Wonder Core 2 vs Ab King Pro Review

The Ab King Pro has proved itself as being a top-selling ab machine and has definitely served its function over the years with thousands of units sold across the globe. However, time and technology have opened new doors to a variety of multifunctional ab core machines that make it almost impossible for the Ab King Pro to compete with. One such stomach shaper is none other than the Wonder Core 2.

If you are considering the Ab King Pro as your new ab shaping machine to add to your home gym, I would strongly recommend that you continue reading. This article should help you better determine this ab machine is right for you, or if perhaps the Wonder Core 2 is a better option.

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So before you go putting your hard-earned money into a stomach shaper such as the Ab King Pro, you may want to weigh your options and see why the Wonder Core 2 may be a much better choice in overall functionality, effectiveness, versatility, and bang for your money. So let’s start by taking a closer look at both of these ab shaping machines.

#1 Ab King Pro Stomach Shaper

stomach shaper ab king pro

The Ab King Pro has been around for many years and is an exercise bench designed to target your upper, middle, lower abdominal and oblique muscles. This stomach shaper is very similar to a basic ab roller in functionality except that you are performing your ab exercises on a bench, rather than on the floor. The backrest is adjustable to set your range of motion and workout intensity and offers additional back and neck support when working out.


By adjusting the backrest you can adjust the range of motion from beginner level to a beyond parallel position for a greater range of motion and higher intensity level suitable for more advanced fitness enthusiasts. A locking pin is used to easily set the preferred back support angle for your exercise routine. The arched handle system automatically adjusts with each setting and is used to help make your reps easier to perform when needed.

Smooth Operation

The roller wheels which glide evenly up and down the backside of the bench with each up-and-down movement provide for an incredibly smooth operation.

Design Effectively Targets Abdominal Muscles

The Ab King Pro is great at targeting your core muscles. With this stomach shaper, you can perform ab exercises such as your basic abdominal crunches, angled crunches for oblique activation, and leg raises or a crunch and leg raise combo also referred to as the reverse crunch.

Easy Assembly

The Ab King Pro is easy to assemble and has a maximum weight capacity of 265 pounds. The stomach shaper only weighs about 35 pounds, is foldable, and can be easily stored away under a bed or closet.

It is also important to note that the Ab King Pro does not offer any added counter-resistance for the back support for assisted reps to make exercises easier for beginners, overweight users, seniors or those with back issues or weak abs. This means no loaded springs, adjustable pistons, resistance bands, or otherwise.

I feel this is important to note, as many users look for this added feature in an ab shaper machine to help aid in doing sit-ups or crunches which would otherwise not be possible. It merely operates on the same principle as your basic ab roller.

#2 Wonder Core 2 Stomach Shaper (Editor’s Choice #1 Pick)

Wonder Core 2 Stomach Shaper

The Wonder Core 2 can be considered one of the top stomach shaper machines on the market today. With its outstanding qualities, the ab machine was designed for performance and functionality for both young and old, from beginner too advanced Fitness enthusiast, and those physically challenged due to weak abs, neck or back issues.

What makes this machine so unique is that it also provides extra features for a full upper-body workout. In this way, you can strengthen and tone your abs while also toning your upper body and shedding some extra pounds. Let’s check out these features in more detail and see what else this ab exercise machine has to offer.

Functionality and Versatility

The Wonder Core 2 is highly functional and very versatile in that it offers many workout opportunities other than just abdominal exercises. With its ergonomic design and arched back support, you are better able to target your abdominal muscles from all angles. And with its swivel seat design, you will not only be limited to the lower, middle, and upper abs, but also be able to target your oblique muscles.

All Ages and Fitness Levels

This machine was not only designed for mid to high-level fitness enthusiasts but also for beginners who struggle to do even one sit-up. This machine offers a dual resistance system whereby you can adjust the machine to fit your performance needs. If you are a beginner or overweight or a senior who has difficulty performing sit-ups you can adjust the support level and resistance to help assist you in your workout. Basically, it’s like having a workout partner there to help you do your sit-ups.

