Best Vibrating Foam Roller Review 2019 [Top 6 Massage Rollers]

So, what is the best vibrating foam roller? It is a roller that offers you multiple intensity levels and speed frequencies high enough to generate vibrations so strong they can easily penetrate deep into the muscle tissue for quick and effective muscle therapy.

That said, these vibrating fitness rollers are ideal for many types of deep-tissue massage. Some of these would include facia breakup, pre-workout warmup, and post-workout recovery to name a few. Basically, these rollers are by far much more effective than just your traditional foam roller.

This vibrating foam roller review includes only the best vibrating rollers we could find online. Plus learn the many ways these massage rollers can benefit you and how to use them correctly for best results.

This review and comprehensive guide will provide you with everything you need to know about vibrating foam rollers. Thereby, helping you to make a more informed decision when it comes to which roller best suits your individual needs.

This review will compare product features for each vibrating roller, as well as educate you on the many ways deep tissue massage foam rollers can benefit you.

Two Times More Effective than your Conventional Foam Roller [Deep Vibration Therapy]

Vibrating foam rollers offer much more than just your ordinary rollers. For example, they are known to be twice as effective as your standard foam roller. With rollers capable of vibrating strengths of up to 92 HZ and up to 4-speed adjustments, these deep tissue massage rollers will give you total control over how deep and intense you wish to have your message.

The Vibrating Foam Roller is a deep-tissue massage roller that acts as your very own personal massage therapist on the go or at home. At only a fraction of the cost!

Vibrating Foam Rollers at a Glance

The following is a look at our top 6 rollers and what features make each stand out from one another.

Best Foam Rollers: Top Features List

#1 Hyperice Vyper 2.0: (Highest Vibration) Claims to be the world’s most powerful roller at 92 HZ.

#2 ZHLXZ: (#1 Pick) Very convenient with 360-degree remote control; 4 speed; rechargeable.

#3 NextRoller: (#2 Pick) Most popular and well known among professionals; superb customer service.

#4 LifePro Surger: Premium Soft material; powerful 10,400 mAh battery; 4 speed; top reviews.

#5 Vulken: Hardest & lightest air injected shell casing; only 2 pounds; longest 17” roller; 4 speeds.

#6 Zyllion: 2.5-hour battery life; 3 unique zones to mimic massage therapist hands; travel bag.

A Vibrating Roller Can Be Used On Multiple Muscle Groups

Vibrating rollers are effective on just about any muscle group. Use them on your legs to warm up and lengthen your muscle fibers before a workout. Or use it after a workout for better recovery and to reduce soreness. Moreover, you can use these rollers on your legs, calves, glutes, arms, shoulders, back and any other body part you can think of.

Experiencing lower back pain? Use the vibrating roller in a chair, or on the floor or yoga mat. Much more effective than your typical non-vibrating rollers, these rollers will give you the intensity needed for a deep-tissue massage and in far less time.

vibrating fitness roller

What is a Vibrating Foam Roller?

In short, a vibrating foam roller can function as both a regular non-vibrating roller but also has the added capability of generating high vibrations with its built-in vibrator device which can easily be switched on to turn your roller into a deep tissue massage foam roller. Therefore, this extra feature gives you many added benefits your typical foam roller cannot.

The vibrating foam roller is twice as fast and effective as your standard foam roller!

Even if these rollers are more expensive than your standard roller, they are nonetheless still very affordable and well worth the extra investment.

Vibrating foam rollers will give you that extra deep tissue massage a regular foam roller will not. As a result, these extra vibrations can also shorten your massage time if you are in a hurry since it can perform the same work
in have the time.

Furthermore, another added benefit is that you can position the roller underneath you on the floor or behind you in a chair and target a specific muscle region without having to roll the foam roller or move your body. In short, just relax and enjoy the soothing deep tissue massage this deep tissue foam roller can provide you.

What are the Many Benefits of a Vibrating Foam Roller?

The vibrating roller is like your personal massage therapist. You can choose between high, medium, and low-intensity settings to apply just the right amount of intensity and pressure to your muscles where needed.

You can see the vibrating foam roller as your very own personal massage therapist. Only much cheaper!

The vibration of the roller aids in muscle recovery time helps with mobility and flexibility and in relieving muscle pain and joint pain. That said, vibrating fitness rollers are great to use before or after weight training, cardio exercise, marathons, running, swimming, and CrossFit.

Additionally, they also help for those long days sitting at the job or long drives in a car for lower back pain relief.

1. Pre-workout Warmup (improve mobility and flexibility)

These fitness rollers help to increase blood circulation while also loosening your muscles before an athletic event or workout. All this and the stretching of muscle fibers will help increase flexibility, mobility, and strength to help you perform better and prevent injury.

