Best Ab Shaper Machines [2018 Stomach Shapers Review]

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Best Ab Shaper Machines for Home: 5 Stomach Shapers Review for 2018

When it comes to building strong chiseled abs, adding an ab shaper machine to your home gym can help break the monotony and even add another dimension to your current stomach workout routine to challenge your muscles into new growth. Learn what an ab shaper machine can do for you, how they can help support your neck and back, how they benefit all ages and fitness levels, and which machines are the best ab shapers to add to your home gym to give you the best results.

We will show you the different types of ab shaper machines for all ages and fitness levels, what makes them effective exercise machines, and some added workout tips so you can get the most out of any ab shaper machine for guaranteed results.

Ab machines will help you do more targeted stomach exercises and give you better results than your typical floor sit-ups or crunches.

The quest for stronger, chiseled, six-pack abs is by far the most sought-after fitness goal of all. Both men and women alike, enjoy the aesthetic look of a slim waistline and ripped abs. Unfortunately, this is also one of the most difficult body parts to conquer, and not always easy to exercise. Especially at home.

Without any type of ab shaper machine, you are left with your ordinary sit-ups on a hard floor with your feet tucked under a couch. Or maybe even some leg lifts off the edge of a chair for some lower ab stimulation. Whatever the case may be, your options are fairly limited.

Table of Contents

    • What is an Ab Shaper Machine?
    • Why use an Ab Shaper?
    • What makes Ab Shapers Effective?
    • Who Should use an Ab Shaper Machine?
    • Our 5 Best Ab Shaper Machines
    • How to get Best Results


You Must Challenge Your Abs for Best Results

There are many variables to consider besides exercise alone in order to achieve a flat stomach. These variables include a healthy meal plan low in fat and low in carbohydrates while also drinking a lot of water just to name a few. The other is to challenge your abs with various exercise methods. This means sit-ups alone may not always be enough.

By adding an ab shaper machine to your ab exercise routine you will add a new dimension to your workout that will kick-start new progress in your quest for flat abs.

As with most fitness goals, adding change and challenging your muscles is vital for achieving progress. Performing the same exercises with the same resistance over and over again will leave you stagnant and at a dead end. Therefore, adding a new ab shaper machine with new exercise options and added resistance levels may be what you need to finally get your closer to your fitness goals

What is an Ab Shaper Machine?

An ab shaper is an exercise device or machine built to specifically target the abdominal muscles. These machines are built with a variety of resistance techniques for multiple resistance levels and some operate under body weight only. A good ab machine will typically work all abdominal muscles including lower to mid-section, upper abdominals, and obliques.

Ab machines will provide the burn you need to guarantee results.

Technique and body position will vary from one machine to the next. Some may operate from a kneeling position, others from a lying position, while some from a seated or even a hanging position. Regardless of machine type or technique used all machines are made with one purpose in mind. To directly target and exercise your abdominal muscles for the best possible results.

Why Use an Ab Shaper Machine?

There are many reasons for using an ad shaper which will vary from person to person. Many of these reasons will be dependent upon your Fitness level or fitness goals. Some may need to break up the monotony of their current workout routine. Some may want to challenge themselves by adding more resistance to their ab workout.

Ab machines provide assisted exercise to help you do more reps and get faster results.

While others may need an ab shaper to help assist them due to medical reasons or weight issues. Let’s take a closer look at the top three reasons you may want to add an ab shaper to your workout.


Many of these ab machines are made with added resistance which can be controlled by the user. Some come in the form of added weights, and others using springs or bands and even piston controlled resistance. Then there are others that use magnetic devices to control the intensity and those ab shapers designed to use your body weight and gravity as resistance.

By adding any form of resistance, you are challenging your muscles to work harder. This added intensity will help strengthen your ab muscles and in turn, help you create a more defined and ripped ab structure.


Some intermediate to advanced level fitness enthusiasts may get bored with the same old sit-up routine and may seek to add a new dimension to their current workout routine. Not only will this add some new life into your exercise routine, but also force your abs to respond by hitting your abs from a different angle or intensity level.


Many machines offer neck and back support not only for added comfortability but also help reduce strain to those areas. Some ab machines are also built to assist those who are otherwise unable to perform a situp effectively due to age and weakness of your abdominals, or even weight issues. For some, performing even one sit-up can be a major task, but with the assistance of an ab shaper built to help make this exercise easier to perform, you have opened a whole new door to effectively train your abdominal muscles.

