6 Best Booty Bands for Glutes [2019 Buyer’s Guide & Review]

Welcome to our Top 6 Best Booty Bands buyer’s guide and review for 2019. If you’re looking for the best glute bands to add resistance to your butt workout routine without having to use weights then resistance bands for glutes are definitely the answer.

These bands come in various sizes and resistance levels to accommodate your workout level and fitness goals. When used properly booty bands are very effective at targeting your glute muscles from multiple angles. Thus a great device to tone, tighten and shape your glutes to perfection.

Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide & Product Review: Top Picks, Helpful Tips, Exercise Routines, & More

In this review, we will not only provide you with a list of top booty bands you can buy on Amazon but also share with you some great tips and helpful information to make your experience with these bands a success.

Let’s learn exactly what booty bands are and what types of booty bands are available to you and how they differ.

I will also share with you the 6  benefits of booty bands, and some very effective exercises you can perform with these bands and how to activate your glutes for guaranteed results.

Booty Bands make it possible to exercise anywhere and anytime: office, school, business trips, vacations, hotel, gym. Easily fits into any handbag.

There is so much to learn! So don’t stop reading just yet. Make using booty bands a part of your routine. You’ll be glad you did.


VictoremThe X BandsStarkTape
Editor's ChoiceRunner UpBest Double Loop
Victorem Circle Bands=The X Bands=StarkTape Double Loop=
Extra comfortable cotton latex blend; high durability; plus bonus bands, carry case, & workout guide.Most durable latex bands; never snap or roll; all bands have same thickness.2x double loop bands; durable silicon rubber; also ideal for upper body exercises.

What are Booty Bands?

Booty bands are resistance bands designed to directly target your glute muscles during exercises specific to these bands but can also be used with exercises such as squats and lunges for extra glute muscle activation. There are 4 different types of booty bands you can choose from.

Booty bands, also frequently referred to as hip bands or glute resistance bands, are very similar to other resistance training bands but are typically designed with a wider and somewhat smaller loop. This design makes it better to fit around your ankles or slightly above the knee area with the right amount of resistance geared for exercises that specifically target your glutes.

Booty Bands are a very cheap and effective way to target your glutes on the go or at home.

The size and flexibility of these resistance bands vary and determine the resistance level for each band.  The thickness of either of these bands will also contribute to the resistance levels and will be a determining factor for the intensity of your workout.

Some bands are made from latex rubber while others are made of a combination of elastic and stretchable cotton. The cotton latex blends tend to work better at preventing the bands from rolling while you exercise.

Do Booty Bands Work?

Booty Bands are very effective resistance bands that when used properly directly target your glute muscles while performing booty band exercises or even when used with other glute exercises such as squats or lunges.

Of course, you also need a good quality booty band to give you the maximum results. A booty band will be of little use to you if it does not generate enough tension or resistance for your body type or fitness level. This is why I suggest looking for quality bands with multiple resistance levels.

Booty Bands are very versatile: use them lying down, seated, or even standing. Hit your glutes from all angles.

Lesser quality bands tend to be less effective, break easily, and roll when performing your exercise. Personally, I would suggest looking for a manufacturer who offers these bands in sets of at least 3 bands as opposed to only one band. In this way, you have at last three levels of intensity to work with and the additional advantage of adjusting your intensity levels according to your exercise routine and fitness goals.

Band Tension

What makes these bands work so effectively is the constant tension it exerts on the glute muscles as opposed to most free weight exercises. With free weights, the tension tends to drop off on the negative execution of most exercises, but with bands, the tension remains pretty much consistent. This will create a quicker burn, meaning more blood pushed into the muscle and thus more effective in activating muscle fibers.

Precise Muscle Targeting

These bands are also great at directly targeting the glute muscles. With so many exercise variations these bands have to offer, you are guaranteed to hit your glute muscles from every angle possible. We will cover some of these exercises later in this article.

What Types of Booty Bands are Available for you to Buy?

There are 4 different types of resistance bands for glutes I would like to cover with you before we continue to our list of best booty bands. These would include the following bands:

  • #1 circle booty bands
  • #2 double loop resistance bands
  • #3 waist belt and bands
  • #4 occlusion circle bands

All of these glute resistance bands have the same functionality and are very effective at targeting your glute muscles. There are however slight differences in construction, functionality, and price to name a few.

So without further ado, let’s take a closer look.

