Best Vibrating Foam Roller Review 2019 [Top 6 Deep Massage Fitness Rollers]

best vibrating foam roller review

Top 6 Best Vibrating Foam Roller Review 2019 [Deep Massage Fitness Rollers]

Our 6 best vibrating foam roller review will guide you and provide you with all you need to know about vibrating foam rollers and help you make a more informed decision when it comes to which roller best suits your specific needs.

This product guide will compare product features for each vibrating foam roller, but also educate you on the many ways deep tissue massage foam rollers can benefit you as an athlete, or anyone in need of a deep-tissue massage.

Best Vertical Climber Machine 2019 [Top 5 Reviews and #1 Pick]

best vertical climber machine

5 Best Vertical Climber Machine Reviews  {#1 Pick for 2019}

In this article, we will review our top 5 Best Vertical Climber Machines that you can use in the comfort of your own home. If you have come to this site it is more than likely because you are interested in learning more about vertical climbers and possibly purchasing one for your home gym. We know how difficult and time consuming it can be to find a good quality vertical climber. So we have made it our goal to help make this process easier for you by providing you with a list of what we believe to be the best vertical climbers.

Occlusion Training: Bigger Muscles with Less Weight [BFR Training for Mass]

Occlusion training with BFR bands

Occlusion Training: BFR Training for Bigger Muscles with Less Weight

The purpose of this article is to define occlusion training and how BFR training bands can benefit both healthy athletes as well as those who have suffered an injury or are experiencing chronic joint pain. Learn how you can use light weights and achieve the same results as when using heavy weights. We also did not forget to include our 6 best occlusion training bands to use for both arms and legs.

10 Bigger Butt Exercises for a Big Round Butt [Guaranteed Results!]

bigger butt exercise for a big round butt

Bigger Butt Exercises – Tips to Guarantee a Big Round Butt

In this article “10 Bigger Butt Exercises for a Big Round Butt ” I will be sharing with you everything you need to build bigger and rounder glutes. You see finding the best butt exercises and working out hard 2-3 times per week is only half the battle.

8 Best Glute Machines to Exercise at Home 2019 Review [Free Tips]

glute machines

8 Best Glute Machines for Working Out at Home 2019 Review

In this article, you will find our 8 best glute machines to exercise at home for bigger glutes. These made for home glute machines were made to build bigger, tighter glutes, and firmer, sexier looking legs. So if you are tired of being limited in your glute workout exercises at home, you have come to the right place.

6 Best Compact Rowing Machine Reviews 2019 [Portable Indoor Rowers]

best compact rowing machine

Best Compact Rowing Machine Reviews 2019 [Top 6 Portable Indoor Rowers]

Welcome to our 6 best compact rowing machine reviews for 2019, where we have chosen what we believe to be the best portable indoor rowers we could find based on quality, effectiveness, size, and affordability to name a few.

Best Weighted Vest for CrossFit & Running 2019 Review {Men & Women’s Vests}

best weighted vest for crossfit

Best Weighted Vest for CrossFit & Running 2019 [Top 12 Men & Women’s Weighted Vests Review]

In today’s article, you will find our top 12 best weighted vest for CrossFit Review. In this review, you will not only find vests for men but also find women’s weighted vests specifically designed to fit a woman’s figure. We have found weighted vests that are ideal for CrossFit training, weighted vests for running, and vests for just about all physical activities, where training harder to get stronger and achieve new heights is your primary goal.

Best Power Rack for Home Gyms [2019 Review] – Compare Deals Now!

best power rack home gym

Best Power Rack for Home Gyms Review 2019

Some of the best power racks you’ll find on the market today can be found in this review. If you are looking for a quality power rack to add to your home gym, then look no further. Here at FitnessMastered we use over 30 years of experience in the fitness industry, and countless hours of combing through numerous power racks, comparing features, and reading customer reviews and experiences to come up with our top 5 best power racks for home gyms.

Best Recumbent Exercise Bike Reviews 2019 [#1 Senior Pick]

Best Recumbent Exercise Bike Reviews

Best Recumbent Exercise Bike Reviews for 2019

In our article “Best Recumbent Exercise Bike Reviews 2019” we will share with you our top 5 indoor recumbent cycles we believe to be the best bang for your buck. It is important for us to provide you with top quality equipment at a reasonable price.

Best Ab Machine for Home Use [Top 5 Home Ab Machines 2019 Review]

best ab machine for home

Best Ab Machine for Home Use 2019: 5 Top Rated Home Ab Machines Review

In this article, we will help you find the best ab machine for home use and provide you our 5 best rated abdominal exercise equipment reviews so you can determine which home ab machine is best suited for your needs.