What makes Ab Shaper Machines Effective?

Most ab machines are designed to directly target your abdominal muscles. Most are very effective at targeting your lower abs, mid and upper abs, as well as your oblique muscles. This gives you the opportunity to workout your abs from all directions using only one machine.

Ab machines will help you create that burn you won’t typically get from ordinary sit-ups.

Sometimes, doing sit-ups alone will not generate the burn necessary to transform your ab muscles effectively. Many of these ab shapers will quickly and efficiently fire up your ab muscles for an intense burn and productive workout. Having the added feature to add intensity levels of your exercises is also an added bonus and will help generate faster results.

With a variety of ab Shapers to choose from you have the option to choose the right machine for your fitness goals. From beginner to Advanced, from young to old, big or small, you will find a machine just right for your fitness needs.

Who Should use an Ab Shaper Machine?

If you’re wondering whether or not you need an ab shaper machine maybe we can help you in the decision-making process. Below are some good reasons for using an ab workout machine and who it could benefit.

Better control of your ab exercises will provide more progress, quicker results, and less injury.

Up Your Game

Are you tired of the same old sit up routine every day? Maybe you are ready for something different. Something that will take you off the hard floor and will add some extra life to your ab workout routine. Or maybe you are an avid gym goer but would still like to have that something extra at home you could use to work out your abs during down time or while watching television. If any of these reasons hit home then maybe you are a candidate for an ab shaper machine.

Physical Limitations

If positioning yourself on the floor to do sit-ups is difficult due to physical limitations or even age you may want to consider and add shaper. Positioning yourself on the floor requires a certain amount of flexibility, strength, and agility that not everyone has. If you fall into this category then and add shaper maybe a great device to assist you.


Doing sit-ups on the floor can be very uncomfortable and in some cases even put a strain your back or neck. Many ab shaper machines are designed to prevent discomfort while performing a variety of ab exercises. In this way, you can concentrate more on working out your abs while not being distracted by discomfort or pain.

No more lying on the hard floor, no more back pain, no more neck strain.


Many beginners may find it difficult to perform even one sit-up much less perform multiple sets. Sit-ups on a flat floor can be very difficult for many beginners. However, by choosing the right ab machine you can be doing multiple sets of ab exercises from the start. Ab machines have the added benefit of letting you control and adjust the resistance to make it easier to perform a repetition or harder depending on your workout level.


The 5 Best Ab Shaper Machines for Your Home Gym

#1 5 Mins Shaper Pro

5 mins ab shaper proThe 5 Mins Shaper Pro is probably one of if not the best choice ab machine when it comes to effectiveness and quality. This well designed reverse crunch ab machine has it all. If you are looking for a machine that will offer intensity and produce results, this is the machine for you.

This machine will engage all core muscles, lower and upper abs, obliques, and lower back. With its 15-degree bi-directional swivel action design you can directly target you’re right and left obliques with precision action. With its easy adjustable pin, you can adjust and lock in various degrees of incline to set intensity levels from beginner to advanced. And if that’s not enough, you hardcore fitness enthusiasts can even add additional resistance bands for even greater levels of intensity.

The Pro Edition also includes a heart rate monitor and fitness tracker. Now you can keep track of your progress while also monitoring your pulse, calories burned, repetitions, and the time spent on the ab shaper machine. And if that’s not enough the 5 Mins Shaper Pro is compact and can be folded and easily stored in a closet, or under a bed in a matter of seconds. This machine is 40 x 21 x 35 inches, weighs a mere 24 pounds, and has a max weight capacity of 220 lbs.

Also included with this machine is an instruction manual and exercise chart featuring workout routines that are easy to follow and will get you started immediately. A free nutritional guide will help you reset your body and offers a meal plan to help reach your goals more quickly. If you’re up for the challenge, you really can’t go wrong with the 5 Mins Shaper Pro.

#2 Abcoaster Max Deluxe with Weights

ab coaster max deluxe stomach shaperEven though the Ab Coaster Max Deluxe is similar in technique with its bottom-up motion, it still has some major differences in construction and adjustability and functionality. What makes this machine different from the previous ab shaper is its unique ark design and the fact that it uses free weights to adjust your workout intensity levels.

