5 Best Dance Poles for Apartment and Home Use [Portable & Spinning]

The best dance poles for apartment and home use are poles that are portable and easy to install without the need for screws or drilling and can be used on both hardwood and carpet floors.

If you are interested in investing in a dance pole of your own but don’t know where to start, check out our 5 best dance poles for apartments and home use. This review will list different types of poles and compare the top features for each pole.

In this review, you will find removable and portable dance poles with the option to later convert to a permanent setup if needed. All poles offer dual modes and can switch from static to spinning dance pole at any time.


You may recognize some of the more popular brands such as X-Pole, Lupit Pole, and MegaBrand to name a few that are included in our review. We believe brand names are more reliable and offer better products and services than no-name poles.

Whether you are a beginner and looking for a starter pole or someone who wants to upgrade to a more professional pole dancing pole, we have something for everyone.

What are the Different Types of Dancing Poles?

The following is a list of the different types of dance poles available to you for your specific needs. Depending on your individual preferences, you may want to evaluate each type to help you make a more informed decision when considering a dancing pole for your apartment or home.

#1 Removable & Portable Dance Poles

Removable and portable dance poles are a great alternative to permanent dance poles. They are quick and easy to install, and some come with carrying case or bag for easy transport on the go.

We have found some top quality poles that are not only very sturdy poles but are also very reliable and safe to use. Just be wary of cheap poles. Sometimes spending a little more will cost you much less down the road and offer you a much safer workout routine and peace of mind.

#2 Permanent Dance Poles

Permanent dance poles for home use have their advantages and disadvantages. When installed properly the permanent dance pole will have the strongest hold and offer the most stability as opposed to the portable dance poles.

The disadvantage, however, is that once it has been installed, it is there for good. So if this is the option you decide to take, make sure you get the location right the first time.

#3 Static & Spinning Dancing Poles

Both stationary and spinning dance poles serve different functions and are designed for different purposes and effects. The stationary pole will literally support hundreds of moves and creative routines, but also offers more stability and control. The static pole is ideal for beginners but also benefits professionals when learning new routines that require more attention and controlled moves.

Using a spinning dance pole can work miracles and transform an ordinary move into a work of art. A spinning pole is a great way to perform fancy spirals, fast spins, and twisted combos. Momentum and complex moves when combined with the proper trajectory can make a simple move look absolutely amazing.

Most newer poles are designed with both options in one pole. By simply making a small adjustment at the base of the pole, it is now possible to switch from static to spinning with ease.

pole dancing classes

What Size Pole do I need?

Dance poles come in different sizes. This includes pole length and pole width. It is also important to know how adjustable your pole is in order to fit your particular apartment ceiling height or ceiling angle.

Poles come in three width sizes: 40mm, 45mm, and 50mm. The industry standard is 45mm. This is the size you would find in most clubs and dance studios. If you have a smaller grip than most, then you may want to opt for a 40mm.

It is also important to know the extension range of your pole so it will fit the height of your ceiling. Another important feature to consider is the maximum weight capacity. This is the maximum weight a pole will safely support. We have provided these features below for each pole in an easy to read fashion to help you quickly located what you’re looking for in a dance pole.

Pole Dancing Inspirational Video

Before you move on to the review, I invite you to watch this truly spectacular pole dancing video you don’t want to miss performed by Karo Swen. She takes pole dancing to a whole new level and makes it a true art form. Her pole dancing performance is highly inspirational. Enjoy.

Karo Swen - Pole Dance - ARTWORK 1 Tha Trickaz

Best Dance Pole for Apartment & Home Use (Top 5 Review)

If you’re a beginner and want to get serious about pole dancing or even a more advanced competitor looking for a good quality pole for your apartment or home to improve your routines or get in some exercise in your spare time, we’ve got a pole for you.

#1 X-POLE Best Professional Grade Pole for Home 

X-Pole rated best dance pole

Editor’s Choice Award

X-Pole offers many different poles and accessories directly on their website. In this way you can trust you will get the real deal and no knockoffs or imitations.

When you choose X-Pole, you choose quality and a leader in the dance pole industry.

I was impressed by the automated system on their website that ensures you get all the hardware necessary to fit your ceiling height.

They even offer a hotline you can call for any additional questions or concerns. I personally called the number and was very impressed with their service.

Here are 4 dance poles you can expect to find at X-Pole:

Best Seller – Most Features

X-POLE - Rise To The Challenge

Reliable and used by professionals in many studios, this pole can also be used at home or in your apartment for all levels of dance routines from beginner to advanced.

