10 Best Resistance Loop Band Exercises for Glutes

If you’re looking for some new exercises to grow bigger and stronger glutes, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you already have your own bands and just need some new exercises to add to your routine. Or are new to resistance loop band exercises for glutes and want to learn more about how to use them. I can help

The following are 10 of the best resistance loop band exercises anyone can do at home or outdoors. Each exercise is very effective at targeting your glutes and activating those muscle fibers responsible for growth.

I have added WOD videos and descriptive step-by-step instructions on how to do each exercise correctly. Do make sure you do each exercise correctly.

I have also included some information concerning glute activation, with some helpful tips on how to perform glute resistance band exercises for best results.

So without further ado, let’s get started with our first loop band exercise for glutes.

Our 10 Best Resistance Loop Band Exercises for Glutes

Finally, our top 10 glute resistance band exercises in no particular order. Although, I will say my favorites are the hip thrusts, the crab walk, and the hop & squat. Which glute band exercise is our favorite?

1. Clamshells Loop Band Exercise

This external hip rotation exercise is great for hip mobility and building the outer part of your glutes. Since this exercise is working the outer part of your glute muscles, it will give you that curvy look from the front view.

loop resistance band clambshell exercises

Exercise Instructions: Lying on your side (preferably on a floor or workout mat), position your legs at a 45-degree angle. But also bend your knees to about a 90% angle. With your top foot placed on top of the bottom foot, position the bottom arm either straight out or bent back behind your head, whichever is more comfortable for you. Face your hips slightly forward with one hand on top of your hip.

Try to avoid opening the hip by leaning back too far. Place the band slightly above your knees. While pressing your hand down on your hip, lift your top knee up and then lower it back down to the starting position. To keep the tension going, try to keep your knees from touching. Exhale on the up movement and inhale on the way back down. Try performing 15 to 20 reps and concentrate on your glutes doing the work.

2. Hip Thrust Loop Band Glute Exercise

hip thrust loop band glute exercise

Exercise Instructions: This glute exercise can be performed on the edge of a bench or couch. Or even flat on the floor. Position your upper back against a workout bench or flat on the floor. Bend your knees at approximately a 90-degree angle and, your feet positioned slightly shoulder-width apart in front of you. With the resistance band placed slightly above your knees, push your pelvis upwards from your heels.

Tip: Make sure to squeeze your glutes at the top of the movement and keep the tension going with the bands. Using the booty band will make these hip thrusts more difficult and result in greater glute activation.

3. Curtsy Lunges using Loop Bands

These lunges are quite effective at activating the abductors and the larger gluteus maximus, which is the larger part of your glutes responsible for that full and round look from a side view. This exercise can be performed without the sandbag, but it does activate your glutes far more than without.

Resistance Band Sandbag Curtsy Lunge

Exercise Instructions: For this side to side lunge, position the band slightly above your knees. A curtsy lunge is basically a reverse lunge while moving your leg back behind the other leg and dropping your knee just above the floor while not touching the floor.

Extra Tidbit: You’ll notice in the WOD above that a workout sandbag is being used in addition to the bands. Sandbags are excellent for adding resistance to just about any lunge exercise. If you’re interested, check out my 10 lunge exercises using a workout sandbag and see how useful these sandbags can be for building larger glutes.

exercise sandbag camo pink

Or if you’re interested in buying a good quality sandbag, check out Brute Force.

4. Sidekicks Glue Resistance Band Exercise

Sidekicks are another great hip abductor exercise to build the outer sweeps of your glutes for a more curvy look is the hip band sidekick.

side kicks with loop band

Exercise Instructions: With the loop band positioned either slightly above the knee or around the ankles, lean slightly forward with a slight bend in the knees.  And hold on to something with one hand for stability. While standing with feet together, slowly raise one leg out to your side and back down. Make sure to feel your glutes squeeze at the top of this movement. Repeat this for about 15 to 20 reps of four to five sets for each leg.

5. Jumping Squats – Hop & Squat

This is another resistance loop band exercise for glutes you should put at the top of your list. Great for building the larger gluteus maximus muscle, the booty band will help keep your glutes activated throughout the entire exercise. 

This is definitely a must-do exercise for adding size to your booty. The explosive movement activates the fast-twitch fiber responsible for adding muscle size and thus bigger glutes.

hop and squat with loop band

Exercise Instructions: Place the band above the knees, and while squatting and feet slightly more than shoulder-width apart, jump up off the floor as high as possible and return back to the squatting position. Repeat this for 15 to 20 reps.

Tip: Try to keep the tension on the glutes by pushing the knees apart at all times. Also, try to squat as low as possible for even more glute activation and faster results.

The squat and hop glute band exercise can be performed in a stationary position or, if you have the room, you can also jump up and forward.

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6. Crab Walk Exercise with Loop Bands

Another one of my favorite loop band exercises for glutes is the crab walk. This exercise works your glutes hard and keeps the tension going throughout the entire set, filling your glutes with blood and giving you a tremendous pump.

Exercise Instructions: With the loop resistance band placed either above the knees or around the ankles, step from side to side. Step left and then right for as many steps as you can endure.