2. Post-workout Recovery (relieve tension, remove lactic acid)

After a hard workout or sports event, a foam roller can be very helpful in relieving muscle tension and preventing muscle soreness by removing lactic acid. As a result, this can reduce your recovery time and put you back in the game at full capacity and even help prevent injuries.

3. Deep Tissue Massage (pain relief and muscle recovery)

Deep tissue massage cannot be generated as effectively with non-vibrating foam rollers as with vibrating rollers. Thus, when using the mid to highest setting you can penetrate deep inside the muscle tissue to stimulate muscle fibers for fast and effective pain relief and muscle recovery.

vibrating foam roller reviews

4. Quick Results Half the Time (increased stimulation)

Vibrating foam rollers generate twice the muscle activation and much deeper muscle tissue stimulation than any standard fitness roller can produce. As a result, this enables the user to accomplish more in less time, or cover twice the muscles in the same amount of time.

5. Pain Relief and Muscle Stimulation (deep-tissue massage)

These deep tissue massage foam rollers can help relieve muscle pain in your lower and upper back, quads, hamstrings, calves, glutes, and upper body muscles such as triceps, biceps, and forearms. Additionally, they are also great for foot relief or any other muscles or joints that may need attention.

Massage away discomfort by using low speed for sore muscles or chronic pain, mid-level speed for
muscle stimulation, and high speed to deliver deep tissue massage for more acute pain.

6. Loosen fascia (scar tissue breakup)

Fascia is bands of connective tissue beneath the skin that attaches, stabilizes, encloses, and separates muscles and internal organs. When under stress, fascia will become thicker with scar tissue which increases nerve pressure and leads to pain. Furthermore, scar tissue from injuries can also lead to less flexibility, reduced mobility, and a drop in strength.

These deep tissue massage foam rollers can help break up scar tissue and reverse these adverse effects.

7. Saves you money (cheaper than a therapist)

Seeing a massage therapist, even if only once per month, can be very costly, to say the least. One visit to a therapist can easily pay for a quality vibrating foam roller. In other words, you only pay for the roller once but can use it over and over again.

That said, if you haven’t invested in a fitness roller yet, now is the perfect time to consider doing so.

Our 6 Best Vibrating Foam Rollers Reviewed for 2019

Here are what I consider to be the best vibrating rollers listed by price, quality, and features. Although somewhat more expensive than your standard foam roller, these rollers are worth every extra penny and deliver on effectiveness and performance.

Users rave about how much more effective vibrating foam rollers are compared to your standard foam rollers.

Furthermore, I have added an Editor’s Choice #1 Pick to possibly help make your decision easier should you be indecisive. This decision is not based on price, but rather product reviews and which roller delivers the most bang for your buck.

#1 Hyperice Vyper 2.0 Vibrating Foam Roller (Most Powerful Vibrations)

Hyperice Viper 2.0 Vibrating Roller

If you’re looking for maximum vibration power, then this is the roller for you!

The Hyperice Vyper 2.0 has 3 vibration settings for powerful high-intensity vibrations. Hyperice claims to be the world’s most powerful vibrating fitness roller on the market. The Polypropylene outer shell transfers maximum vibration with superior amplitude and G-force even when body weight is applied.

The 3 vibration frequency levels are 45, 68, and 92 HZ, and the G-forces are 6.9, 7.8 and 8.8.

Many users comment on how powerful this vibrating roller is! Some wish there was an extra lower setting than level 1.

The rechargeable lithium-ion battery (included) provides up to 2 hours of usage.

And if you are a frequent traveler, this vibrating roller is considered travel-friendly and is TSA approved as a carry-on.

Key Features: Size: 11.6” x 5.3” x 5.3” ■ Weight: 3 lbs. ■ Speed/Intensity Levels: 3 ■ High Intensity ■ 1x Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery (included)

#2 ZHLXZ w/ Remote (Editor’s Choice)

ZHLXZ fitness roller w/ remote control & 4 speed

The ZHLXZ vibrating fitness roller is yet another powerful roller that offers both power and convenience in one design.

With 4 levels of intensity, you can adjust your massage to fit your specific comfort level.

Set the intensity to low for a relaxing massage, or increase the level for a higher vibration and deep tissue massage.

ZHLXZ remote control

This roller is our only fitness roller that comes with remote control!

The remote control makes changing intensity levels a breeze without the cumbersome act of reaching around or stopping your massage to adjust the settings manually on the roller itself.

