5 Best Tri-Fold Foldable Exercise Mats Review & Comparison Guide

Transform almost any space in your home into a workout space with a 3-panel exercise mat. Tri-fold foldable exercise mats can be the perfect addition to your daily exercise routine to provide you with the comfort and support you need for a comfortable and safe workout session.

This review compares 5 of the best tri-fold workout mats I could find online that you can fold together in a matter of seconds for both easy transport and storage.

You will find both 2”-thick high and low-density exercise mats in various sizes and colors. See what makes each mat so unique and decide for yourself which mat best fits your individual needs.


  • Our Top 3-Panel Foldable Exercise Mats at a Glance
  • What are Tri-Fold Folding Exercise Mats?
  • 5 Best Tri-Folding Exercise Mats?
  • Which 3-Panel Folding Exercise Mat is Right for Me?

Top 3-Panel Foldable Exercise Mats at a Glance

BrandSizesKey Features
ProsourceFit4’x6’ or connect mats for many sizes!2”-thick, non-slip, firm yet comfortable, can connect multiple mats together
SPRI2’x5’, 2’x6’2”-thick, 2 sizes, mildew & germ resistant, easy cleaning, carry handles, lightweight
BalanceFrom2’x6’Lightweight, firm, budget-friendly
RitFit3’x6’, 4’x8’, 4’x10’2”-thick, EPA foam, PU leather, non-toxic foam
Sunny Health2’x6’, 3’x6’Removable nylon cover, low-density foam, 2”-thick

What are Tri-Folding Exercise Mats?

Tri-Folding exercise mats are 3-panel workout mats that can be easily folded together making them more compact than your traditional exercise mat. This added benefit makes these mats ideal for easy transport and convenient storage.

Just like your traditional workout mats, these mats will also provide you with the added comfort, safety, and support needed to perform most of your floor workout routines.

Depending on the size and density of the exercise mat, you can perform a wide variety of floor exercises. Let’s take a look a some of these exercises below:

  • Sit-ups
  • Push-ups
  • Yoga & stretching
  • Pilates
  • Martial Arts
  • Tumbling
  • Gymnastics
  • Wrestling
  • Kid’s play area
  • Day Care activities
  • And more

Our 5 Best Tri-Fold Folding Exercise Mats Reviewed

Here are my favorite 3-panel exercise mats you can purchase online. Compare the unique features and sizes for each and decide for yourself which is the best tri-fold folding exercise mat for you.

#1 ProsourceFit 4’x6’ Tri-Fold Exercise Mat

ProsourceFit Tri-Fold exercise mat

Editor’s Choice for best tri-fold exercise mat!

What is unique about the ProsourceFit Tri-Fold exercise mat is not only how large it is but also the fact that you can connect multiple mats together for an even larger workout area.

With velcro on all four sides, you can easily create an extra-large or long design by simply connecting extra mats. So for example you could create an 8×6 or even a 4×12 by attaching two mats. Or even connect 3 or 4 mats.

With the many size options and at 2” thick, this is the perfect mat for gymnastics tumbling, pilates, dance, wrestling, martial arts, stretching, family fun with the kids, or group yoga sessions.

Here are some possible size variations when connecting mats:

1 mat4’x6’
2 mats4’x’6’8’x6’4’x12’
3 mats4’x6’8’x6’12’x6’4’x12’4’x36’

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Key Features

  • Tri-fold 3-panel design
  • Velcro on all 4 sides to connect multiple mats together
  • Material: high-density EPE Foam & non-slip pressure-resistant PU Leather
  • Colors: blue, black, grey
  • Easy carry hand-straps
  • Waterproof, easy to clean
  • Size unfolded: 48”W x 72”L x 2”H
  • Folded size: 48”W x 24”L x 6”H
  • Thickness: 2” enhanced thickness

#2 SPRI Tri-Fold Folding Mat 2’x5’ & 2’x6’

SPRI 3-panel foldable exercise mat

The SPRI tri-fold 3-panel design offers both a 24”x60” & 24”x72” mats with an extra-thick 2” cushion for ultimate comfort and support.

Its durable rip-stop vinyl cover is not only made to last but is also mildew and germ resistant and easy to wipe clean.

The triple layer of high-density foam cushion offers a softer center layer yet provides the needed firmness and support for a variety of floor exercises.

The SPRI exercise mat is lightweight and comes with built-in carrying handles, making it very portable and compact for easy storage.

Key Features

  • Tri-fold 3 panel design
  • Material: durable rip-stop vinyl cover
  • Colors: black
  • Easy carry hand-straps
  • Waterproof, easy to clean
  • Size unfolded: 24”W x 60”L x 2”H & 24”W x 72”L x 2”H
  • Folded size: 24”W x 20”L x 6”H & 24”W x 24”L x 6”H
  • Thickness: 2” enhanced thickness

#3 RitFit 3-Panel Workout Mat 3’x6’, 4’x8’ & 4’x10’

RitFit 3-panel folding workout mat

Best thick density tri-fold mat for maximum support.