How to Build Muscle with Light Weight Workouts {BFR Joint Friendly Strength Training}

build muscle with light weight workouts - joint friendly strength training

Build Muscle with Light Weight Workouts – Joint Friendly Strength Training with BFR Bands

How would you like to build muscle with light weight workouts and still get the same results as if you were lifting heavy weights? This option would offer joint friendly strength training for anyone suffering joint pain lifting weights.

Best Folding Exercise Bike Reviews for 2019 [Top 8 Indoor Cycles]

best folding exercise bike reviews

Best Folding Exercise Bike Reviews for Indoor Cycling 2019

If you’re interested in finding the best folding exercise bike for your home, we can help. We have compiled a list of what we consider to be the best folding exercise bikes based on structural quality and durability, performance, resistance types, and noise levels, comfortability, and price, to name a few.

Best Door Gym Resistance Band Anchor System [Top 5 Door Exercise Bands]

door gym resistance band anchor system

Best Door Gym Resistance Band Anchor System [2019 Review – Door Exercise Bands]

Without a doubt, one of the most versatile pieces of exercise equipment on the market today is the door gym resistance band anchor system for a full body workout in your own home. These door exercise bands are a must-have for anyone lacking the space for a workout machine in your home or apartment. These door gyms virtually take up zero space yet offer the full benefits of most workout machines.

Ab King Pro vs Wonder Core 2 Review 2019 [Best Stomach Shaper]

ab king pro vs wonder core 2 review

Ab King Pro vs Wonder Core 2 Review 2019 [Best Choice Stomach Shaper]

The Ab King Pro has proved itself as being a top-selling ab machine and has definitely served its function over the years with thousands of units sold across the globe. However, time and technology have opened new doors to a variety of multifunctional stomach shaping machines that make it almost impossible for the Ab King Pro to compete with. One such stomach shaper is none other than the Wonder Core 2.

ByKottos BFR Straps Review 2019

BFR straps bykottos review

ByKottos BFR Straps Review for 2019

ByKottos BFR straps are high quality, easy to use, and very effective training bands for occlusion training of both arms and legs. If you are looking for a BFR band that does the job right, then you may want to check out ByKottos. If you are up to speed on the newest in fitness training you might have heard of blood flow restriction (BFR) training. World-renowned athletes and fitness experts have been using occlusion training, as it is also known, to achieve their fitness goals while using lighter weights.

Best Booty Bands Reviews and Workout Tips [2019 Review]

best booty bands amazon

Best Booty Bands Reviews for 2019 and How to Use Them in Your Workout Routine

Welcome to our Top 6 Best Booty Bands Reviews for 2019. If you’re looking for the best booty bands to add resistance to your butt workout routine without having to use weights then booty bands are definitely the answer. These bands come in various sizes and resistance levels to accommodate your workout level and fitness goals. When used properly booty bands are superior for targeting your glute muscles from all angles. Thus a great device to tone, tighten and shape your glutes to perfection.

Occlusion Cuffs by Lifting Lab: Arm and Leg Straps [2019 Review]

occlusion cuffs

Occlusion Cuffs for Arms and Legs by Lifting Lab

If you have never heard of occlusion cuffs better known as BFR bands or occlusion bands, then don’t feel bad. Even though occlusion training has been around for a couple of decades already, it is still not very well known among the fitness community. In fact, I have been working out for nearly 30 years now and just recently discovered this workout method myself.

Giant Butt and Thigh Shaper Review 2019

giant butt and thigh shaper

Giant Butt and Thigh Shaper Review 2019

The Giant Butt and Thigh Shaper is an ideal piece of equipment for shaping and toning your thighs and buttocks. But not only is it a great glute machine but can also be used to exercise your upper body and strengthen your core muscles. Commercial grade gym equipment can cost you thousands whereas this machine is not only very affordable but is also more convenient for adding to your home gym set-up.

Best BFR Bands Review 2019 [Editor’s Choice for Best Training Bands]

bfr bands

Best BFR Bands – Review for BFR Bands® – Plus Editor’s Choice

Sorry for the redundancy in the title, however, BFR Bands ® is actually the name of the company who sells the products in this review. BFR Bands ® is notably one of the most popular brands selling occlusion training bands on the market today. BFR Bands ® has a huge variety of Blood Flow Restriction bands to fit everyone’s needs.

Big Forearms Occlusion Training [New Forearm Builder for Mass Technique]

BFR bands big forearms

Big Forearms Occlusion Training with BFR Bands [Best Forearm Builder for Mass]

Using BFR bands is a perfect way to build big forearms. Occlusion Training with BFR bands will not only give you phenomenal results but will also provide you with mind-blowing pumps! The kind of pumps that make you cry with pain on the outside, yet make you smile on the inside. Definitely one of the best forearm builders for mass techniques without having to use heavy weights.