Its unique arc construction provides the user with smooth and natural movements to target your abs and is easy on the back. The free moving seat is cushioned for comfort and will twist, giving it the added function of working both your right and left oblique muscles.

This ab shaper comes with two 5 pounds standard weight plates which can be used to increase your workout intensity as you progress over time. Additional weights can be purchased to add more intensity as needed.

This machine is perfect for beginners and advanced Fitness enthusiasts alike. It’s durable and long-lasting still Construction supports a max weight of 300 pounds making it a bit sturdier than the 5 Mins Ab Shaper. However, this machine is heavier and not foldable for easy storage.

I would consider this ab machine, as well as the prior ab shaper to both, be top quality machines and very effective at targeting your abs. However, if you are looking for a machine to support more than 200 pounds, this machine may be a better option.

Please be aware that there are many different models of this ab machine with a wide range of prices. This particular model that I am recommending is the Ab Coaster Max Deluxe with Weights by Ab Coaster. Other models can be much more expensive, so use caution when ordering.

#3 Wonder Core 2

wonder core 2 ab machineI have tried my best to add at least one seated ab shaper machine for those of you with limited mobility due to back issues, age, or physical handicaps.

I have found one machine that is capable of not only functioning as an ab shaper but also offers additional options to train other body parts as well. The Wonder Core 2 sit-up exerciser is a 12in1 workout machine built to not only assist you in performing sit-ups and leg lifts for your core muscles but also provides functionality to add a full upper body workout routine.

Best choice for seniors and beginners, but still offers enough punch for the advanced fitness enthusiast.

This machine offers dual resistance, which means you can get resistance on the way up as well as on the way down. When performing situps, you can independently adjust the support and resistance levels for moving up and back down again to fit your particular fitness level. This makes using the Wonder Core 2 easy for anyone to use.

The Wonder Core 2 seat will twist and turn with your every move which enables you to work your abs from all angles. Another very important feature to note is that this machine also offers full back support when performing your ab exercises.

The Wonder Core 2 goes beyond just abdominal workouts. With its built-in rowing attachment, designed with exercise bands, you can experience a total body workout with more than 8 different exercises. Here is a list of exercises, including the ab exercises you can perform on this machine: 1.Leg lifts; 2.Back; 3.Rowing; 4.Stretching; 5.Crunches; 6.Ab pushdowns; 7.Ab tuck; 8.Push-ups; 9.Twist; 10.Air bike; 11.Arms workout; 12.Core bang training.

The Wonder Core 2 not only offers great flexibility but is also a highly adjustable machine with 4 adjustable lengths and 3 angle adjustments for a variety of workout intensity levels. Its adjustable 180-degree ergonomic arc design gives you a full range of motion and can help back pain sufferers get a good stretch. The core spring also allows users to adjust the workout intensity.

The machine weighs less than 28 pounds, has a max weight capacity of approximately 200 pounds and is foldable for easy storage. I highly recommend this very versatile and effective exercise machine to anyone looking for a quality piece of equipment to workout your abs and much more.

#4 Wonder Core Smart

wonder core smart ab shaperIf you are looking for an ab shaper that is small and compact and will give you lower back support and help you do sit-ups and take the stress off your joints at an affordable price then the Wonder Core Smart ab shaper may be the answer.

The Wonder Core Smart is a great ab machine to help people with week abs or have a hard time doing sit-ups. With this spring-loaded system, you can regulate how easy or how difficult performing sit-ups will be depending on your fitness level. In this way, you can get all the assistance you need for a productive workout session.

Can’t perform pushups on your own? No problem! This machine will make it possible. Need support for bridge exercises or scissor kicks? No problem! This device will help you do exercises you couldn’t do before on your own or do more of them. This package also includes an exercise chart and DVD to help get you started immediately.

The tension for this machine can be regulated individually for both the left and right side of the machine by using two adjustable knobs. Buy easily turning the knobs you can decide which tension you need to perform your exercises.

This device is heavily padded for comfort and only weighs around 15 pounds. The Wonder Core Smart is very compact and at 20.5 x 21.6 x 16 inches can be easily stored just about anywhere. If you are concerned about fitting into this device, the seat measures close to 18 inches across. The maximum weight capacity is approximately 250 pounds and comes fully assembled.

