Best Vertical Climber Machine 2018 [Top 5 Reviews and Winner]

best vertical climber machine

5 Best Vertical Climber Machine Reviews and #1 Pick for 2018

In this article, we will share with you our 5 Best Vertical Climber Machines that you can use at home. If you have come to this site it is more than likely because you are interested in learning more about vertical climbers and possibly purchasing one for your home gym. It is our goal to help make this process easier for you by providing a list of top machines with product information and some guidance and comparisons. And if that’s not enough, we even provide you with the Editor’s Choice.

How to do Walking Lunges for Bigger Glutes and Maximum Results

how to do lunges properly

Learn how to do Walking Lunges Correctly for Huge Results

Would you like to learn how to do walking lunges that guarantee glute activation and maximize growth? If you’re looking to build bigger glutes, walking lunges are by far one of the best exercises around.

Occlusion Training: Bigger Muscles with Less Weight [BFR Training Bands]

Occlusion training with BFR bands

Occlusion Training with BFR Training Bands: Bigger Muscles with Less Weight

The purpose of this article is to define occlusion training and how BFR training bands can benefit both healthy athletes as well as those who have suffered an injury or are experiencing chronic joint pain. Learn how you can use light weights and achieve the same results as when using heavy weights.

How to do Squats Properly for Bigger Glutes [You Don’t Know Squat]

how to do squats properly

How to do Squats the Right Way

If you’re trying to build bigger glutes by doing squats and getting nowhere, maybe it’s because you’re not doing them correctly. Most people do not get any benefit out of doing squats when it comes to building bigger glutes.

10 Bigger Butt Exercises for a Round Butt [Growth Secrets Revealed]

bigger butt exercise for a round butt (woman doing squats)

Bigger Butt Exercises – Tips to Guarantee a Round Butt

In this article “10 Bigger Butt Exercises for a Round Butt ” I will be sharing with you everything you need to build bigger and rounder glutes. You see finding the best butt exercises and working out hard 2-3 times per week is only half the battle.

Pole Dancing Weight Loss Videos [Free Home Workout Routines]

pole dancing weight loss

Pole Dancing Weight Loss Videos to Shed Weight and have Fun

Welcome to our Pole Dancing Weight Loss edition of dancing to lose weight series. Watch these FREE online weight loss dance routines anywhere and anytime. No need to leave the house and run to the gym. Just push play and dance away.

Striptease Workout Videos to Lose Weight [Free Lessons]

striptease dance moves to lose weight

Striptease Workout Videos to get Fit and Sexy at Home

Our striptease workout videos will have you looking good and feeling good all over. Striptease workout aerobics is a great way to lose weight and get toned by increasing your strength and flexibility, while also having fun and looking sexy at the same time. It is not necessary to become an exotic dancer at a nightclub to be great at striptease dancing. Nor does it require you to join a fitness club or pay a striptease workout instructor to learn how to dance striptease.

6 Best Glute Machines to Exercise at Home 2018 [Plus Free Alternatives]

glute machines best butt workout machine winner

Top 6 Glute Machines to Exercise at Home for 2018

In this article, you will find our top 6 glute machines to exercise at home for bigger glutes. These made for home glute machines were made to build bigger, tighter glutes, and firmer, sexier looking legs. So if you are tired of being limited in your glute workout exercises at home, you have come to the right place.

Female Fitness Motivation Videos [Women’s Fitness at it’s Best]

female fitness motivation videos - women's fitness

Female Fitness Motivation Videos – Inspiration for Women

There are literally hundreds of female fitness motivation videos for women on Youtube today. And rummaging thru tons of videos to find anything with quality or worth your time can be a daunting task, to say the least.

So if you’re tired of reading articles or digging through tons of YouTube videos and just want to kick back and watch some real professionals help you get motivated to workout, then Top Female Fitness Motivation Videos has got you covered. After all your time is precious and we want to get you motivated and inspired right now so you can start your fitness journey already!

Smith Squat vs Barbell Squat [Which is Better?]

Smith Squat vs Barbell Squat

When should I use the Smith Squat vs Barbell Squat

Is the smith squat really better than the free standing barbell squat? The number one exercise performed by bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts around the world for building bigger quads and rounder glutes is unquestionably the ubiquitous squat. There are numerous squat variations ranging from foot position to barbell position to target the quads and glutes in different ways. But what are the differences between performing a free standing barbell squat and the smith machine squat? Is one more beneficial or safer than the other? Opinions seem to vary.