5 Best Doorway Sit-Up Bar & Foot Anchors for Under the Door

The main function of a doorway sit up foot anchor bar is to secure yourself into position and create the leverage and support necessary to properly perform sit-ups. Basically, these devices are much like having a partner assist you while doing sit-ups by holding down your feet.

In this review, we have researched and compared multiple types and brands of situp assist bars and came up with five of the best doorway sit up bar and foot anchors for under the door we could find.

During this process, we also discovered a more portable sit up foot anchor which we felt inclined to add to our list. These are unique in that they use a suction mechanism to keep them in place but can only be used on a smooth flat surface.

The following is a quick view of our top 2 picks. You can use these as quick links to jump directly to each product or continue reading to learn more about these sit up bars and to compare all five in this review.

Top Reasons to Own a Doorway Sit-Up Bar & Foot Anchor System

If you’re debating on whether or not a doorway sit-up bar is right for you, maybe we can help you make a decision. There are many benefits to owning one of these bars. So let’s see if any of the following reasons may be good enough to sway you into making the investment.

No Spotter Needed

Probably the number one advantage of having a doorway sit up bar is not having to rely on someone else to spot you. You can perform sit-ups anytime and at your own convenience.

Portable Sit Up Bar

These sit up bars are lightweight and very portable. You can easily move them from one door to another. They can be quickly attached and removed from just about any door. They are also great to take along while traveling.

Easy to Install

Installing these devices takes no instruction manual or extra tools. Simply slide it underneath a door and tighten them in place by hand. It really doesn’t get any easier than that.

Extremely Affordable

Most of these door sit-up bars are only between ten and twenty dollars. These bars are made of durable steel (not plastic) and are well padded for extra comfort. Therefore worth every penny when it comes to quality and functionality.


These bars have multiple settings so you can adjust them to fit just about any foot size. Simply move the bar up for larger feet and down for smaller feet. I find that using a yoga mat can sometimes get you positioned at the perfect height. You can find extra thick 1-inch yoga mats on my review page.


Made of metal and quality foam rubber these doorway sit up anchors will without question last you quite some time. I’m sure these devices will wear you out before you wear them out.

Our 5 Best Doorway Sit-Up Foot Anchor Bars for Under the Door

The following is a list of our 5 best doorway sit-up foot anchor bars found online. These bars are all quality products that are not only very effective but also very inexpensive. So without further ado, here is our list to help you quickly gather the information necessary to make your decision-making process a more pleasurable experience.

#1 TKO Under the Door Sit-Up Bar Foot Holder

TKO under the door sit-up bar

Editor’s Choice

The TKO under the door sit-up bar is another great device made to assist you in your core workouts.

The rubber door clamp keeps this device tightly in place and also protects your door from scratches. The TKO offers 4 different height levels and a foam ankle bar for maximum comfort and tractions.

What I do appreciate about this model is that the door clamp and the height are both easily adjusted with screw knobs.

Key Features:

  • lightweight compact design
  • 4 height levels adjustable bar
  • comfortable foam padding
  • reinforced steel structure
  • 2 screw knobs for easy adjusting
  • very inexpensive

#2 CAP Barbell Doorway Sit Up Bar

CAP Barbell Editor's Choice Award

Runner Up

Sit-ups are a breeze with the CAP Barbell doorway sit up bar. This smart design will safely support your weight even on cheaper hollow doors. The bar is covered with foam padding to provide a soft cushion between your feet and the bar.

This sit-up bar also has extra padding to prevent it from scratching or otherwise damaging your door when attaching to your door. It fits any door and can be easily secured and tightened in place by hand with an easily adjustable knob.

This bar has multiples settings that can be adjusted to fit most foot sizes.

Key Features:

  • lightweight compact design
  • 3 height levels adjustable bar
  • comfortable foam padding
  • sturdy steel construction
  • large door clamp
  • most inexpensive

#3 Sunny Health & Fitness Sit Up Foot Anchor

Sunny Health & Fitness doorway sit up bar

Now you can lock your feet in place with the Sunny Health & Fitness sit-bar to help you perform the proper sit up.

This bar comes with 3 height adjustments and padded ankle bar to support your feet.

The metal tends to give more than the prior two models, which for some users appears to be more of a benefit than a deal-breaker.

Key Features:

  • lightweight compact design
  • 3 height levels adjustable bar
  • comfortable foam padding
  • steel structure – slight give
  • 1 screw knob & 1 wing nut
  • inexpensive

#4 Ader Under the Door Sit-Up Bar

Ader sit-up bar for doorways

The Ader Doorway sit up foot holder is strikingly similar to the previous model, however slightly more expensive.

Basically, you are getting all the same features as the Sunny Health & Fitness but at a higher price tag. Do feel free to compare the two, however, I would suggest going with the cheaper option.

Key Features:

  • lightweight compact design
  • 3 height levels adjustable bar
  • comfortable foam padding
  • steel structure
  • 1 screw knob & 1 wing nut
  • slightly more expensive

#5 YNXing Self-Suction Portable Sit Up Bar

YNXing self-suction ab workout bar

The YNXing is not a doorway sit up anchor but rather a self-suction floor mounted sit up bar that can be attached to the floor with the built-in suction mechanism.

The concept behind this device is good but I’m not convinced that it is reliable for assisting with situps. Most users complain about it not sticking to the floor properly or coming lose while performing sit-ups.

Nonetheless, if you have a marble floor or very smooth tile, you could possibly give this a try. Personally, I would not recommend this product.

Key Features:

  • lightweight compact design
  • adjustable gears for height
  • comfortable foam padding
  • suction mechanism
  • only use on a smooth surface
  • not reliable

How To Install Your Sit-Up Foot Anchor Assist Bar

Installing an under the doorway sit up bar is very quick and easy. With the door open, simply slide the bar onto and down the bottom side of your door. While holding the device up against the door simply tighten it in place by turning the adjustment screw to the right.

Most bars provide foam pads that are located on either side of the device to prevent damaging the door.

I find positioning the sit-up bar in the middle of the door provides better weight distribution and even pressure on the door for more stability.

Must have accessory: Whether you invest in a doorway situp bar or not, I would highly suggest looking into buying an abdominal situp pad, also known as a core mat. These small mats not only extends the range of motion and thus engaging more core muscles, but also aids by takes the jerking motion out of the situp.

How To Use a Doorway Sit Up Bar

After you have installed your door sit up feet holder properly, it is time to get busy working on those abs.

Firstly, I would advise everyone to wear workout shoes. This will give you better leverage and support, is easier on your feet, and if you have very small feet can provide you with a better fit.

How you position your feet under the bar is up to you, and will determine what height you want to set for your ab workout. Some prefer higher to use the top part of your feet towards the toes, and other lower for more ankle support.

Making these adjustments is fairly simple. Most doorway sit-up bars have 3 to 4 height levels which can be easily adjusted by re-positioning the footpad and then locking it in place with a simple twist of a knob.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

The doorway sit-up bar is one of the most inexpensive yet functional and effective devices I have come across for exercising your abs. These bars are very effective at helping you keep your body in a stable position to accurately perform sit-ups.

I chose the TKO sit-up bar as my #1 pick for two reasons. The first being the added width of the base clamp that attaches to the door. This design creates a stronger hold and also less pressure per square inch on the door itself, and therefore less likely to damage the door.

Secondly, besides having a total of 4 adjustable heights (more than any of the other models) and 2 easy to adjust knobs for both the clamp and the height adjustment, it is also the second most affordable after the CAP Barbell doorway sit up bar.

Final Look