This is the ideal ab shaper machine for seniors, beginner level fitness enthusiasts, or rehab candidates. If you are in any of these categories, please consult with a medical professional before using this machine or similar devices.

#5 Ab Roller by Ritfit

ritfit ab roller and shaperIf you are looking for something simple, very affordable, and yet still very effective the RitFit Ab Roller will get the job done. Even if the Ab Roller does not have all the extra functions did prior machines offered, it is still very effective at targeting your abs and oblique muscles. So much so that you will almost immediately feel the burn after only a few reps.

This device makes it easy on your neck and is very well padded and easy to use. This ab shaper forces you to do the perfect movement for the perfect crunch every time. This machines main objective is not to perform sit-ups but rather help you successfully perform perfect crunches. And that it does! Trust me, I have personally used this device for many years and it is better than doing sit-ups alone. This machine will make your abs burn like no other. You can Target your upper, middle, and lower abs and by changing your position even hit your obliques (side muscles).

The RitFit Ab Roller is 22.5L x 24.5W x 27H inches, only weighs about 8 lbs, made of durable steel, and easy to assemble. This ab shaper also comes with workout instructions to get you started immediately. Even if the ab roller does not come with optional resistance control you will soon realize resistance with this device is not needed to get your abs fired up.

How to Get the Best Results from Your Ab Shaper Machine

Owning even the best ab shaper machine on the market will not guarantee user satisfaction or the best results unless it is used correctly. I will give you some workout tips to help you make any machine the best stomach shaper possible. But first let me emphasize that you must read all included documentation, instructions and videos if included before using any of these ab shapers.

Quick Tip: Avoid all sugar and sodas, and white starchy foods such as pasta, white bread, white rice, potatoes, and fries.

To get the full benefits from your device, besides using the machine properly, you must also perform the exercises properly. When starting a new exercise with any machine, it is important that you feel the muscles you are targeting. You must be able to activate the muscles you are targeting and without straining any other muscles or joints while doing so.

Importance of Slow Execution and Strict Form

My number one tip for this is to start your movements slow and be very strict with your form. You must concentrate on the muscles you are trying to activate. Pay special attention to your abs and try to relax all other muscles.

When referring to exercises the positive movement is where you are exerting the most amount of energy and where you are shortening the muscle to perform a crunch or squeezing effect or contraction. The negative would thus be the opposite, where you are moving back to the starting position of the exercise. That said, while exhaling, slowly perform your positive movement and squeeze your abs and hold for one second at the top of the movement. Then while exhaling on the negative, slowly return to the starting position. Try to repeat this action for as many reps as you can stand. If you are doing these right, at some point the burn will become so unbearable you will be forced to stop.

It’s All About How You Perform Reps and Not How Many

Try not to rest your abs at the bottom of each rep and keep the tension going throughout the entire exercise. Do not worry about how many reps you can do. You will get far better results just concentrating on getting your abs to burn. After a while, your abs will become stronger naturally and with it, your number of reps per set will also increase.

Do not push yourself too hard if you are a beginner or first starting off. Just make sure you are feeling the exercises and slowly work your way up from there. The last thing you need is a muscle spasm, hernia or otherwise. So let me reemphasize to always start slow so your body can get acclimated to the machine.

Which is the Best Ab Shaper Machine for You?

The list of machines I have provided are all great machines to build stronger abs and get into shape. All are very effective at targeting your ab muscles and some can even be used to exercise other muscle groups.

Trust me when I say there were many more products available that I would have loved to add to this list. However, after deeper investigation and research they did not meet the criteria I expect to see in a good product. A good product is not worth buying if it does not meet the following: effectiveness, durability and construction, functionality, safety, and product support or customer service.

Final Thoughts

Typically I add an editor’s choice for what I find to be the best exercise machine to use and add to your home gym. However, in this review, all the listed ab shaper machines vary so greatly in design and functionality that throwing them into one group and choosing the best ab shaper is virtually impossible.

Each machine has its own unique features and functionality, and each fulfills a purpose for different fitness levels and age demographics. Thus depending on your needs and specific goals any of these ab shaper machines can be extremely beneficial and so I consider them all to be great choices. So in this case, the best ab shaper machine would be the one that fits your fitness level and fitness goals.

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