Home Workout Machines for Bigger Glutes and Firm Thighs

home workout machines for glutes

In this article you will find our Top 5 Home Workout Machines for Bigger Glutes, made to build bigger and tighter glutes and firmer, sexier looking legs. Are you tired of being limited in your glute workout exercises at home?

Are you looking for something new to add to your butt workout arsenal? Here you will find a list of home workout machines for glutes and and also for developing firmer thighs.

These glute machines and equipment are in order from more expensive yet affordable to least expensive. We have even included some free and DIY butt workout equipment so there should be something for everyone to workout your glutes and thighs at home.

Home Workout Machines for Bigger Glutes and Tighter Thighs


There are many home workout machines for glutes on the market today. However, most are big and bulky machines mostly geared to the commercial fitness industry such as your local 24 Hour Fitness, Gold’s Gym or Anytime Fitness franchise clubs across the country.

So let me share with you some glute machines that you may consider adding to your home butt exercise arsenal.


Free Tip #1: Increase Intensity for Bigger Glutes

For BIGGER GLUTES you must add intensity and increase intensity over time. Don’t do the same exercises with the same weights over and over, week after week. You will dead end and progress will come to a halt. Always try to do more than you did in your last workout session. Increase your weights over time and push out an extra rep or two if possible.


The Perfect Glute Machines for your Home

Anyone can Build Bigger Glutes with these Glute Machines

It would not be practical for most of us to squeeze a smith machine into our home. Nor would we have the space to fit in a hack squat, leg press, squat rack and all the weights that go with it.

If you are tired of doing the same old butt exercises with dumbbells and kettlebells and would like to add a butt workout machine in your home to build your glutes and tighten your thighs, then look no more. Here are my top 5 home workout machines and equipment that will not only get the job done, but are also inexpensive and small enough to fit into your home.


home workout machines for glutes#1 Powerline PGM200X Glute Master

Our first choice in our list of home workout machines is the “Powerline PGM200X Glute Master”.  This home workout machine is specifically made to target and isolate your glutes,  and not only strengthen but also tone and build bigger rounder butt muscles. This machine is sturdy, was built with quality rollers, comfortable pads and easy to adjust to your size. A standard weight horn allows you to add weights and increase resistance. Weights are sold separately; this is a great feature, since it does not limit you to a set amount of weights build onto the workout machine itself as do many other home fitness machines. You can buy the weights you need and stack them as heavy as you need to build awesome glutes.


home workout machine for glutes booty firm

#2 Booty Firm Home Workout Machine

Next in line after the “Powerline PGM200X Glute Master” is the “Booty Firm Fitness System” by Proform. This butt workout machine is a workout system that combines dance workout routines you can follow on DVDs with a machine for toning your glutes and trimming body fat.

Powered by Body Fusion, the Booty Firm system is designed to help you dance your way to a toned butt and slim figure. The complete set includes a Booty Firm resistance machine that provides 10 levels of bungee resistance for toning, three calorie-burning dance workout DVDs along with a bonus package that includes a power plan nutrition guide, a take 5 workout guide, and a 7 day hot kick-start plan.

You can personalize every workout for custom results with its amazing 10 levels of resistance. The snap-proof bungee resistance cord is strong and built to last and help you get the most out of your workout. It is constructed with heavy-duty steel and features a 265 pound weight capacity. With the space saver design, this exercise machine conveniently folds for easy storage.

A great way to combine your cardio and butt training into one workout.


Free Tip #2:  Protein is Vital to Grow Bigger Glutes

Many neglect or are not aware of the importance of protein and how it is vital to muscle growth. Your progress will suffer tremendously and you growth will be minimal at best. If you want to build bigger rounder fuller glutes, you must get enough protein to grow. For muscle growth aim for at least your body weight in protein intake per day. Do not consume this all at once, but rather evenly proportioned throughout the day. For example, if you weight 120 lbs, then you need 120 grams of protein or more per day. Try adding whey and casein protein powder to your diet to reach your daily quota.


Home Workout Machines for Glutes

#3 Giant Butt & Thigh Shaper for Bigger Glutes

With this glute and thigh home workout machine you can perform butt kicks, inner and outer thigh sweeps and crunches and upright rows to name a few. This workout machine can perform more than twenty different exercises. It is heavily padded for comfort, the 30 position heavy cam produces unlimited positions.

This home workout machine may take up a little bit of floor space but is easy to set-up, has smooth moving mechanisms, adjustable knee support, includes a footplate and straight bar. It has an onboard plate rack for easy storage of weights and accepts standard or Olympic plates with Olympic plate adapter sleeves. This unit is 52” in height, 35” in width, and 59” in length.


Free Tip #3: Over Training & Cardio

Working out too often will not allow your muscles to recover and hinder growth. Keep your butt exercise routine under twice per week. You must allow your muscles to grow before you hit them again.

Cardio is great for cardiovascular health and for burning extra calories, but too much will take away from your muscle gains. Back off the cardio on your butt workout day.



The Least Expensive Home Workout Machines for Bigger Glutes and Thighs

If you are looking for some alternative butt exercise machines that work and are very affordable, here are a few choices to consider. The previous exercise machines were larger and more expensive, but well worth the investment, but the following are very affordable. By affordable we are talking between $10 and $50.


Home Workout Machines for Glutes

#4 Gold’s Gym Home Gym Total Body Resistance Training Exercise Program Door Attached

Another option and very similar to the above product is the Gold’s Gym Home Gym Total Body Resistance Training Exercise Program Door Attached. This home workout machine is a bit more versatile in that besides replicating the cable pulley machine for cable kickbacks, it can also be used to work your arms, shoulders, chest, back, and core area. This workout machine easily attaches to any door in your home for a great butt workout and total body workout all in one.

This unit has adjustable resistance, with 4 resistance bungees, 2 handles with padded foam hand straps and 2 ankle straps, 2 padded door brackets, a workout DVD and exercise chart and is priced below $50 on most online stores.


Free Tip #4: Form and Intensity are the Secret to Bigger Glutes

Don’t just go through the motions. In order to make progress you must push yourself hard. Make every rep of every set count. If it were easy, we’d all have the perfect bodies. Concentrate on feeling the glutes do the work and not your legs. When doing lunges, never let your knee extend past your toes.


Home Workout Machines for Glutes

#5 Ignite Lower Body Door Gym

This lower body workout machine by SPRI strengthens hips, glutes and thighs. Great for working your glutes, this home workout machine replicates the cable pulley machine for performing cable kickbacks seen at most gyms. With its professional durability it can be easily attached to any door in your home. This unit includes one resistance cord, ankle cuff, door anchor and exercise guide. You’ll have no space problems with this product, and priced at only $10 you can’t go wrong.


FREE DIY Exercise Equipment & Workout Tip

If you are not interested in buying any additional equipment or machines, you can always use dumbbells to build a solid butt and sexy legs. There are many squat and lunge variations you can perform.

If you are not interested in spending any money at all, you can substitute the dumbbells with DIY weighted water or milk jugs. Just fill them with water or sand and lunge away. You may also enjoy reading Top 5 Booty Exercises for Summer.

Thanks for reading “Home Workout Machines for Glutes and Thighs” and we hope you found what you were looking for.