Best Butt Exercise Machine for Your Home [Powerline Glute Master]

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Best Butt Exercise Machine for Your Home: Powerline Glute Master PGM200X

If you’re looking for the best butt exercise machine to add to your home gym, then the Powerline Glute Master is a perfect match. Body Solid, one of the leading manufacturer of fitness equipment and tools for home and commercial markets, is back again. Their latest glute machine, the Powerline Glute Master PGM200X, is a dedicated exercise machine designed for helping users work out their butts.

Powerline Glute Master PGM200X is a butt exercise machine designed for exercising the glutes with isolation movements. Furthermore, this machine offers a safe way to add resistance enabling one to increase muscle mass in a short period of time.

If you want to know more about this glute machine, we have compiled a detailed Powerline Glute Master PGM200X review to help you make an informed purchase decision.

Powerline PGM200X

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Benefits of Body Solid’s PGM200X

  • This butt exercise machine will help you strengthen and tone your glutes by engineering movement that isolates hamstring, gluteal, and quadriceps muscles
  • Fitness enthusiasts of all levels will find it easier to use this machine at home, thanks to its comfortable pads, quality rollers, and simple adjustments.
  • This machine works each leg discretely for maximum isolation of gluteus Minimus, Maximus, and Medius.
  • This machine has adjustable forearm pads that slide which enables it to accommodate users of any height.
  • Glute Master comes with a limited 10-year warranty on the frame and one-year warranty on all other parts.
  • Has standard weight horn that allows one to load more weights to increase resistance. However, weights are sold separately. If you should already own weights, there are weight adaptor sleeves that can be purchased to fit different fittings.

Features of Powerline Glute Master PGM200X

This butt exercise machine is specifically designed to target and isolate your glutes. Powerline PGM200X will not only strengthen your hip muscles but also tone and build rounder and bigger butt muscles. This machines has comfortable pads, quality rollers, and can be adjusted easily to fit your size.

An average weight horn allows one to add weights (sold separately) and increase resistance. This is a great feature as it does not limit the weight you may choose to work with.

Some of the outstanding features of this butt exercise machine include;

  • It has adjustable forearm pads that slide forward and backward to accommodate individuals of any height.
  • Comes with comfortable pads, quality rollers, and simple adjustments making it easy to use.
  • This glute exercise machine comes with one standard plate post.
  • Has been seen to accommodate up to a 75-pound weight capacity by some users. 
  • This unit measures 70 by 26 by 60 inches and weighs 84 pounds.
  • Standard weight horn allows users to load more weight to increase resistance.
  • Works each leg separately for maximum isolation of glutes.

Pros of Powerline Glute Master PGM200X

  • It allows you to work each side of your glutes in isolation.
  • It specifically targets the gluteal muscles thereby allowing for a safe way to add more weight for resistance.
  • You can adjust the pads and handles to make it an easy fit for everyone.
  • Also noteworthy, this unit is durable and comes with a lengthy warranty.

What the Consumers Say

The Powerline Glute Master PGM200X seems to have impressed many users, with many reviewers praising it for its effectiveness, flexibility, and durability.

Furthermore, users praised this home-based butt exercise machine terming it as a great machine with spring assisted pin and very smooth rolling action just like commercial equipment.

Others praised this machine for its effectiveness in tightening gluteal muscles. There are many positive reviews posted by happy customers and we cannot exhaust them all.

While Glute Master is not meant for commercial use, it is a quality, sturdy, and reliable butt exercise machine for home use. For the best results, ensure that its pads are correctly adjusted for your body, especially the chest pad. Remember to keep your back in neutral position while exercising with this equipment. That said, it is a good idea to use the chest pad as a reminder not to arch your back.

Closing Remarks

The Powerline Glute Master PGM200X is excellent at targeting gluteal muscles, and thus very effective at building bigger and stronger glutes. Not only was the Glutes Master is designed to mostly target your glutes, but it will also engage your hamstrings. Now in the privacy and comfort of your own home, you can target and strengthen your butt quickly and effectively with the Glute Master.



Furthermore, with a pretty decent warranty period, you can be assured that this butt exercise machine is durable and sturdy. Besides, it is made by a reputable brand, Body Solid, which is known for making durable fitness equipment.

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