Best BFR Bands Review 2019 [Editor’s Choice for Best Training Bands]

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Best BFR Bands – Review for BFR Bands® – Plus Editor’s Choice

Sorry for the redundancy in the title, however, BFR Bands ® is actually the name of the company who sells the products in this review. BFR Bands ® is notably one of the most popular brands selling occlusion training bands on the market today. BFR Bands ® has a huge variety of Blood Flow Restriction bands to fit everyone’s needs.

Table of Contents

  • BFR Bands Grow Muscle without Heavy Lifting
  • How do BFR Bands Cause Muscle Growth?
    • BFR Bands 101 – Watch Video
  • Top 3 Best BFR Bands
    • #1 PRO BFR Bands
    • #2 PRO-X BFR Bands
    • #3 Quad Wrap by BFR Bands (Legs)
    • Editors Choice – Top Pick
  • PRO vs PRO-X Comparison Video
  • PRO-X Quick Start Video
  • Final Thoughts


These BFR bands are made of high-quality elastic nylon which ranges in size from 1.5 to 3 inches wide. Links are sufficient to wrap around any size arm or leg. What makes this brand stand out from others is its unique buckle mechanism.  The cam buckle is used to easily tighten and lock the band into position and quickly release the tension when finished. These bands also include an elastic Loop to hold any extra slack in place after tightening. This provides for comfortable and unhindered movements when training arms and legs.

BFR Bands Grow Muscles Without Lifting Heavy

If you are not familiar with occlusion training and how using BFR bands can help you build bigger muscles without using heavy weights, let me give you a quick rundown before we continue with our product review.

Occlusion training involves the restriction of blood flow from a muscle being exercised through the veins, but no restriction to the muscle through the arteries. By wrapping BFR bands tightly around the top of the limb being exercised, you are pushing more blood into the targeted muscle than can be pushed back out to the heart.

“It tricks the brain into thinking you are lifting heavy weights when you are not.”

Essentially we are creating an environment where blood is being pumped into the muscle faster than it can escape. Thus, they are causing blood to pool in the targeted muscle.

How Does Occlusion Training Cause Muscle Growth?

The pooling of Blood using BFR bands in combination with the occlusion Training Method results in muscle growth in the following ways.

  • Much like lifting heavy weights, forcing high amounts of blood into the muscle tissue results in low oxygen level. This, in turn, recruits large fast-twitch fibers responsible for muscle growth.
  • Studies have shown that resistance exercise training with venous occlusion helps reduce myostatin protein concentrations responsible for adding muscle growth.
  • Much like lifting heavy weights, the muscles are filled with so much blood it causes cell swelling. As a result, so swelling inhibits protein breakdown and stimulates protein synthesis.
  • Lower levels of oxygen in the muscles from using BFR bands create greater levels of lactic acid build-up. This can lead to increased protein synthesis.
  • Science shows that occlusion training can generate increased levels of mTOR. It is said that activating these mTOR proteins can cause muscle cells to increase protein synthesis, which leads to skeletal muscle growth.

“Over 200 studies on BFR training to date… and the efficacy of BFR training.”

Blood Occlusion Training with BFR Bands – by Kusha Karvandi

The following is a video by Kusha Karvandi, the creator of BFR Bands®. I suggest watching this less than 2-minute video to better understand the functionality of these bands and how occlusion training can benefit you.

Top 3 Best BFR Bands by BFR Bands ®  2019

#1 PRO BFR Bands ® – Occlusion Training Bands

best pro bfr bands picThe Pro BFR bands with its 2-inch wide design and durable elastic fabric are ideal for effective occlusion exercise. These 25-inch long BFR bands have a built-in quick release cam buckle making it easy to strap on and lock into place.

There is also a Pro BFR Bands ® – Long Edition which is 60-inches long to double wrap if you are looking for added restriction for leg workouts.

The cam buckle on this edition has a smooth locking surface, not teeth, to prevent fabric tearing. The cam Buckle also makes releasing the tension after a workout quick and effortless. Furthermore, any slack after tightening can be wrapped into an added elastic loop holder.

Each order comes with two Pro BFR Bands.



#2 PRO-X Edition BFR Bands ® – Just Pull to Tighten

pro-x bfr bands picMuch like the Pro Edition, the Pro-X Edition Bands are also 2 inches wide with ultra comfortable and durable elastic material and are 25 inches in length. What sets these apart from the Pro BFR Bands is its patent-pending easy to fit pinch-free buckle. This makes tightening the buckle effortless while using only one hand.

Another great addition to this model is the numbers printed on the band itself to keep track of pressure settings. This allows for better symmetry and precision adjustments for both arms or legs.

This model as with the Pro BFR Edition bands also includes the loop holder to hold any band slack in place.



#3 Quad Wrap Occlusion Training Bands ® for Legs and Calves

quad wrap bfr bands picThe Quad Wrap Occlusion Training Bands are great for using on legs, hamstring, and calf muscles. These extra long 80-inch and 3-inch wide straps are ultra thick, durable and comfortable to wear. These elastic bands come with an extra long velcro style design for one-size-fits-all wrapping.

Numbers are imprinted on the bands for accurate pressure tracking of each leg. To make things easier, quick wrap thumb loops have been added to prevent pressure loss and slipping when applying.

If you are looking for a separate band specifically designed for legs, this model will do the job. If you are looking for a shorter model with slightly different specifications you may also want to check out the 42-inch long Double Wrap Occlusion Training Bands.



Editor’s Choice – Top BFR Band

As you can see I decided to only include four of the BFR bands made by BFR bands in my review. My intention was to only list those bands that I felt were truly functional as occlusion bands. Durability and efficacy were my top priorities. I do not believe a band less than 2 inches wide to be as effective as a 2 – 3-inch band.

Some of these bands such as the Elite 2.0, which is only a 1.5-inch band, appears to have flaws in the Buckle mechanism. It appears that the teeth in the buckle which clamps down to lock the band in place are causing the fabric to tear. This, however, is not a problem with the larger 2 inch and above bands. These models do not use teeth but rather a smooth locking mechanism in the cam buckle.

The Pro BFR Bands which I personally use, have a smooth locking mechanism in the buckle so tearing is never an issue. I personally enjoy the PRO BFR Bands since they are 2 inches wide and work well for both arms and legs, and do a superior job at occlusion.

None-the-less I have made my editor’s choice #1 Pick to be…

Pro-X Edition ® BFR Bands

pro-x bfr bands pic lg



Here is why. I see the Pro-X Edition BFR Bands as being a better option given the instant locking mechanism for the buckle. With the Pro-X Edition, you can just pull to tighten the band and it instantly locks into position without additional intervention. Another added bonus is the numbers imprinted on the band itself. This added feature makes it possible to better keep track of your tightness levels. This will help you tighten equally on both arms for better symmetry.

For a more in-depth explanation watch the following Pro-X and Pro BFR Bands comparison video.

Must watch, BFR Training and Safety Tips (applies to all BFR Training).

Final Thoughts

For venous occlusion to be successful you must use BFR bands that are durable, functional, and effective. Elasticity must not be too hard or too easily stretchable as this will compromise the venous occlusion effect. The 2-inch model BFR bands by BFR Bands ® have the right amount of tension in the fabric for effective venous occlusion. I also believe the quality of this product to be superior. I would absolutely recommend any of the above BFR bands to anyone interested in occlusion training.

If you are interested in more choices then check out Occlusion Cuffs by Lifting Lab.