#1 Circle Booty Bands

Our first type of booty band will be the one we are covering the most in this article. These resistance bands are mostly referred to as circle bands which have a simple wideband loop design. These bands are easily wrapped around your ankle or knee area to perform your glute exercises and can be easily carried in a bag or even a purse. Although prices may vary depending on quality and brand, generally these are less expensive than our second type of booty band – the double loop resistance band.

#2 Double Loop Resistance Bands

Our second type of resistance band has a 2 loop band system. These bands have a more tubular design and are narrow and thick in construction, yet mostly made of flexible silicone or latex rubber for resistance. These bands are usually connected to the knee and foot, or both ankles, and can even be gripped with your hand in one loop and your foot in the other for more exercise variations.

#3 Waist Belt and Bands

Our third booty band is much like the previous but operates with an additional waist belt. These belts are adjustable to fit most body sizes and are used to connect the elastic bands to the belt. In this manner, you have more freedom to move your hands and knees. This, in turn, makes for a more versatile workout experience and additional exercise options. Some models are even available with adjustable resistance bands.

#4 Occlusion Circle Booty Bands

Last but not least, our fourth booty band is completely different than any of the prior three booty bands both in functionality and practicality. These bands are made from a stretchable fabric and are worn at the top of each leg, both left and right simultaneously.

These bands can be used with any lower body exercise such as weighted squats or bodyweight squats or lunges, while walking on a treadmill, sprinting or running, or even while using any of the other booty bands we have covered above.

The science behind these bands is that it creates an occlusion effect to the lower limbs which results in a systemic reaction and tricks your body into believing you are working with heavy weights when you are not. In this way, you can develop your glutes with very little weights or no weights at all while reaping the benefits of a heavy weight lifting workout.

More Resistance Levels for Better Results

Having various resistance levels is paramount for any successful bodybuilding or body toning workout routine. One resistance level would be similar to a bodybuilder or fitness model using one set of weights. Using one set of weights would not result in much progress and the same holds true with resistance bands.

With different levels of intensity, different band strengths will provide you with more flexibility and more options for your exercise routine. You cannot adjust your workout intensity with only one band.

The best booty bands offer multiple resistance levels so you can challenge your glutes and continue making progress as your butt grows bigger and stronger.

For instance, with a light intensity band, you can warm up your glutes before starting your main routine. You can perform 20 to 30 reps with this band in order to activate your glutes and get your muscles fired up. Then you can progress to your medium to high-intensity level bands to add more resistance to your workout. This will give you far better results than using only one resistance band.

You must be able to vary your workout intensity levels in order to make progress. Use your lighter bands with high repetition to tone and tighten your glutes. And use your stronger bands with low reps to build bigger glutes.

What are the Top 6 Benefits of Using Booty Bands?

Booty bands have so many advantages other glute machines and workout equipment cannot offer for such a little package and small price. So let’s take a closer look at the six top benefits booty bands have to offer.

1. Effectiveness

Even though we are not using free weights or any type of glute exercise machine booty band’s are a great way to develop strong and sexy glutes. It is important to note however that using multiple bands with different levels of resistance is essential for glute development. When used properly, these bands will provide constant tension and keep your glute muscles fired up throughout the entire exercise. This will result in more blood being pushed into the glute muscle, creating a bigger pump. This is exactly what makes glutes grow.

2. No Weights Required

Another added benefit of using these bands is not having to use any weights. If you work out at home this is especially helpful. As opposed to weights these bands can easily be taken and used in any room home and easily stored just about anywhere. You can store them in a bag, place them in a drawer, or just leave them lying on the couch beside you to grab and exercise while watching TV.

3. Various Intensity Levels

These bands come in multiple-band strengths. This gives you the same benefits you would have lifting various weights. I would strongly suggest against using only one band strength for all your exercises if you are serious about toning and building your glutes. This will give you a far better advantage and more possibilities to incorporate more exercises and generate faster results.

4. Many Exercise Possibilities

As opposed to most glute workout machines or even free weight exercises, booty bands give you more flexibility to tailor your movements. With these bands, you have the freedom to move your body freely and thus making it possible to hit your glutes from many different angles. Some of the more popular exercises you can perform with booty bands are squats, lunges, donkey kicks, hip bridge, crab walks, side to side leg raises, kickbacks, fire hydrant, just to name a few.

With unrestricted movement, you can hit your booty from all possible angles, making for endless exercise possibilities.

5. Potable, Take Them Anywhere

These bands are so lightweight and space-efficient that you can literally take them anywhere. You could put them in your luggage to take on a vacation, or in your handbag to a friend’s house or to the gym, or even take along the park to perform some glute exercises after your jog while getting some fresh air.