  • Static & spinning with X-LOCK (allows instant switching)
  • Pole Diameter: 40mm or 45mm
  • fits heights between 7’ 6” to 9’ 1″
  • Optional extensions for ceiling heights above 9’ 1″ up to 11’ 10”
  • Pressure mounted (no drilling)
  • Optional permanent mount available (Ball Mount or Pole Home Mount)
  • Finish: Chrome, Titanium Gold, Brass, Stainless Steel, Powder Coat Pink, Powder Coat Black, Powder Coat White, Silicone Pink, Silicone Black


  • Static only; non-spinning
  • Pole Diameter: 40mm or 45mm
  • Pressure mounted (no drilling)
  • fits heights between 7’ 4” to 9’
  • Various finishes such as Chrome, Titanium Gold & Powder Coat (Black & Pink)
  • NOTE: It will not work on slanted ceilings.


  • Static & Spinning
  • Pole Diameter: 45mm
  • Frequently out of stock
  • no other specs available at this time

X-STAGE Portable Fitness Pole

  • Use anywhere, including outdoors
  • Static & spinning
  • Pole Diameter: 45mm
  • See site for more info

Additionally, you will find the following on their site:

  • Intallation instructions (videos)
  • Optional accessories (carry case, DVDs, mounts, lights, sprays, grips, clothing, pole warmer)
  • Tools, parts, extensions
  • X-Pole TV video library (over 1000 lessons)

Key Features

  • Removable/Portable Pole
  • Professional Grade Pole
  • Static & Spinning Pole Option
  • Maximum Load: no limit
  • Height Extendable: see above models
  • US Based Customer Service
  • Tension Mount (no screws) & Portable Stages
  • Permanent mounts for flat & sloped ceilings also available (sold separately)
  • Additional height extensions (sold separately if needed)
  • Ceiling angle/slope extension (sold separately if needed)

#2 AW Removable & Spinning Dance Pole

AW spinning pole for home use

Any room can be your dancing room with this easily removable dance pole (no screws needed – tension mounted). The AW Removable Dance Pole is an all-metal construction with high grade electroplated chrome finish. This pole is built to support beginner and professional pole dancing and pole fitness activities.

The AW Pole fits flat ceilings and with an angle adaptor (bought separately) can also fit any angled ceiling. This pole has a 45mm (1.96”) pole diameter and is extendable from approximately 7’ to 9’ (2230mm to 2745mm) in height. Thus, making it easy to fit just about any room in your house or apartment. Furthermore, additional extensions can be bought separately if needed. Just make sure your ceiling is not under 7’ in height.

The maximum load for this pole is 440lbs; enough to support even the toughest of dance routines.

The perfect pole for beginners who want to discover the art of pole dancing as a sport or entertainment. This pole is the most affordable at just under $100 at the time of this review.

Screw together high precision joints offer great stability and smooth operation. An adjustable screw at the base of the pole will switch the pole from static to spinning if you so desire.

For safety and pole stability, the AW has been designed with an extra-wide pole support dome which helps spread the load evenly on the ceiling and includes an additional angular stability lock.

Furthermore, this design comes with an articulating base for angular adjustments to help fit uneven floors. The base also has soft rubber so you can safely use it on carpet and hardwood floors.

With all these great features, I can see how the reviews I have read for this pole are so positive.

Key Features

  • 45mm Removable & Portable Pole
  • Static & Spinning Pole
  • Maximum Load: 440lbs
  • Height Extendable: 7’ to 9’
  • Included extensions: 125mm & 250mm
  • Material: Metal w/ Chrome Finish
  • Tension Mount (no screws)
  • Additional height extensions (sold separately if needed)
  • Ceiling angle/slope extension (sold separately if needed)

#3 MegaBrand Removable Dance Pole

MegaBrand pole dancing pole

Runner Up

The MegaBrand Spinning Dance Pole is another removable spinning and static dance pole that is tension mounted for quick and easy installation without using screws or drilling holes.

This pole has pretty much all the same features of the AW pole but also comes with an extra 250mm extension and is height adjustable from a minimum of 7.4’ up to 9.3’ with extensions.

Great quality at a very affordable price!

We have therefore made the MegaBrand our 2nd best dance pole for apartment and home use.

It is important to note that as with the AW pole, the height adjuster with flanges is already installed into the main pole before shipping.

Always make sure to read installation instructions, or searching for installation videos for the MegaBrand poles on YouTube can also be very helpful.

Key Features

  • 45mm Removable Portable Dance Pole
  • Static & Spinning Pole
  • Maximum Load: 440lbs
  • Height Extendable: 7.4’ to 9.3’
  • Included extensions: 125mm & 2x 250mm
  • Material: Metal w/ Chrome Finish
  • Tension Mount (no screws)
  • Additional height extensions (sold separately if needed)
  • Ceiling angle/slope extension (sold separately if needed)

#4 X-Dance Portable Dance Pole

X-Dance portable dance pole

The X-Dance Pole is designed for maximum stability and smoothness. This pole has a double width support dome to cover 2 standard ceiling joists and made of chrome-finished steel for maximum stability and sturdiness.