Now you can conveniently fine-tune your massage needs on the fly; from a lower level to treat light soreness to high-level for deep tissue aches. And everything in between.

Key Features: Size: 12” x 6” x 6” ■ Weight: 1.9 lbs. ■ Speed/Intensity Levels: 4 ■ Remote Control ■ Rechargeable

This fitness roller comes with a built-in rechargeable battery and USB charging cable.

Read the Editor’s Choice full review below.

#3 NextRoller Vibrating Roller (Runner Up!)

NextRoller Fitness popular roller

NextRoller, probably one of the most popular rollers has been featured on CBS, NBC, FOX, and trusted by NBA, NFL, and MLB athletes. Customer service for this product is top-notch and they offer a no-questions-asked ONE YEAR WARRANTY.

The NextRoller holds a good charge with a battery life of over 2 hours. Furthermore, the included wall-outlet charging cable makes it easy to get a massage anytime, and anywhere.

Outstanding customer service – based in San Diego, well-established company and known product, good battery life, and no-questions-asked one year warranty.

This roller has 3 speed levels with the vibrational frequencies being 20, 40 and 67 Hz and has a handle on one side for easy portability. An all-around great product for massage therapy, recovery, mobility, flexibility and pain relief.

Key Features: Size: 13” x 6” x 6” ■ Weight: 4 lbs. ■ Speed/Intensity Levels: 3 ■ Rechargeable ■ Portable Handle

#4 LifePro Surger Deep Tissue Vibrating Massage Roller

LifePro Surger

The LifePro Surger was designed with both comfort and intensity in mind. This roller has 4 speeds with intensity levels starting at 32 HZ and up to 38HZ. In this way, you can adjust your intensity level from low to high as needed.

The LifePro also includes a custom timer so you can set your vibration time to 60, 90, or even 120 seconds.

Designed with premium soft material that is gentle on your skin and joints, this roller is comfortable even at high-intensity levels.

The roller comes with a 10,400 mAh rechargeable battery. Making it one of the most powerful on the market.

LifePro includes an extra carry bag, instant access to online workout videos, instructions and ideas from professional coaches, and a 100% no-questions-asked LIFETIME warranty.

Key Features:  Size: 11.5” x 5.5” x 5.5” ■ Weight: 4 lbs. ■ Speed/Intensity Levels: 4 ■ Rechargeable ■ Carry Bag

#5 Vulken Massage Roller – Super Lightweight Air Injected Shell

Vulken deep tissue massage roller

The Vulken is 17” long and comes with 4-speed settings. If you are looking for a roller that is fairly hard, this air injected plastic shell foam roller is probably the hardest roller on our list.

This longer yet lighter design is rechargeable and has 2-hour battery life. Users indicate charging time to be quick, and lights on the roller indicate battery charge, and also show the current speed setting.

What differentiates this roller from other rollers is the 17” long ultra-lightweight 2-pound design, yet also harder than most with air injected polypropylene plastic shell.

This vibrating foam roller is programmed to automatically shut off after 10 minutes of operating time in order to conserve the battery charge if left on inadvertently.

Key Features:  Size: 17” x 6” x 6” ■ Weight: 2 lbs. ■ Speed/Intensity Levels: 4 ■ Rechargeable

#6 Zyllion Vibrating Fitness Roller

Zyllion foam roller

What separates the Zyllion Roller from the other fitness rollers is the 3 texture zone design. One zone with wider ridges simulates palm pressure massage, and the medium ridges offer moderate finger pressure massage. While the third zone with narrow ridges simulates fingertip or thumb pressure massage for a deep-tissue massage experience.

The roller material is very dense making this roller much firmer and giving you a more powerful vibration experience. This roller comes with 4 vibration speeds to adjust to your specific massage needs.

Powerful vibration, firm material, and 3 unique zones that mimic a massage therapist’s hands.

The Zyllion fitness roller comes with 2 lithium-ion batteries (included), which when fully charged offers over 2.5 hours of battery life. A charger is included, and battery indicator lights help keep track of your battery charge.

Key Features:  Size: 12.5” x 6” x 6” ■ Weight: 2 lbs. ■ Speed/Intensity Levels: 4 ■ Rechargeable ■ 3 Texture Zones ■ 1x Drawstring Tote Bag

My #1 Editor’s Choice for Best Vibrating Foam Roller in this Review

ZHLXZ – 4-Speed Rechargeable w/ Remote Control

ZHLXZ fitness roller with remote control

The ZHLXZ fitness roller comes with 4 intensity levels. Enough power and intensity levels to easily massage deep into the tissue, yet also soft enough to enjoy relaxing vibrations.