6. Very Affordable

Overall most booty bands are very reasonably priced. And compared to buying weights or a glute exercise machine you are saving a bundle. Some of the Bands I mentioned in the third category which use a belt attachment may be a bit overpriced in my opinion. I will address those later in this article under my top recommendations.

What to Look for in a Booty Band

1. Effectiveness

With the proper strength and intensity levels, I believe all of the circle hip booty bands and the double loop booty bands to be very effective for glute development.

I do believe the belt attachment bands to lack functionality and effectiveness. They do not target the glutes as efficiently and the exercise options are more limited. There are also complaints about the belt size not fitting larger individuals.

I also must question the effectiveness of the last booty band which uses the blood flow restriction technique to build your glutes. It is not the science behind the BFR technique I am questioning but rather the band’s design. BFR Bands must be adjustable in order to produce the proper tightness or occlusion to be effective.

2. Durability

The quality of the band will decide how long your bands will last. You do not want a band that breaks after only a few uses. I have read complaints about some booty band brands were already breaking after the first use. I will make sure not to include these on my list of recommendations.

3. Intensity levels

These Fitness bands are designed for all levels of fitness enthusiasts, from expert to beginners. Therefore, one band will not have the same intensity and resistance for everyone. Having a set of 3 to 5 different band strengths will guarantee everyone has the intensity required to get the results you need from all your exercises. And this will add another dimension to your workout methodology.

4. Price

Firstly I need to reiterate that I do not recommend buying one band with only 1 intensity level for any workout routine. That said, a 3 band set should cost no more than $30, while a four or five band set will cost around $40 to $50. Just remember that in most cases you get what you pay for.

Therefore, I suggest not going too cheap or you may end up with a poor quality band. These lower quality bands tend to roll on your body or even break after only a few uses. Which leads us to our last thing to look for.

5. Bands That Do Not Roll

The quality of the band will determine whether or not the band will roll while performing exercises. There is nothing worse than having your workout routine interrupted by a booty band rolling up on you. For this reason, I have only included the best booty bands that do not roll in this review.

Top Recommendations for Best Resistance Bands for Glutes

Now might be a good time to list our top recommendations for best booty bands to buy on Amazon. Then I will go over some of the best exercises you can perform with these resistance bands and how to use them for better results. I will follow that by explaining the importance of glute activation and how to create a mind to muscle connection, both of which are essential for muscle stimulation and growth.

But first, let me explain why I picked the following booty bands as my top recommendations.

I only chose booty bands from the first two types listed above (circle loop booty bands and double loop) as they are more functional and offer more flexibility to perform more exercise variations and tend to target the glutes more efficiently.

I find the third type which uses an additional waist belt cumbersome to use and somewhat gimmicky and overpriced. These booty bands have a limited number of exercises that effectively target the glutes directly and many users are complaining about the belt size not fitting all body types and being uncomfortable.

Occlusion Bands – Debatable

I have not included the fourth type of booty band (occlusion bands) from our list at this time since this particular design does not effectively support the true science behind occlusion training and blood flow restriction.

Even with the three sizes being offered by one company, it is basically impossible in most cases to create the right amount of compression necessary to produce the occlusion effect. Many users are complaining about these bands not fitting properly or even being able to slip them to the top of their legs.

If however, you are still interested in these bands, all hope is not lost. You can find resistance bands for occlusion training that can be easily adjusted to the right amount of compression to fits all leg sizes here at Lifting Lab.

Now let’s take a look at our top choices for best booty bands to buy on Amazon.

6 Best Booty Bands to Buy on Amazon

The following are my top picks for best circle booty resistance bands and double loop bands that I consider to be top quality hip bands sold at affordable prices.

#1 Victorem Hip Bands Best Fabric Resistance Bands (Editor’s Choice)


I have chosen the Victorem to be our best booty band in this review. Victorem offers a set of three exercise resistance bands with low, medium, and heavy resistance levels.

These bands are ideal for warming up, performing high rep exercises, and even heavy resistance and high-intensity workouts.

These fabric booty bands are a cotton latex blend which makes them very comfortable and more importantly prevents them from sliding or rolling up on your skin while working out.

The Victorem package includes all of the following:

  1. 3x Hip Bands
  2. 3x Mini Loop Bands
  3. 1x Carrying Case
  4. 1x Workout Guide

Victorem is a quality product backed by a reputable company and comes with a portable compact carrying case, extra bands, and exercise guide to get you started.