You will not need any screws or drilling for this pole. It is tension mounted with a silicone protected dome and base to protect both your ceiling and floor. The maximum load for this pole is 250lbs.

An excellent starter pole for anyone looking for a very sturdy pole and at a very affordable price. However, be aware that this pole will not fit sloped ceilings nor could I find any optional mounts for this setup.

This pole is height adjustable and fits ceilings from 88” to 108” (7.4’ to 9’) tall and can be set to either a static mode or spin mode which is very smooth and provides for a good spin.

The X-Dance comes with a 1-year warranty and the company is quick to respond and resolve any customer concerns or issues in a timely fashion.

Key Features

  • 45mm Removable/Portable Dance Pole
  • Static & Spinning Pole
  • Maximum Load: 250lbs
  • Height Extendable: 7.4’ to 9’ (88” to 108”)
  • Included extensions: 125mm & 250mm
  • Material: Steel finished with Chrome
  • Tension Mount (no screws)
  • No optional mounts for sloped ceilings
  • Additional height extensions (sold separately if needed)
  • Installation DVD included

#5 Yaheetech Fitness Pole

Yaheetech removable pole

Reviews for the Yaheetech Dance Pole are very positive overall with users expressing how pleased they are with how sturdy this pole is for such a bargain price.

The Yaheetech dance and fitness pole is made with 2.2mm thickened pipe and threaded solid joints which greatly improves the overall stability of this pole.

This pole also includes a silicone ring on both the dome and base plate to help protect your ceiling and floor from damages.

Known to be very sturdy yet inexpensive.

Do note that this pole does start at a minimum ceiling height of 7.7 feet. Somewhat taller than most poles in this review. So if your ceiling is lower than 7.7 feet, this pole will not fit your room. Furthermore, the maximum height is 9 feet and additional pole extensions cannot be bought separately (only includes the 125mm and 250mm extensions).

Key Features

  • 45mm Removable/Portable Dance Pole
  • Static & Spinning Pole
  • Maximum Load: 440lbs
  • Height Extendable: 7.7’ to 9’ (92.5” to 108”)
  • Included extensions: 125mm & 250mm
  • Material: Steel finished with Chrome
  • Tension Mount (no screws)
  • No optional mounts for sloped ceilings
  • No Additional height extensions available to buy separately

Where can I Find the Best Pole Dancing Classes?

So you’ve decided pole dancing is right up your alley and you’d like to take a more aggressive path. What better way to get your sweat on than by pole dancing with real people at a dance studio. Due to its increasing popularity in recent years, the pole dancing sport has become very well accepted in the many dance studios across the country.

In my opinion, yelp.com is one of the best ways to find dance studios in your area offering pole dancing lessons.

I personally did a search for “pole dancing classes” in my city and surrounding area and the results showed over ten studios with a 4 to 5-star rating offering classes.


Be aware, pole dancing classes will vary in cost depending on various conditions. I have noticed prices higher in large cities, but cheaper as you distance yourself from these larger cities. Private lessons are more expensive than group lessons. Private lessons can cost between $80 to $120 per hour.

Group lessons are much lower and range from $30 to $60 per hour on average. The best deals are usually monthly membership deals, where 9 or so lessons for the month equate to about $15 to $20 per hour. And if your lucky, Groupon deals can knock some offers down by another 50%.

All I can say is that many of these dance studios can be very creative when it comes to making a deal.

Installation Tips & Safety Recommendations

Position under a stud or support beam

Always make sure to position your dance pole directly under or behind a stud. This is a wooden beam that is usually hidden above your ceiling drywall and that you can easily locate with a stud finder. This gives you the necessary support to tighten your pole to the intensity required for a sturdy hold.

Pole Leveling

Another very important factor to consider when installing your pole so it stays in place and keeps a sturdy hold is to level the pole. By using a level you can make sure your pole is perfectly straight. Make sure your pole is level from all sides and not just one side. This will ensure your pole has the best hold when tightening the pole and prevent wobble when spinning.

Slippery Poles

Most new poles are more slippery than older poles that have been used for a longer period of time. Until your pole has gone through a burn-in period try using gloves or a non-slip lotion or chalk grip for dance poles.

Removable/Portable Dance Poles

Removable dance poles are simply poles that you can easily install without using screws. These poles use tension to keep the poles in place and typically take about 10 and 20 minutes for the initial installation

Minimum Pole Size

The most important factor to consider before purchasing a new pole is the minimum height requirement. You can mostly adjust a pole up in height but never below its minimum height. So if a pole is 7’ to 9’ length extendable with height adjusters, you can NOT go below 7’. You can, however, go higher than 9’ by purchasing additional adjusters when available by that particular company.