Tailor your massage to exactly the amount of intensity you feel comfortable with. Fine-tune your massage for various muscle groups or joint areas and control the type of massage you are aiming for.

Such as a lower to mid-level speed for chronic pain or pre-workout muscle stimulation, or a higher speed for post-workout soreness or deep-tissue massage.

Remote Control:

remote control for fitness roller ZHLXZ

What separates this vibration foam roller from all the other massage rollers in this review is the convenience of having a remote control to change the vibration settings. This can come in very handy when using it on your back, legs or feet. Some massage positions do not make it easy to reach around and adjust the vibration speed in the middle of a massage session.

That said, with the remote in hand, there is no need to stop your massage to make adjustments. Simply click through various vibration speeds on the fly and in any position until you’ve reached your desired intensity level.

This rechargeable roller is made of Epp Eco-Friendly foam, is 6″ wide and 12″ in length, weighs only 1.9lbs for easy carrying, and supports a weight capacity of 330 lbs.

Colors available: black, blue, purple, red.

All-in-all a great foam roller to consider.

If you need more help deciding which roller is best suited for your specific needs, you can always refer back to our features list above.

How do I use my Vibrating Foam Roller Correctly? Common Mistakes to Avoid.

We have read about the many benefits of foam rolling and how much more effective the vibrating foam roller is than the standard fitness roller. However, it is also important to take into consideration the problems you could encounter, which could lead to more pain or injury, when not using the roller correctly.

Let me share with you my top 5 foam rolling tips to help you avoid any injuries or make your foam rolling exercises a success.

1. Do not Foam Roll the Lower Back on the Floor.

Wrong: The lower back and spine are very sensitive areas. Thus using a foam roller to roll on your lower back should not be performed on the floor. By lower back, we are referring to anything below the ribcage.

When rolling on the floor, it is harder to control your body weight and your position on the roller itself. Any wrong move could cause your spinal muscles to contract in order to protect the spine, achieving the opposite of what we have in mind.

Correct: There is, however, an alternative approach, which when executed properly can be safe and effective. One is to use a vibrating foam roller against your lower back in a chair rather than on a floor with your body weight on the roller. While in this position, and without rolling, simply set your roller to the lowest speed and let the vibrations gently massage your lower back. After a while, you can increase the vibration for a deeper massage.

Phenom massage roller great for back
Phenom Roller

A second alternative would be to use the Phenom Roller which is ergonomically designed to roller your back while supporting your spine. This design prevents the shell from directly pushing against the spine while rolling. A great choice if your main purpose is to massage your lower back.

2. Do not Roll too Fast

Wrong: When rolling too fast you are not giving your muscles the opportunity to relax. This prevents you from getting the full benefits of foam rolling.

Correct: Slowing down the movements allows the muscles not only to relax but also enables you to add more pressure. In this way, you can target those problem areas better by spending more time on those target areas. Also, remember to occasionally stop rolling. Let the pressure do its job, and the vibrations penetrate deep into the muscle tissue for the best results.

3. Do not only Roll in One Direction

Wrong: Only rolling in one direction.

Correct: Fascia connect to muscles from all directions, so try to hit areas from different angles where possible. This would be good for limbs, but not so much around the spinal area.

4. Do not only Roll Directly on the Problem Area

Wrong: Only rolling on the problem area.

Correct: In most cases, it is more beneficial to first roll all around the problem area to loosen up the fascia connected to that spot rather than just concentrate on one specific spot. Once you loosen up the fascia, then the problem area can relax. Using this technique is more effective and will give you quicker results.

Closing Remarks

Whether you’re looking into vibrating foam rollers for the first time or looking to upgrade your current standard fitness roller, owning one of these rollers is well worth the investment. Vibrating rollers can do twice the work in half the time and can be used in areas standard rollers cannot.

Everyone at some time or another has suffered from muscle soreness, joint or back pain. Long hours sitting at a desk or in a car can lead to lower back pain, and stress can leave your shoulders and back tense and knotted up.

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts can also benefit tremendously by using vibrating foam rollers both pre-workout and post-workout. These benefits include loosening muscles and increasing circulation for better performance, but also to prevent post-workout soreness or even injuries.

In a survey with 685 sports and orthopedic physical therapy professionals, results showed high percentage marks when it comes to the benefits of roller massage.

With multiple vibrating speeds, these deep tissue massage foam rollers can reach areas much more effectively than your standard fitness roller. Use slow speeds to treat muscle soreness or chronic pain, or adjust the vibration speed deep-tissue therapy.

Consider your vibrating foam roller to be your personal massage therapist.

At only a fraction of the cost!

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