8 Best Collapsible Weight Benches That Easily Fold 2020 Review

In this review and product guide, I have put together some of the best collapsible weight benches I could find on Amazon. This way you don’t have to waste your time digging through numerous gym benches to find which are collapsible and which are not.

A collapsible weight bench is by far the easiest and most effective way to fit a gym bench into your home or apartment. If you are serious about lifting weights and working out, then a workout bench is a must-have piece of equipment.

You will find various types of workout benches with different features that make each product special and unique. So I would suggest taking a look at each bench to see which has all the features you are looking for.

Prices will vary depending on structure, functionality, and features, but overall you will find these benches are very affordable.


  • What We Mean By Collapsible Weight Bench
  • Top 8 Collapsible Weight Bench Reviews
  • How Do I Choose The Best Collapsible Weight Bench?
  • Folding Gym Bench vs Non-Folding
  • Flat vs Incline/Decline Gym Bench
  • Summing Things Up

What We Mean By Collapsible Weight Bench

I have found that when searching for collapsible weight benches, you will find most results will list benches that are foldable benches. This is misleading and can be very frustrating, to say the least.

You see, a collapsible bench can be both foldable and collapsible. But a foldable bench in some cases will only be foldable; as in folding the backrest or seat.

So to clarify, what we mean by collapsible is having the ability to completely collapse the weight bench into a smaller size in order to better fit it into a smaller space for storage purposes after usage; such as under a bed or into a closet.

With that said, all benches in this product review are fully collapsible gym benches.

You’ll be surprised to see just how small you can collapse some of these workout benches.

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Our Top 8 Collapsible Weight Bench Reviews

The following is a list of our best collapsible weight benches found on Amazon for you to evaluate.

#1 Fitness Reality Incline & Decline Bench

Fitness Reality incline decline folding workout bench

Best Bang for your Buck!

If you’re looking for more than just a flat bench, this decline & incline bench offers 12 different angles from -20 degrees to +80 degrees.

Another strong feature is the maximum weight capacity of 800lbs and a unique triangular support structure to make this bench strong and sturdy.

This upgraded model has a wider backrest and can be quickly folded up for storage with the removal of just one pin.

I highly recommend the Fitness Reality for its top quality and affordability, and thus have made this my best collapsible weight bench and best bang for your buck.

Features & Specifications

  • total of 12 seat angles (6 backrest adjustments plus 2 front leg adj.)
  • both decline & incline positions (-20 degrees to +80 degrees)
  • 3 position leg hold-down
  • upgraded wider backrest on the newest model
  • good for users up to 6’ 4”
  • unique triangular support structure for added strength
  • powder-coated steel frame
  • transport wheels & leg stabilizers
  • quick 1-pin removal for collapsing
  • can be stored upright or vertical
  • maximum weight capacity: 800lbs
  • bench weight: 35lbs


  • flat position height: 17.5”
  • padding: 1.75”
  • collapsed/folded size: 51”L x 23.5W x 9”H
  • set up: 59”L x 23.5W x 48.5H

#2 RitFit -- Editor’s Choice

Ritfit editor's choice for best collapsible weight bench

Rock Solid & Reliable Structure

I have to give the RitFit an A+ rating for structural integrity and easy adjustability.

This bench is very sturdy, making it the perfect choice for heavy and wobble-free workouts.

I enjoy the high backrest and numerous adjustable angles but also appreciate the easy to use pins for making super quick adjustments.

Easily fold to stand against a wall, store in a closet, or slide under your bed.

How To Use | RitFit Adjustable Bench

Features & Specifications

  • 5 back & 4 seat adjustments
  • flat, incline & decline positions
  • leg hold-down
  • good for users up to approx. 6′ 2″
  • soft PVC dense foam padding
  • quick-adjust pins
  • can be stored upright or vertical
  • poster with 36 bench workouts
  • maximum weight capacity: 510lbs
  • bench weight: 33lbs


  • flat position height: 18”
  • collapsed/folded size: 33.5”L x 19W x 15”H
  • set up: 48.8”L x 19W x 18H

#3 YouTen -- Runner Up!