#2 The X Bands – Extra Thick Booty Bands (Runner Up!)

The X Bands glute bands

Our second best booty bands are The X Bands.

I typically tend to steer clear from the latex rubber booty bands as they tend to break easily and fold when exercising. However, The X Bands are highly durable and are considered the highest quality rubber latest bands on the market today, and at a very affordable price.

These arena strength booty bands are made of multi-layered resin latex tested by industry professionals. And unlike other bands where the thickness decreases as the resistance drops, all of The X Bands have the same thickness.

The X Bands is uniquely designed to take a beating and with up to 5 bands will give you the intensity needed to quickly tone, firm, and build bigger glutes.

These booty bands stay perfectly in place and will never snap or roll up, so you can enjoy a worry-free exercise routine.

…The X Bands do not reduce the thickness of the bands as the resistance drops. Every band is .12″ thick! One of the most durable booty bands on the market – will not snap or roll!

thick durable booty bands

Many Weight Options and Extras

All bands are 12 inches long and .12 inches thick and are available in resistance levels from 15 pounds to 80 pounds. There is a 2 band and a 5 band set to choose from. The 2 band set comes with 30lb and 60lb resistance level bands. Whereas the 5 band set comes with a 15lb, 30lb, 40lb, 60lb, and 80lb resistance level bands.

I would personally suggest the 5 bands set as they offer greater versatility for more exercises and help you offers you higher resistance levels as you get stronger and progress. And as we all know, the stronger the booty, the bigger the booty gets.

Additionally, there is a multi-colored and pink colored version, and the option to choose with or without the 30-Day Booty Building Guide; a book created by industry professionals and enough exercises to get your booty poppin’ in 30 days.

#3 Motivated Fitness Thigh and Hip Booty Exercise Bands

Motivated Fitness

The Motivated Fitness hip bands offer a 3 pack system for different levels of resistance. These bands are color-coded from red having the least resistance, gray having the medium resistance level and black having the strongest resistance.

The band resistance levels, from light to heavy, are under 120 pounds for the red band, 121 to 260 lbs for the gray band, and over 260 lbs for the black colored band. Each band is approx. 3 inches wide.

These hip and glute Circle bands are made from high-quality cotton elastic rather than rubber latex. This ensures comfortability, and helps avoid pulling on your skin and prevents band bundling.

Across-the-board user experience and satisfaction appear to be favorable, with over 92% of reviews at close to a 5-star rating. I would highly recommend these booty bands to anyone of all fitness levels.

#4 Arena Strength Booty Bands (with online Instagram Support Community)

Arena Strength Booty Bands

The Arena Strength Booty Bands delivers as a three-band set offering 3 different resistance levels, light, medium, and heavy.

Thus making sure all your workout goals and intensity levels are met.

There is no need to worry about band rolling or discomfort as all bands are fabric and measure 3.15 inches wide and are 13.6 inches in length.

All band sizes are the same. Arena strength does not vary the band size but rather the resistance of the fabric.

For easy portability, Arena Strength Booty Bands also comes with a small carrying case. So they are great to use at home or take on the go.

Band strengths are as follows:

  • light (gray, 14-25lbs)
  • medium (pink, 25-35lbs)
  • heavy (black, 40-50lbs)

This is a great quality booty band to use for squats, glute bridges, kickbacks, and hip thrusts just to name a few.

Customers are very satisfied with the quality of these bands but also rave about superior customer service.

The Arena Strength booty bands also come with the following extras:

  • 33-page printed Workout Guide
  • access to Online Training Videos
  • plus online Instagram Support Community

#5 StarkTape Booty Bands (Best Double Loop band)

StarkTape booty bands

The StarkTape booty bands are super flexible, lightweight, and designed with premium silicone for strong elasticity.

StarkTape includes 2 bands and a mesh bag so you can carry your booty bands effortlessly anywhere you go.

Here are the resistance levels in pounds for the 2 StarkTape booty belts:

  • the pink band has 22 lbs resistance
  • blue band has 24 lbs resistance

Also included in this package are two ebooks with top 7 exercises and fitness planner which are emailed to you shortly after your purchase. Be aware, if you have opted out of receiving emails, you will not get the ebook. In which case, you can either visit their site or just email them at “customer@starktape.com”.

Also important to note, is that this and all prior 2 loop resistance bands are not only great for your glutes and lower body exercises but also great for working out your upper body muscles such as arms, shoulders, and back.

