Female Fitness Motivation: Get Hooked

female fitness motivation

I would like to share with you my top three female fitness motivation tips to get you hooked on fitness for life. Sometimes all it takes is one inspiration to change your life and motivate you to take action. You may find the title to this article somewhat exaggerated, however, I do feel that the following tips can absolutely be life changing. So whether you are new to fitness, or just need that extra kick of inspiration to get you running at full throttle again, these tips could be your answer to a new beginning. Again…the three techniques listed in this article could in fact be life changing. So if you’re not ready for a life committed to fitness, you may want to leave now. Otherwise, keep reading and be changed forever.

Female Fitness Motivation & Inspiration

Outside stimulus and life events impact each of us differently, and make us who we are today. What makes a writer write, a runner run, or a weightlifter lift weights? Some are inspired by family or friends, some by life events, and some by something as simple as a book, or movie, or even just a picture in a magazine or CD cover.

Obviously everybody is different, and what motivates one person may not motivate another. I do not know one person who does not want to feel and look fit. So why are so many people out of shape and unhealthy? Because it’s easier not to be fit. Staying healthy and fit is hard work. Fitness requires eating healthy and working out. Most people enjoy their junk food and sitting on the couch.

4 Times More Weight Loss Than Diet & Exercise

So how can we break away from this lazy, unhealthy lifestyle and become motivated to being fit? It’s a matter of activating that inner drive and making fitness an addiction, something you enjoy, and not a chore. We all need to find an inspiration; something that is so impactful it leaves an imprint and changes how we think forever. I believe at least one of the following changes or events could absolutely do just that.

hooked-magazines-four#1  Fitness Magazines – My first female fitness motivation tip is fitness magazines. This may seem simple and old school to you, but subscribing to a fitness magazine can be very inspirational and educational at the same time. Subscribe to 6 or 12 issues and read every issue from front to back. You will find a wealth of information with tips and tricks you never heard of before, and pictures that will leave lasting impressions. Try this for 12 months and see if your thought process can be changed. You must subscribe to the magazine and not just go online and read a few articles. Believe me, it does make a difference. Some great magazines to subscribe to are Muscle & Fitness, Muscle & Fitness Hers, Oxygen Magazine, Fitness USA, Women’s Health Magazine, and Shape Magazine.

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