Exercises to make your Buttocks Bigger: Quarter Reps

exercises to make your buttocks bigger

Try using the Quarter Rep Exercises to make your Buttocks Bigger

Make your buttocks bigger with the new quarter rep approach. If your glutes have stopped responding to your workouts or you just need something new to kick start more growth in your glutes, then “quarter reps” exercises to make your buttocks bigger my be the answer. The strategy behind the quarter rep workout is to keep tension on the targeted muscles. Though each rep is only a partial movement, the intensity is heightened by not pausing at the top of each rep and by keeping a continuous movement without pauses. In most cases, performing full movements creates an opportunity to pause at the top of each repetition. Quarter reps on the other hand, keep the movement consistent, without any pausing whatsoever, and creates more blood flow to the muscles involved. This technique will definitely create an awesome burn and a huge pump in your glutes and thighs.

Viaura Centeno, NPC Figure Competitor, shows how quarter reps are performed and demonstrates some moves you may not have seen before at the gym. Some new moves and a new technique sound like a sure fire combination for adding more size to your glutes. Make sure to check out her video in this article.

3 Exercises to make your Buttocks Bigger with Quarter Reps

You may not be familiar with the following three exercises to make your buttocks bigger, but they are great exercises to be performed with the quarter rep technique.


#1 Sumo Squats on Smith Machine

The smith machine is not a exercise machine typically used for sumo squats. The smith machine is better known for performing squats and various types of lunges. Here, however, we will show you how sumo squat exercises make your buttocks bigger and stronger than ever.

Sumo Squats are a great way to hit your glutes where it counts the most. It is one of those butt exercises that is guaranteed to leave you sore the next day. The following is an explanation on how to perform these exercises, but if you are unfamiliar with them and need to see a demo then you can watch the video at the end of this article.

Execution: Using a smith machine, load your barbell with enough weight to do a maximum of 8-10 reps per set. Standing with feet positioned slightly more than shoulder width apart and toes pointing outward, drop down to at least parallel or more and raise back up to only about a quarter distance. Stay low without going all the way up.

Keep your movements steady without pauses. This consistent movement will keep tension on the glutes and give you a great burn. Keep shoulders back and keep your back arched. Your posture and form are always important when doing any exercise. Injuries are mostly caused by poor form or weights that are too heavy and compromise proper execution.

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