YenTen height adjustable folding gym bench

Height Adjustable -- Ideal for Heavy Bench Press or Step-Ups

The outstanding feature for the YenTen collapsible weight bench is the 5 position adjustable height variations to accommodate your size or specific workout routine.

The easy to use spring-loaded pins can be easily pulled outward to quickly adjust the height of the bench in a matter of seconds.

  • This is a bench you can trust with heavy bench presses or step-ups.

This folding bench is equipped with no wobble end cups to provide a sturdy workout. And with a maximum weight capacity of 800lbs, you’ll never have to worry about structural integrity.

Features & Specifications

  • Height-adjustable flat bench
  • thick high-density cushion
  • quick-adjusting spring pins for collapsing weight bench
  • quick pull pins to adjust the height
  • Maximum weight capacity: 800lbs
  • Bench weight: 27.5lbs


  • 5 height positions (15.3″, 16.1″, 16.7″, 17.5″, 18.5″)
  • padding: 2.75”
  • collapsed size: 42.4”L x 15W x 7.8”H
  • set up: ”42.4L x 15W x 18.5H

#4 Body-Solid GFID225

Body-Solid Commercial rated folding weight bench

Best Collapsible Weight Bench for Heavy Lifting -- Strongest Commercial Rated

The Body-Solid is the strongest collapsible weight bench you will find in this review. With heavy-duty 2x3″ oval steel tubing and commercial rated, you can trust using this gym bench for even your heaviest bench presses.

This bench has 7 adjustable back positions, has transport wheels and folds flat for easy storage.

The weight capacity is 600lbs and will easily compensate for taller individuals up to 6.4″ tall.

Features & Specifications

  • back pillow for added support & comfort
  • 7 backrest positions (incline & decline)
  • commercial rated heavy-duty 2x3″ oval steel tubing
  • transport wheels
  • maximum weight capacity: 600lbs
  • bench weight: 53lbs

Be advised that the dimensions on Amazon are not completely accurate. I have added accurate dimensions from Body-Solid’s “Product Data Sheet”.


  • flat position height: 18”
  • padding: 2.5”
  • folded size: 57”L x 18W x 10”H
  • set up: 60”L x 18W x 19H

#5 Vanswe

Vanswe solid structure for heavy bench press

The Vanswe is similar to the RitFit in that it’s solid structure and steel frame make it very reliable for heavy bench training.

This bench has plenty of back and seat positions to accommodate any workout and can be quickly and easily adjusted with its auto-lock pins.

It only weighs 35lbs and can be folded down to a fairly small size for easy storage or transport.

Folding Weight Bench 500 lbs Weight Capacity| Vanswe Fitness

Features & Specifications

  • 8 back & 5 seat positions
  • easy use auto-lock spring pins for quick adjustments
  • quick 2 min. assembly
  • maximum weight capacity: 650lbs
  • bench weight: 35lbs


  • flat position height: 18”
  • padding: 2.2”
  • collapsed/folded into block: 31”L x 16W x 10”H
  • set up: 52”L x 16W x 18H

#6 Soges Workout Bench

Soges fully collapsible workout bench folds flat & square

Super Light & Most Portable Gym Bench

The Soges model is super compact and lightweight, making it our best collapsible weight bench for easy portability and storage.

This bench will not only fold flat but you can fold it again into a block shape for even better storage possibilities.

Besides being very compact, it is also very light (weighing in at only 20lbs) and offers 3 backrest incline positions for working out.

Features & Specifications

  • 3 seat positions
  • easy use spring pins for quick folding
  • comes assembled
  • maximum weight capacity: 660lbs
  • bench weight: 20lbs


  • flat position height: 17.7”
  • padding: x.xx”
  • collapsed/folded into block: 13”L x 13.4W x 23.6”H
  • set up: 42.2”L x 13W x 37.5H

#7 Finer Form Collapsible Flat Bench

Finer Form collapsible flat bench

Highest Maximum Weight Capacity

If your main concern is weight capacity, this 15 gauge steel frame bench will support a whopping 1000lbs.

The Finer Form bench comes fully assembled and will fold flat to easily store upright or under a bed.