#6 BootyCo Double Loop Booty Band

BootyCo loop resistance bands

Our second best double loop booty band is The Authentic BootyCo designed to isolate and target your glutes like no other. These loop bands are the most popular glute resistance bands sold on Amazon, and the reviews show it.

This band can be easily stored in a bag to take along on the go or store in a drawer at home. This one-size-fits-all loop band is easy to use and extremely comfortable on your skin.

Furthermore, BootyCo also includes an exercise guide to help you build and tone your glutes while also burn stubborn body fat.

Here are a few more reasons to own these bands and what is included with your purchase:

  • 1X BootyCo resistance loop band
  • 12 Month Warranty
  • Comprehensive Exercise Guide
  • Nutrition Guide
  • Online Booty Band Videos
  • 30 Day Booty Challenge
  • 1X quality fabric over-the-shoulder gym bag

When you buy from BootyCo, you are supporting a company run by women, for women, and who designed and use the bands themselves.

How to use Booty Resistance Bands for Glute Activation

One of the most important factors when performing any muscle exercises is effectively activating the muscle fibers being targeted. Just performing the exercise or going through the movements is not enough to guarantee the proper muscle stimulation needed to generate muscle response for toning or growing muscles.

Resistance exercise bands are probably the number one devices used to activate muscles, especially the glute muscles. Many are using booty bands prior to performing their squat routines to ensure their glutes are activated and fired for better glute responsiveness. It is also very effective while using these bands during a squat routine. Quads tend to dominate most any squat exercise, but by using these resistance bands you are enabling your glutes to get in on the action.

Using booty bands is a very effective way to fire up your glute muscles for other exercises such as squats, but also great to use as a primary device for your glute exercise routine. So now would be a great time to check out some of our top 10 glute toning, butt building, bum shaping booty band exercises guaranteed to stimulate growth.

Top 10 Best Booty Band Exercises

#1 Clamshells

This external hip rotation exercise is great for hip mobility and building the outer part of your glutes. As this exercise is working the interior part of your glute muscles this will give you that curvy look from the front view. Lying on your side, preferably on a floor or workout mat, position your legs at a 45-degree angle and bend your knees to about a 90% angle. With your top foot placed on top of the bottom foot, position the bottom arm either straight out or bent back behind your head, whichever is more comfortable for you. Face your hips slightly forward with one hand on top of your hip.

Try to avoid opening the hip by leaning back too far. Place the booty band slightly above your knees. While pressing your hand down on your hip, lift your top knee up and then lower it back down to the starting position. Try to keep your knees from touching in order to keep the tension going. Exhale on the up movement and inhale on the way back down. Try performing 15 to 20 reps and concentrate on your glutes doing the work.

#2 Sidekicks

Another great hip abductor exercise to build the outer sweeps of your glutes for a more curvy look is the hip band sidekick. With the booty band position either slightly above the knee or even around the ankles, lean slightly forward with a slight bend in the knees and while holding on to something with one hand for stability. While standing with feet together slowly raise one leg out to your side and back down. Make sure to feel your glutes squeeze at the top of this movement. Repeat this for about 15 to 20 reps of four to five sets for each leg.

#3 Curtsy Lunges

For this side to side lunge, position the band slightly above your knees. A curtsy lunge is basically a reverse lunge while moving your leg back behind the other leg and dropping your knee slightly above the floor while not touching the floor. These lunges are quite effective at activating the abductors and the larger gluteus maximus which is the larger part of your glutes responsible for that full and round look from a side view.

#4 Jumping Squats

Great for building the larger gluteus maximus muscle, the booty band will help keep your glutes activated throughout the entire exercise. This is definitely a must do exercise for adding size to your glutes. The explosive movement activates the fast-twitch fiber responsible for adding muscle size and thus bigger glutes. Place the band above the knees and while squatting and feet slightly more than shoulder-width apart jump up off the floor as high as possible and return back to the squatting position. Repeat this for 15 to 20 reps and try to keep the tension on the glutes by pushing the knees apart at all times. Also, try to squat as low as possible for even more glute activation and faster results.

#5 Straight Leg Kickbacks

This exercise is perfect for tightening and adding size to your glutes. This is a very popular exercise and a favorite for effectively building curvy glutes. This exercise will give you a great pump and great results when performed correctly. Position the booty band above the knees, and place your knees on the floor with your hands firmly on the floor in front of you.