Sloped or Angled Ceiling

Not all dance poles will fit angled ceilings. If your home or apartment has angled or sloped ceilings, either make sure your pole comes with that adjustment or find out if that company offers optional angle/slope attachments.

Periodically Re-tighten Screws

It is a good idea to re-tighten screws every so often or before each workout. If you are using the static mode, for example, it would be a good idea to double-check that the screw(s) have not loosened from your last workout routine and suddenly switch on you mid-routine.

Can I Lose Weight and Tone Muscles Pole Dancing?

woman on dance pole sweating
By Elmo Love (Flickr: _MG_3195.CR2) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

A lot has changed in the pole dancing industry. It has moved from men’s entertainment venues to now being offered in classes at many gyms and dance studios across the country. Above all, with the invention of the internet and wifi, we can instantly bring pole dancing to your home on your computer, smartphone, and even big-screen smart TVs.

Pole dancing is great for strengthening muscles and cardio exercise, and thus can definitely help you lose weight. Besides losing weight, it also helps to tone your whole body and increase flexibility and coordination.

Dance pole routines require extreme core muscle activation. A lot of upper and lower body strength is also required when pulling your own body weight on a dance pole. Not to forget a lot of up and down squat movements that work your legs and buttocks.

A typical session of pole dancing can burn from 300 to 500 calories or more. This can vary depending on your exercise intensity level and how long you perform your routines.

Is Pole Dancing Safe?

Pole dancing as with any other sport or physical activity has its risks. But when performed correctly and when taking precautions pole dancing can be quite safe. Some of the more advanced moves can certainly cause injury if performed improperly. If you are attempting this on your own, we always suggest starting with beginner level exercises and slowly working your way up.

With some of the more advanced movements such as the hanging and spinning elements, there can be risks of bruising and skin burns. This, however, is mostly attributed to poor technique and inexperience.

To reduce the risk of injury when learning more advanced moves, I would suggest using a dance pole crash mat. This is especially helpful for beginners learning to perform some of the more advanced upsidedown hanging and spinning techniques for the first time.

Crash Mats

Therefore, may I suggest investing in a pole dancing foldable crash mat that is at least 2 to 4 inches thick and 5 feet in diameter. These mats are easily removed from under the pole when you are ready to perform your regular dance pole workout routines.

New poles can be quite slippery and need some break-in time before they are more manageable and easier to use. In the meantime, you can use some anti-slip gripping solution or pole dancing gloves to prevent any slipping.

Pole Dancing Sport
Image courtesy of しのぴ via Wikimedia Commons license CC BY-SA 4.0

What Should I Wear When Pole Dancing at Home?

Since you’re performing your exercise routines at home you could wear just about anything your heart desires. But for most of you, I would suggest wearing something comfortable. Wearing something loose or something that stretches easily such as leggings, or even shorts and a t-shirt would be fine.

For footwear, you could either go barefoot or wear running shoes or even just socks. Anything you feel comfortable wearing.

Will Pole Dancing Become an Olympic Sport?

If you are still questioning whether or not pole dancing can be used as a form of exercise to get physically fit, then listen up. Pole dancing may actually be an Olympic event in the not too distant future.

In order for an event to be accepted and included in the World Olympics, it must first be classified as a professional sport by the Global Association of International Sports Federation (GAISF). Thanks to Katie Coates, who campaigned for over 11 years, pole dancing is now officially considered a professional sport.

For those who may not know, Katie Coates has been the president of the International Pole Sports Federation (IPSF) since 2009. The IPSF held its first world championships in 2012, which coincidentally was the same year of the World Olympics held in London.

We may still be a few years away from seeing pole dancing as an Olympic event, but we still can thank Katie for the International Pole Sports Federation which is held every year.

Closing Remarks

Pole dancing is not only fun but also a great way to practice your pole dancing routines, keep your body flexible, stay fit, increase your body strength, and lose some extra weight.

In today’s review, we have shared with you some of the 5 best dance poles for apartment and home use. All of our listed poles offer dual modes so you can easily switch from static to spinning dance pole with a simple screw adjustment.

All dancing poles are removable and portable dance poles that can be installed quickly and easily without screws or drilling holes. If you at some point prefer converting to a permanent setup, some poles also offer optional ceiling mounts that can be screwed into the ceiling and also offer sloped ceiling compatibility.

We hope this article has provided you with some helpful information on choosing the best dance pole for your home or apartment or at least given you some useful tips to take along the way.