Features & Specifications

  • 15 gauge powder-coated steel frame
  • high density 3″ cushion
  • maximum weight capacity: 1000lbs
  • bench weight: 27.5lbs


  • flat position height: 18.5”
  • padding: 3”
  • folded size: 46”L x 18.5W x 10”H
  • set up: 46”L x 18.5W x 18.5H

#8 Gymenist

Gymenist folding gym bench with back pillow support

Highly Adjustable Bench with Back Pillow

What’s great about the Gymenist foldable weight bench is that you can adjust it to all positions from flat to multiple inclines, and even decline for sit-ups.

A second great feature is a back pillow which can be moved up or down to just the right position to add extra support and comfort to your back.

A great bench for free weight and dumbbell workouts, but not ideal for heavier exercises such as heavy barbell bench press or step-ups.

I would not recommend this bench for weight training purposes as the structural integrity of this bench has proven to be unsafe for heavy loads by multiple customers in reviews.

Features & Specifications

  • back pillow for added support & comfort
  • 6 backrest & 3 seat positions
  • adjustable end cups for wobble-free balancing
  • carry handle
  • maximum weight capacity: 550lbs
  • bench weight: 29lbs


  • flat position height: 18”
  • collapsed size: 34”L x 17W x 10”H
  • Set up: 48”L x 17W x 18H

How Do I Choose The Best Collapsible Weight Bench?

Here are a few key features to consider before investing in a collapsible weight bench. Decide which features are most important for your particular needs so you can make a better decision when purchasing a new bench.

Maximum Weight Capacity

This is the maximum amount of weight a bench can support. The lowest weight capacity for the collapsible gym benches in this review is 500lbs and the highest is 1000lbs. So, unless you are a powerlifter, any of the benches above 500lbs is suitable for most users.

Portability (Size & Weight)

Depending on the amount of space you have available with your setup, the size of the bench may be an important factor. So make sure to check the dimensions of the bench you are interested in. Check both the setup size and collapsed size for storage.

Additionally, you will want to check how much the bench weighs and if that is something you are comfortable with. Some benches may be too heavy to move around or transport for storage.

Functionality & Adjustability

Make sure your bench has all the incline or decline positions you need to perform the exercises you intend to perform. Some benches even have an adjustable seat that allows them to be positioned into a decline sit-up bench.

Folding Gym Bench vs Non-Folding

I thought we’d take one last look at what makes the collapsible gym bench different from a non-collapsible workout bench. Here are the top differences and what the advantages and disadvantages are for each type of bench.

Storability & Portability

When it comes to portability the folding gym benches are much easier to move about due to their lighter structure. Typically our collapsible weight benches are around 25lbs on average. Where our lightest bench is only 19lbs. Non-folding benches are on average 30-40lbs and more and are much harder to maneuver.


The legs on non-folding benches are mostly welded to the bench structure, which creates a more solid structure. Foldable gym benches, on the other hand, have movable joints and hinges that allow folding and collapsing the bench. This can lead to slight wobbling on cheaper models, but from the reviews I have read on the above models, this has not been a problem.

Weight Capacity

Due to the structural differences mentioned above, the collapsible weight benches may not always support as much weight as the non-foldable benches. However with our maximum weight capacities ranging from 500lbs up to 1000lbs. So unless you are a powerlifter, this shouldn’t be a problem.

My suggestion is if you weigh over 200lbs and are benching over 300lbs you may want to consider a bench with a maximum weight capacity of over 800lbs.

Flat vs Incline/Decline Gym Bench

Though many would choose the adjustable incline/decline bench to the flat bench, the flat bench does have some advantages.

Here are a few reasons why you might prefer a flat bench over an incline/decline bench:

  • Solid structure
  • Great for powerlifters (bench press)
  • Solid bench pad (no space gap between back & seat)
  • Height adjustable (in most cases)
  • Sturdy enough for step-up exercises
  • Usually has a higher maximum weight capacity

Here are some reasons you may prefer an incline/decline bench:

  • More exercise possibilities with various inclines or decline positions
  • The bench may be converted to a sit-up bench (in some cases)

Summing Things Up

Collapsible weight benches are ideal for small spaces for home and apartment setups. They can be folded flat and in some cases folded a second time into a cubed form for easy transport or storage.

I hope this review has been helpful and wish you good luck and much success in all your fitness endeavors.