How to do Lunges Properly for Bigger Glutes and Best Results

how to do lunges properly

How to do Lunges Properly for Bigger Glutes

In this article, we’re going to show you how to do lunges properly to guarantee glute activation and maximize growth. There is no better way to target and activate your glutes than isolation exercises with moderate to heavy weights. Resistance training is a must for building bigger glutes. kettlebells and you are well on your way.

How to do Squats Properly for Bigger Glutes [Bigger Bum Activation Techniques]

how to do squats properly

How to do Squats Properly for a Bigger Bum

In this article, we are going to address the topic of how to do squats properly for a bigger bum. If you’re trying to build bigger glutes by doing squats and getting nowhere, maybe it’s because you’re not doing them properly.

We will share with you the most common mistakes people make when performing squats, and teach you some easy techniques to guarantee you are activating your glutes. We will get your booty fired up and ready to benefit from every set so that your quads aren’t getting all the action.

Pole Dancing Weight Loss Videos [Free Home Workout Routines]

pole dancing weight loss

Pole Dancing Weight Loss Videos to Shed Weight and have Fun

Welcome to our Pole Dancing Weight Loss edition of dancing to lose weight series. Watch these FREE online weight loss dance routines anywhere and anytime. No need to leave the house and run to the gym. Just push play and dance away.

Striptease Workout Videos to Lose Weight [Online Exercise Lessons]

striptease workout videos exercise lessons

Striptease Workout Videos to get Fit and Sexy at Home [Free Exercise Routines]

Our striptease workout videos will have you looking good and feeling good all over. Striptease workout aerobics is a great way to lose weight and get toned by increasing your strength and flexibility, while also having fun and looking sexy at the same time.

Female Fitness Motivation Videos and Inspirational Tips for Women

female fitness motivation videos - women's fitness

Female Fitness Motivation Videos [Plus Top 3 Inspirational Tips for Women]

Get your high-quality female fitness motivation videos all on one page! There are literally hundreds of female fitness motivation videos for women on Youtube today. And digging through tons of videos to find anything with quality or worth your time can be a daunting task, to say the least.

Are you tired of reading articles or digging through tons of YouTube videos and just want to kick back and watch some real professionals help you get motivated to workout? If so, then Top Female Fitness Motivation Videos has got you covered. After all, your time is precious and we want to get you motivated and inspired right now so you can start your fitness journey already!

Smith Squat vs Barbell Squat [Which is Better?]

Smith Squat vs Barbell Squat

When Should I use the Smith Squat vs Barbell Squat

Is the smith squat really better than the free standing barbell squat? The number one exercise performed by bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts around the world for building bigger quads and rounder glutes is unquestionably the ubiquitous squat. There are numerous squat variations ranging from foot position to barbell position to target the quads and glutes in different ways. But what are the differences between performing a free standing barbell squat and the smith machine squat? Is one more beneficial or safer than the other? Opinions seem to vary.

How to Stop Leg and Foot Cramps and what Causes Them

how to stop leg and foot cramps

Stop Leg and Foot Cramps Now

Let us take a closer look at how to stop leg and foot cramps. If you’ve ever experienced a leg cramp in your hamstring or calf muscle, or even a foot cramp late at night, you know how agonizing the pain can be. Anyone can get leg cramps, but they are more commonly experienced by athletes and active individuals.

Top Treadmill Butt Workout for Bigger Glutes and Lean Thighs

Treadmill Butt Workout - treadmill bigger glutes

Treadmill Butt Workout: A New Way to Work Your Glutes

There are many reasons to give the treadmill butt workout a try. If you’re looking to break up the monotony or just looking for something new to shape your glutes and thighs, you might be interested in trying the treadmill butt workout for building bigger glutes.

Dance to Lose Weight at Home [Fitness Workout Videos]

Dance to Lose Weight at Home Videos – Find Your Favorite Dance Moves Here!

Dance to lose weight and make working out fun again! Are you tired of the same old cardio exercises day after day? Have you ever tried dancing to lose some extra weight? If not, check our many different dance genres you can follow along with at home. Some of our favorite dance moves to lose weight include belly dancing, Latin dance, country dance, pole dancing, striptease dance, Zumba, and Hip-Hop.

Booty Building Workout Plans [Free 12 Week Glute Program]

glute workout plan - free workout plans

Booty Building Workout Plan – 12 Week Glute Program

Are you looking for free booty building workout plans to build a bigger, tighter, and rounder butt? Then look no more! Get ready to download your very own printable 12 Week Glute Workout Plan here.

We know that having a workout plan with all the best booty building exercises for you to follow and log your progress in each week is very important when it comes to making the progress necessary to achieve your fitness goals.