Tip: Make sure to keep your legs bent in a semi-squat position throughout the entire exercise. This will maximize glute activation to your outer glutes and gluteus maximus.

7. Straight Leg Kickback

This exercise is perfect for tightening and adding size to your glutes. This is a popular exercise and a favorite for effectively building curvy glutes. This loop band exercise will give you a great pump when performed correctly.

kickbacks glute exercise with glute band

Exercise Instructions: Position the booty band above the knees or ankles. Position your knees on the floor with both hands firmly on the floor in front of you.

While keeping one knee bent at about a 90-degree angle and on the floor, straighten the opposite leg and push up while concentrating on using your glute muscles. Squeeze at the top and repeat.

Tip: Slowing down the exercise may help you activate the glute muscles more effectively to get that pump and burn necessary for growth. Start with high reps and work your way up with heavier resistance bands for lower reps while always keeping strict form.

8. Fire Hydrants Resistance Loop Band Exercises

Banded Fire Hydrant

Exercise Instructions: Using the same position used for the straight leg Kickback, keep both legs at a 90-degree angle. With the resistance band position above the knees, push one leg out to the side while keeping it at the same angle. Return to the original position and repeat. This is another great exercise to target the outer glutes.

9. Lying Hip Abductions

lying hip abduction exercise with loop band

Exercise Instructions: This glute resistance band exercise is performed on the floor, preferably on a yoga mat, and works your hip abductors. Ly on your side, with your upper body, elevated and supported by your arm. Your legs should be straight and parallel with the resistance loop band placed around the ankles.

Tip: To achieve the best burn in your hip abductors, move your top leg up until you hit maximum resistance and lower it back down for as many reps as possible. Take a 45-second rest and repeat for three to five sets.

10. Standing Leg Lifts – Kickbacks

Last but not least, we have a popular resistance loop band exercise for glutes called standing leg lifts. Also referred to as standing kickbacks. 

straight leg kickback exercise using resistance band

Exercise Instructions: This exercise is very similar to using the cable machine at the gym. First, position your loop resistance band either above your knees or around the ankles. And hold on to something for support. While keeping your legs straight with only a slight bend in the knees, push one leg back until you feel the squeeze in your gluteus maximus.

Tip: For this exercise to be effective and to achieve optimum results, make sure to use strict form and concentrate on the squeeze in your glutes at the top of each rep.

Slowing down the exercise may help you get that mind to muscle connection for better muscle activation and faster results. Perform high reps to activate your glutes. And to add size, increase your resistance as you get stronger.

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How To Get The Best Results Using Resistance Loop Bands to Exercise Your Glutes

Even some of the best resistance loop band exercises for glutes can fall short if you’re not performing the exercise correctly. To make your glute workout routine effective, you must know how to use the device properly and how to perform the exercise for maximum muscle stimulation. 

That said, here are some helpful tips to help you get the most out of your resistance loop band exercise to make each and every workout count.

Never Compromise Form

Never sacrifice your form with too much resistance. Excessive band resistance could compromise your form, which can lead to minimal results and possible injuries. Performing exercises with a somewhat lighter resistance while using strict form will result in maximum muscle stimulation and far better results.

Mind to Muscle Connection

Create a mind to muscle connection for better muscle activation and muscle response. Just going through the motions is not enough. If you are having problems feeling your glute muscles while performing any of these exercises, try the following: slowing down the movement, lower the tension or band strength, concentrate on the muscles, try to relax everything else on your body, and perform higher reps or perform to failure.

Short Rest Periods

Keep your rest periods short between workout sets. I would suggest a rest period of 45 seconds but not more than 1.5 minutes. This would also depend on your workout level and physical condition. So use your better judgment.

Increase Resistance

Increasing resistance as you get stronger is key to toning and growing larger glutes. To transform your glutes, you must keep the resistance level high.

That said, if you are performing 20 to 30 reps with ease, it may be time to increase your loop band resistance.

If you are already at the highest resistance level and have even doubled up on your bands, but it is still not enough, here is a tip. One easy way to add resistance while still using your current bands is to add a set of ankle weights to your exercise. This is a great way to up your game and continue to make progress even after you’ve outgrown your resistance bands. And if you want to go one step further, try using a weighted vest or weighted belt.

Glute Resistance Band Exercises for Activating Your Glutes

One of the most important factors to consider when exercising any muscle is effectively activating the muscle fibers being targeted. Only performing an exercise and just going through the motions is not enough to guarantee the proper muscle stimulation needed to generate muscle response for toning or growing muscles.

That said, loop bands are probably the number one device used to activate your glute muscles. You can use the bands before performing a squat routine to ensure your glutes are activated and fired up for better glute responsiveness.

It is also ideal to use these bands while you are actively performing your squats. Quads tend to dominate most any squat exercise. So by using these bands, you are enabling your glutes to get in on the action.

So as you can see, hip bands are not only great to use primary for glute resistance band exercises. But they are also very effective at firing up your glute muscles before a glute exercise or even during a glute exercise routine.

If you are interested in some new resistance bands, I have found Victorem to have the best deal on quality bands.


A big thanks to all the YouTube members whose videos I have included in my article. Thank you for all your hard work and the informative WOD videos on all the glute resistance band exercises.