If you are on the other end of the spectrum, you also have the option to adjust your workout intensity and challenge yourself to new levels of difficulty. As you progress and get stronger, you can adjust the resistance to take you to the next level.

Fully Adjustable Settings for All Body Types and Strength Levels

This machine has many settings and adjustments to accommodate all body types and fitness levels. The Wonder Core 2 is a highly adjustable machine with 4 adjustments to control the length and 3 adjustments to control the angle of the machine. Increasing the angle will make your workouts harder while decreasing the angle will make the workout easier to perform.

The seat backrest may also be adjusted to a more than 180-degree level to give you a full range of motion and added stretch that will help intensify your workout and activate your muscles from top to bottom.

To help assist beginners by making the exercises easier or intensify the workout for more advanced users is an added spring adjustment. This core spring can more or less function as your workout partner to help you perform your exercise more easily or push you harder by adjusting the tension level.

Back Support

The backrest is perfect for supporting your back and is well cushioned for comfortability. This puts less pressure and less strain on your lower back while performing most exercises.


This stomach shaper and upper body workout machine weighs only 28 pounds and has a maximum weight capacity of approximately 200 pounds. This exercise machine is also foldable for easy transport or storability purposes.

Stomach and Upper Body Workout

Wonder Core 2 offers more than just a great abdominal workout. This machine has a built-in rowing attachment designed with exercise bands and hand grips you can use for a full upper-body workout. This will provide you with an additional 8 upper body exercises you can perform to tone your upper body and shed some extra pounds.

Editor’s Choice #1 Pick = Wonder Core 2

Wonder Core 2 Stomach Shaper

It is probably not hard to guess that I have chosen the Wonder Core 2 as my number one pick for the best stomach shaper. I chose the Wonder Core 2 in this review as a comparison because it too is designed as a bench workout machine. There are many different ab shaper designs with various functionalities, but few offer this bench design. If you are interested in other designs, you can check out more top quality ab machines here.

Rather than put you through more lengthy reading on why I made this choice, as it should be pretty obvious to everyone already, I will spare you the time and just quickly list all the great features that make the Wonder Core 2 a much better choice over the Ab King Pro.

What Makes the Wonder Core 2 a Better Stomach Shaper Machine?

The following list highlights all the reasons that make this stomach shaping machine more than just your ordinary ab workout machine.

True Assisted Back Support

You can adjust the back support’s resistance to help aid beginners, seniors, or those with abs too weak to even do 1 sit-up or crunch, do ab exercises again. This machine will put you back in the game so you can slowly build up your abdominal strength again

More than Just a Stomach Shaper

This ab machine was built for versatility. Not only can you get a very effective ab workout, but you also have the added benefit of shedding more pounds. With its built-in rowing attachments and exercise bands, you can get a full upper body workout.

Fully Adjustable Ab Machine

This machine can be fully adjustable for all body types and fitness levels.


The design and functionality of the Wonder Core 2 make it very effective at targeting your ab muscles from all sides.


This stomach shaper and upper body workout machine only weighs about 28 pounds and can be folded for storage purposes.


The Wonder Core 2 is readily available for purchase in most places, whereas the Ab King Pro can be difficult to find anywhere.

Final Thoughts

Your abdominal muscles are one of the most important muscle groups in your body as they help support your upper body and aid in everyday basic functions from raising yourself out of bed, standing up, lifting objects, and much more. Fitness enthusiasts, and athletes especially, require strong abs to maximize their performance levels to be successful in their event.

Both the Ab King Pro and the Wonder Core 2 are great stomach shaper machines you can use in your home to strengthen your abs and flatten your tummy. However, choosing the right stomach shaper that will get the job done can sometimes be a difficult task. Hopefully, this review will help make it easier for you to make an informed decision so you can get started with your new machine and achieve your fitness goals soon.