is that in order to create the proper amount of pressure around the legs you must use a larger sized band. By larger, we are referring to wider and longer straps that fit around most leg sizes, small and large.

This size difference is essential in creating the adequate pressure necessary for effective occlusion training and faster results.

Features for ByKottos BFR Straps for Legs

  • Built to last: Just like the straps for arms, these are also built of premium material and made to last.
  • Adjustable to fit your leg size and set the right amount of pressure for effective occlusion training.
  • The fabrics are breathable and comfortable on the skin.
  • Comes with a zipper pouch for easy storage.
  • These bands are 1.5 inches wide and long enough to fit most leg sizes.

Pros for Leg BFR Straps

  • Comfortable and easy to use and adjust.
  • Using light weights makes it easier on the joints and helps prevent injuries related to heavy weight training. People with weak or painful joints can now workout again by using light weights while still reaping the benefits of heavy weight training.
  • Made of premium high-quality material made to last. Stretchable fabric to create better blood flow restriction.
  • Small and lightweight make these BFR straps easy to store and take on the go.

What Users Are Saying

One verified buyer on Amazon states that he is happy with how the bands give him a great pump within just a short time of working out.

Another user of the BFR straps describes how a muscle injury had prevented her from lifting weights. Since she began using the BFR training straps, her workout sessions became enjoyable again as she could raise the weights with ease.

Author’s Recommendation

Before I leave you with just another review, I would like to add my two cents on how I feel about ByKottos BFR straps for occlusion training. I personally owned and use Blood Flow Restriction bands for both arms and legs. If you have medium sized too large arms I would suggest going for a wider band then what by koto’s offers. ByKottos’ 1-inch band may be effective for most women or men with smaller arms however not as effective as a 1.5 inch to 2-inch BFR strap for bigger arms. Check out these BFR bands if you are interested in some good quality 2-inch BFR straps.

That said, I have nothing negative to say about the leg straps and would recommend ByKottos’ BFR straps for your leg workout routines to anyone interested in pursuing occlusion training.