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While keeping one knee bent at about a 90-degree angle, straighten the opposing leg and push up while concentrating on using your glute muscles and repeat. Slowing down the exercise may help you activate the glute muscles more effectively to get that pump and burn necessary for growth. Start with high reps and work your way up with heavier resistance bands for lower reps while always keeping strict form.

#6 Fire Hydrants

Using the same position used for the straight leg Kickback, keep both legs at a 90-degree angle. With the resistance band position above the knees, push one leg out to the side while keeping it at the same angle, return to the original position and repeat. This is another great exercise to target the outer glutes.

#7 Seated Hip Abductions

Similar to the abductor machine, sit on a bench or chair with the booty bands placed above the knees. Position your feet flat on the floor slightly more than shoulder-width apart. Move your knees in and out for as many reps as possible for an incredible burn in your glute muscles. Take a 45-second rest and repeat for three to five sets.

#8 Crab Walks

With resistance bands placed either above the knees or around the ankles, walk from side to side, left and then right for as many steps as you can endure. Make sure to keep your legs bent in a semi-squat position throughout the entire exercise. This will maximize glute activation to your outer glutes and gluteus maximus.

#9 Hip Thrusts

This exercise can be performed on the edge of a bench, the edge of your couch, or flat on the floor. Position your upper back against a bench or flat on the floor with your knees bent at approximately a 90-degree angle and your feet positioned slightly shoulder-width apart in front of you. With the resistance band placed slightly above your knees, push your pelvis upwards from your heels.

Make sure to squeeze your glutes at the top of the movement and keep the tension going with the bands. Using the booty band’s will make these hip thrusts much more difficult and result in greater glute activation.

#10 Standing Leg Lifts – Kickbacks

Similar to using the cable machine at the gym, position your booty band either above the knees or around the ankles, and hold on to something for support. While keeping your legs straight with only a slight bend in the knees, push one leg back until you feel the squeeze in your gluteus maximus.

For this exercise to be effective and to get Optimum results, make sure to use strict form and concentrate on the squeeze at the top of each rep. Slowing down the exercise may help you get that mind to muscle connection for better muscle activation and faster results. Do High Reps to activate your glutes, and progress to have your resistance to add size.

How to Use Booty Bands for Best Results: Workout Tips

Most exercise devices or workout machines are only as good as the user performing the exercise. In order to make any workout routine effective, you must know how to use the device properly and how to perform the exercise for maximum muscle stimulation. Here is a list of workout tips to help you get the most out of your booty bands and make each and every workout count.

Never Compromise Form

Never sacrifice your form with exercise load. Excessive weight or band strength will cause bad form which will lead to minimal results and possible injuries. Performing exercises with a somewhat lighter load but using strict form will result in maximum muscle stimulation and far better results.

Mind to Muscle Connection

Create a mind to muscle connection for better muscle activation and muscle response. Just going through the motions is not enough. If you are having problems feeling your glutes when performing any glute exercise, try slowing down the motion, lower the tension or band strength, concentrate on the muscle, try to relax everything else on your body, and perform higher reps or perform to failure.

Short Rest Periods

Keep your rest periods short between workout sets. I would suggest a rest period of 45 seconds but not more than 1.5 minutes. This would also depend on your workout level and physical condition; so use your better judgment.

Increase Resistance

Increasing resistance levels, as you progress, is key when building and toning your glutes. In order to transform your glutes, you must keep the resistance level high. For instance, let’s say you are performing 20 to 30 reps with ease, it may be time to increase your band level. Also, if you are performing a lower rep set with your highest level resistance band you might want to move on to the next resistance level.

If you are already at the highest resistance level and have even doubled up on you bands but it is still not enough, here is a tip. One easy way to add resistance while still using your current bands is to add a set of ankle weights to your exercise. This is a great way to up your game and continue to make progress even after you’ve outgrown your resistance bands.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a small and portable device that can be taken anywhere and work your glutes like no other, then booty bands are your ticket! Our best booty band brands include the Victorem band, X Band, Motivated Fitness, Nordic, StarkTape, and Tone n’ Sculpt. All of these bands are lightweight, easy to store, perfect to take anywhere on the go, and very effective at activating your glutes and performing glute exercises.

These handy little glutes resistance bands offer a huge selection of exercises that directly target your glutes and effectively stimulate all your glute muscles for maximum growth.

We hope you enjoyed this article and wish you much success with your new booty bands.

Always follow manufactures safety warnings and operation instructions to avoid injury and get the most from your product.

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