The RitFit exercise mat is made of exclusive thick density and durable padding that will provide you with maximum support and the comfort you need for exercising, stretching, yoga pose routines, planking, calisthenics, or kids to play on.

The superior PU leather cover is non-slip, sweat-resistant, and easy to clean. You can also have peace of mind knowing that this mat is made from non-toxic foam, is non-flammable, and contains no latex or silicone.

This mat folds for easy storage and travel and included integrated nylon handles for easy transport when on the go.

Key Features

  • Trifold mat with integrated handles
  • Material: high-density Foam & non-slip PU Leather
  • Colors: Pink, Black, Blue, Purple
  • Non-flammable, non-toxic
  • 3 sizes unfolded: 3’x6’, 4’x8’ & 4’x10’
  • Thickness: 2” enhanced thickness

#4 BalanceFrom Foldable Tri-Fold Exercise Mat 2’x6’

BalanceFrom foldable exercise mat

Best low-budget foldable exercise mat.

For the price, you really can’t beat the BalanceFrom tri-fold folding mat. This mat is a perfect addition to your home gym, and especially on hardwood or concrete floors.

This 2” thick mat is very firm yet also very lightweight and super portable.

Made to last, the surface is made of non-toxic lead-free and puncture-resistant vinyl. Which by the way is also moisture-resistant and easy to clean.

The 2-inch thick high-density EPE foam also provides the right firmness to support a large variety of exercises. And with the carry handles and tri-fold design will easily store away when you’re done.

Key Features

  • Trifold mat with integrated handles
  • Material: firm high-density EPE Foam & Lead-free durable vinyl surface
  • Colors: Pink, Black, Blue, Purple
  • Expanded Dimension: 6′ x 2′ x 2″
  • Folded Dimensions: 2’ x 2’ x 6″
  • Thickness: 2-inches

#5 Sunny Health & Fitness Tri-Fold Workout Mat

Sunny Health & Fitness foldable mat

Best Low-Density foldable esercise mat.

What differentiates this mat from the others in this review is how lightweight it is and the zippered nylon canvas covers. This gives you the added benefit of removing the cushion or replacing them if needed.

The Sunny Health & Fitness mat is really more of a floor cushion than an exercise mat. What I mean by this is that the foam density is very low. This makes the mat very lightweight, however, does not provide the support and stability of a high-density mat.

That said, these mats are great for simple exercises such as sit-ups or stretching, and can also help give you an extra layer of protection between you and floor or when using a kettlebell or dumbbell weights.

Key Features

  • Trifold mat with nylon straps
  • Material: low-density Foam & nylon canvas cover (removable)
  • Colors: Black
  • Folded Dimensions: 23.5 x 23.5 x 5.5 inches
  • Extended Dimensions: 24 x 72 x 2 inches
  • Easily wipes clean of sweat and debris
  • Thickness: 2”

Which 3-Panel Folding Exercise Mat is Right for Me?

All mats in this review are tri-fold folding exercise mats that can be easily folded together in a matter of seconds for easy transport or storage. But, how do you know which mat is the right one for your particular needs?

That said, let’s take a look at some of the key features to consider when buying your first tri-fold exercise mat.


The first key feature to consider is the size of the mat. Most of the mats in this review come in different sizes. Depending on what you will be using the mat for, both width and length can be a very important factor.

Most mats are between 2’ to 4’ in width and from 5’ to 6’ in length. So if you are a taller person you may want to consider the 6’ long mat over a 5’ long mat. And if you are doing more than just yoga poses, sit-ups, or stretching exercises, you may want to consider a mat that is wider than just 2 feet.

If you require a mat that is larger than your ordinary sizes, the RifFit has a 4’x8’ and even a 4’x10’ mats available. And for even larger surfaces that can be tailored to the size you need, maybe try the ProsourceFit Tri-Folding mats that use velcro strips all around the mat so you can easily connect other mats.

For example, two 4’x6’ mats can be connected to provide you with an 8’x6’ surface area for exercising, or even a 4’x12’.

Or get three mats and connect them for an additional 12’x6’, 12’x4’, or 36’x4’ mat sizes to workout with.

Thickness & Density

The thickness and density determine the softness or firmness of the mat. This is important when considering the types of exercises you will be performing and will determine the stability and comfort levels.

Unlike foldable yoga mats which are very thin, foldable exercise mats are much thicker. As you may have noticed already, all of our mats are 2” thick, yet the density of each mat may differ slightly. High-density mats are firmer and give you more stability and padding between you and the floor. These are the more sought after mats as they offer more stability and protection between you and the floor.

Low-density mats are much softer and lightweight, but also are not as firm and will not provide you with that extra bounce and protection. Low-density mats are great for simple stretching exercises, sit-ups, or push-ups.

They are also less expensive and great to use as a simple barrier and cushion for you and your kettlebells or dumbbells to protect your wood floor. The Sunny Health & Fitness Tri-Fold workout mat is a great choice if you’re looking for an inexpensive low-density 3-panel folding mat.

Here are also some 4-panel mats you may be interested in: